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  1. Still upset I don't have that on audio
  2. Not a typo, but in Chapter 18: Double Vision, when Shallan goes to the market as Veil, she describes her entire outfit as she turns into Veil: but doesn't mention a hat until later in the chapter when she uses Stormlight to clear the alcohol from her blood:
  3. You are so good on shardcast, love to watch you 

    1. Argent


      Thanks, that's good to hear! :)

  4. There are some small typos I see that need correction, but I just reread that page and it does include the line you mention. Or are you saying that in Kelsier's copy of the logbook, the "simple packman" line comes right after the "liar" one? Because if it's the latter, the Wiki page probably lists things as they appear in the epigraphs, not necessarily as they would appear in the actual logbook - which, given that we don't have the full text of the logbook, is probably a more consistent way of presenting it.
  5. Why so angry though?
  6. Dragonsteel has been trying to limit the complexity of personalizations in recent years, first by lowering the length of the personalization request, then by drastically increasing the price of more special personalizations, and now by (I guess) removing the ability to ask questions altogether, instead giving you a few generic personalization options. Unless something changes, I am going to assume they don't want Brandon spending a lot of time on this kind of stuff, and so no questions.
  7. That actually happens sometimes (happened to me too), don't remember why...
  8. My headcanon on this has been that Tanavast had a different... oath, let's say, he saw as being more important. Maritalrital vows, for example.
  9. I am really happy with that one It felt right.
  10. I don't know if that sphere was voidlight though, I don't think it specifies in text.
  11. These tables are as canon as they can be as of Era 1. What's the issue here?
  12. At least in this context, "powers" clearly refers to the powers granted by individual Allomantic or Feruchemical metals. "Abilities" is much more interesting to me - are we looking at mundane ones, like the ability to juggle, or is it spicier than that, with things like the ability to perform Allomancy?
  13. It might be interesting. Brandon has been asked if he would be willing to open up the Cosmere to other authors, and he is not entirely against the idea - it would just need to be right people. Isaac Stewart, Brandon's art director, is one example Brandon has given as a person he would trust the Cosmere to, so we might see that one day. I am okay with the idea, as long as Brandon has enough creative oversight to step in and request changes if necessary. We'll see how his current collabs (Alcatraz 6, Apocalypse Guard) work out.
  14. Right!