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  1. I think there are several things going on. Anyone with access the the majority of a Shard's power should be able to Ascend and transcend regular rules of magic. The thing with Vin is, she doesn't draw on the mists all at once - they stream into her from all over the world (or at least the Final Empire). They are also not all of Preservation's power - I think Vin fully drawing on them is more like a jump start for her Ascension than the actual Ascension. And so for a period of time she uses them as simply a source of power, then they become too much (maybe she could've Ascended a little earlier, but she was a bit preoccupied at the time, without much time to figure out what exactly she could do with all this power), she vaporizes, and gains access to the entire Shard's Investiture. And on top of all this, the Well's purpose is to give you a brief control over a lot of Preservation's power, so whoever is in there can renew Ruin's prison.
  2. More or less. The working definition we've been using has a person hold most of the power of a Shard. Usually that would involve becoming the Vessel for that Shard, but obviously there are exceptions, it's not exactly an everyday occurrence. The Well, for example, was set up by Preservation with the purpose of allowing somebody to wield most of the Shard's power and accomplish great feats (because once you go that power level, you aren't really bound by the standard rules of magic, you just do magic; Allomancy, after all, is just the near-infinite capabilities of Preservation, channeled through a set of very specific lenses to produce very specific effects, but Preservation is not bound by these rules). Elend's final moments are very different because what Vin is doing is simply fueling his Allomancy - the lenses are still there, she is just pumping Investiture through them. The Heralds, as we understand them, are in a similar position, though they have extra stuff going on. Dalinar is the only other example of weird Ascension we've seen, and that also appears to be a result of several factors playing together - his bond with the Stormfather, and thus Tanavast and Honor, being the most notable one. I find it likely that he could have accomplished fantastical things (and, in a way, he did when he opened or summoned a Perpendicularity), but maybe the fact that Honor was Splintered prevented him from doing truly Shard-like stuff. The difference between his Ascension and the ones facilitated by the Well is further enhanced by the design behind the Well.
  3. This one, I like them.
  4. I'd say this is one of those things where user discretion is advised. If people have already replied to your recent comment, or have quoted it, you going and hiding it kind of breaks the continuity of the thread (unless you all agree that your posts don't belong, so you all go hide them).
  5. Fair points, all of them. One of the reasons I don't like Cultivation messing with Surgebinding is because Surgebinding imitates the Honorblades - which don't sound like something she would've had a hand in, especially since she wasn't involved in the Oathpact either. If you add her in one place, you kind of have to add her everywhere; which isn't necessarily bad, and the rest of my theory should mostly work as is, I've just placed my bets on the model that leaves her out. I wouldn't be too upset to be wrong about this though. I don't interpret this collection of WoBs the same way you do, I don't come out of it with the conclusion that the Fused are accessing the Surges mechanically. The key takeaways, I think, are that mechanical access to the Surges (e.g. fabrials, Honorblades) is less flexible than organic one (e.g. Nahel bond). the Fused have two things going for them - they are limited in the ways they can use their magic (which limitation you ascribe to them accessing the Surges mechanically, while I attribute to the side effects of Odium's corruption of Surgebinding), and their use of Voidlight makes them more efficient in some situations. One of the main reasons I disagree with your interpretation is because the gemstone that plays a role here is not just a random gem, it's a gemheart - something that's pretty fundamental to how the singers work. I've been trying very hard to avoid letting Honor and Cultivation meddle with Ashyn because while it could solve some problems (e.g. the connection between the Old Magic and the Ashynite diseases), it opens a biiig can of worms I am not prepared to tackle.
