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  1. I uploaded it to the gallery here
  2. From the album RoW Kaladin

    And the version without the shardplate because I spent a lot of time on that uniform and you can barely see it in the final drawing lol

    © mtjs

  3. From the album RoW Kaladin

    I wanted to draw the moment after Kaladin swears the 4th ideal and gets his shardplate. In my enthusiasm I forgot I don’t know how to draw armour ^^; still, considering this was very much out of my comfort zone it turned out pretty okay

    © mtjs

  4. Kinda weird question, but does anyone remember what exactly Kaladin is wearing when he swears the 4th ideal in RoW? I want to draw fanart for a friend’s birthday but I don’t remember the details and don’t have the books here to check. Thanks in advance!