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  1. It's been a little bit of a radio silence here as we work on a couple of commissions (your July and August pieces are still coming, just... slowly), but we come with a peace offering - a Yumi piece! If you've been keeping up with the Cosmere fanart scene from the last several months, you will likely have run into our September artist, Gar Leyva (available in places like "Twitter" and Instagram). He's been an absolute powerhouse when it comes to fanart, sporting dozens of pieces, all gorgeous, versatile. From this Tress landscape, to this Virtuosity portrait, to Wax and Marasi as Barbenhaimer, browsing his portfolio is an absolute delight. And today we add to this portfolio - with this stunning illustration of Design reading Yumi's Spiritual Connection (with a little creative license, because it's way more fun to have Design hold the Connection than to feed it into a fabrial). Enjoy! (Also, it's October in a couple of days, which means 1) we'll be doing a horror-themed commission once again, but also 2) Inktober is about to start, but also also 3) Secret Project 4 comes out. Gonna be a busy month...)
  2. The images look good, I think they are well cropped to just what is topical, so that's great. It's actually the text that seems a bit much to me - we put the epigraphs there verbatim, but this feels like a lot more copyrighted material. My intuition is that it's better to use the contents of the journal to update the appropriate pages (e.g. Taldain's, or Dayside's, etc), and use this page as more of a hub or reference page that includes brief summaries of all the journal pages, and then sends the reader to different places for more details. We'll discuss and get back to you.
  3. The Ars Arcana are usually written to be read after you finish the book they are a part of, so I wouldn't consider anything in them a spoiler. Some minor details are going to be revealed there, but that's intentional, you can think of it as a part of the book; it's just a small tease for things to come, not important plot details.
  4. It has been a little bit of time since we had a piece of fanart to show you, but it's time to wrap up this series of June commissions and make way for some new ones. This final artwork is, obviously, Jasnah who is now queer not just in our hearts, but in canon as well, after Rhythm of War told us, in no uncertain terms, that she is asexual - a reveal that didn't catch too many people off-guard, but resonated quite soundly with some fans. Namely, the artist of this piece, Palomaloid. If you spend some time with this illustration (or read the image description), you might notice a few intentional symbolic touches that address elements in Jasnah and Wit's relationship and just general state of mind. The one you get for free is the color theme of the illustration matching the colors of the ace flag
  5. Hey, @asha91, I see that your entire post history is pretty specific programming questions, which - which fine individually - suggest to me that you might be expecting something from this website that it's not really geared for. May I suggest an actual website dedicated to programming questions, like StackOverflow or a language/tech-appropriate forum or subreddit?
  6. Absolutely not weird at all, perfectly normal
  7. Fixed, thanks
  8. The Bulgarian editions of Stormlight translate Shardblade and Shardplate as... magical swords and magical armor respectively (though the word use is not the one that shares a root with "magic", maybe enchanted sword/armor is closer). Spren are just "spirits" (but in a diminutive form, which infuriates me, it has very much Casper the friendly ghost vibe). Odium is just "Evil". I know they are making updates to some of this, but some of the term really grind my gears
  9. I don't think this made it to the forums officially, but we've taken a stance against AI art and other forms of generated content, and generally don't allow it. I don't consider this thread to be in violation of the rules, but I'll be locking it.
  10. A couple of pieces of news for you today, loyal fans. First, a few of the extremely limited signed & numbered editions of Yumi and the Nightmare Painter and The Frugal Wizard's Handbook for Surviving Medieval England are now available. You have a couple of ways to snag a copy, but the deadline for this batch is Friday, August 11, 11:55 PM US Mountain Time, so you are going to have to act quickly! There are 3 copies of each up for grabs this round (out of a total of 50), so there will be more opportunities in the future. Also, Brotherwise Games (the game company behind Call to Adventure: The Stormlight Archive and the upcoming Stormlight RPG) will be working on a deckbuilding game, also planned for 2024. So, let's start with the time-sensitive news - signed & numbered editions of Yumi and Frugal Wizard. Yumi numbers #3 and #4, and Frugal Wizard numbers #5 and #6 are available right now on the GalaBid online auctioning website (and Yumi #3 is already up to $2,000). The bids will close on August 11, 11:55 PM US Mountain Time, and proceeds will go towards The Lightweaver Foundation. Your second option at the moment is signing up for Brandon's newsletter. The deadline is the same - around midnight US Mountain Time on August 11 - and a couple of random lucky winners will get themselves Yumi #6 and Frugal Wizard #9. And finally, in other news, Brotherwise Games was at GenCon this weekend, and they teased a deckbuilding game planned for 2024 (Brandon-related, though we don't even know if it will be a Cosmere one). We don't know anything else, but you can pass the time by (re)watching Johnny from Brotherwise tease some character sheet and systems details on TikTok. Here's Brandon's video on the signed & numbered copies:
  11. Moved to Cosmere Discussion at OP's request
  12. theory

    This is unique to the Arnist Method of capturing a spren and creating a fabrial. Notably, Dalinar doesn't go through any of that when he captures Nergaoul inside the King's Drop. I would expect that what Melishi did was very similar.
  13. You can include the missing bit, it likely got overlooked because it's not in an epigraph. (good job on having the chasm line in your Aon!)
  14. These seem okay to me