  6. I disagree with much of what follows. Yes, Breaths are quantized, but almost everything that follows seems like you are trying to fit various aspects of Awakening into your theory. I do agree that the Heightenings resemble the stable electron energy levels. I take a very specific issue with the assertion that Breaths are the only form of Investiture that's quantized. Yes, the quanta seem larger than other forms we've seen, but that doesn't mean that it's a unique feature. In fact, I'd be surprised if other forms of Investiture weren't quantized. Debatable. I think there is enough evidence to suggest that soul manifestation is just something you can do in the Cognitive Realm, and it's the introduction of the Surges that complicates things. But I am not saying that fabrials are of Honor. The bond between a greatshell and the mandras that allow it to cheat the square-cube law is not something Honor, and neither is the one between a singer and its form-granting spren. I consider fabrials similar to those, only they rely on trickery. Yeah, I could've phrased this better. I meant this as the "Voidbinders - who are explicitly not Fused under my model." I've been rethinking my understanding of Connection, so I am going to put a pause on that. I am still not sold on the part about emotions (though there may be something to it, considering how the Rhythms are also associated with emotions, and they are definitely Spiritual), but the thing about the forces is potentially interesting. I'll need to reexamine other examples of Connection we've seen.
  7. lgbtq+

    @Doomstick, @ShadowLord_Lith, @Ax's Boyfriend, do you mind going back to your non-animated but equally lovely avatars?
  8. Vin

    Definitely somebody who can stab you to death, but also looks like a tiny precious nugget. Of death.
  9. With great theory length comes great length of the replies... I'll get to both of yours soon, it's just a lot
  10. Hopefully more eyes on this help, I like glyphs stuff
  11. Amd you did, I just got too caught up in wordsmithing my sentence and didn't realize I was different things. I am actually confused by this edit. My understand of your theory was that the original plan was to trap Ba-Ado-Mishram (which I agree is not a Bondsmith-specific thing, but I don't think the text contradicts that either, hence my confusion), but just before the Radiant SWAT team was about to do that Melishi came up with a different plan - one "related to the unique abilities of the Bondsmiths." Specifically, to sever the connection to their gemhearts, thus not only denying them forms of power (which the original plan would've done just fine), but to also deny them any form, instantly winning the war. And so, if I've understood everything correctly, you didn't need to reemphasize all of this I kind of glanced over that the first time around. After a more careful reread, I can't say I am a fan. It's certainly a possibility, and I think... @Calderis had a similar theory? One that explained the similarities between dullform and "slaveform" as parts of the Spiritweb "folding in" on themselves in the former, where in the latter they were completely "ripped away", and it was those parts that were responsible for spren bonding? You could explain the missing gemheart with something like the singers losing their "gemheart Spiritual gene," and so they no longer get a gemheart, and therefore lost all the benefits that come with it... But I just don't think any of that is necessary. You get pretty much the same results by simply "deactivating" the gemheart, which seems like far fewer steps to me.
  12. The Coppermind wiki will often have decent art. It just happens that there isn't a whole of fanart of Elantris characters available out there to begin with. It also doesn't help that they are not very well described...
  13. I thought similarly; the Sibling bit is a relatively minor and largely independent part of the overall idea, I just wanted to bring it up. I don't think I am particularly shocked by anything in your write-up though, it seems reasonable and in line with things we either know or things I've long assumed to be true. Melishi somehow crippling the singers, stripping away their ability to change forms and hear the Rhythms, and achieving that by way of trapping Ba-Ado-Mishram has been about as solid of a theory as we get these days, and codifying this process by saying that it has to do the singers' gemhearts sounds like a reasonable way of explaining it all. I am not too hot on the actual physical gemheart being removed, but some kind of magical separation sounds alright. I've been explaining a lot of things with Spiritweb merging recently, and so I am going to slap this mark here too, and say that the whole thing about the singers' Identity being malleable makes sense in this context - the spren responsible for a singer's current form is partially fused with their Spiritweb, and it is the gemheart that facilitates this, similarly to how a Nahel bond works.
  14. I think there is strong evidence that the Stormfather was the only Bondsmith spren bonded during the Recreance (and, by extension, during the False Desolation and the singer genocide). Does that change much in your theory?
  15. I've seen similar ideas in the time since Oathbringer, and my big issue with them is that such complexity just doesn't seem necessary. Progression, like most magical healing in the Cosmere, already uses the patient's Spiritual Aspect to figure out what state to restore them to; adding Illumination, let alone Spiritual Illumination (something we don't really know exists, though I personally think it does) to the mix just seems... unnecessary. But I understand the desire to make Truthwatchers special in a way similar to how the Bondsmiths are, given their place in the Double Eye.