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  1. Oh no, this pun is too strong!
  2. Oh, good start, looks neat!
  3. All of these look amazing, even if they are a little hard to see
  4. Ah, the italics is what was throwing me off. Not many women's script... scripts... out there, so the wiki one is a safe bet.
  5. Oh, very nice, the version of the script you are using looks really good, and the etching (engraving? burning? cutting?) has turned out very clear.
  6. Right, on the subject of crediting memes and avoiding posting duplicates - while also not expecting people to reading 170+ pages before sharing a thing, I will say (mostly unofficially; this is coming from me, I don't know how many of the other mods or admins agree): If you made it, you can post it If you found it, at least link to where you found it. You don't need to go on a reverse image search quest, but a lot of the images you find on Google will come from either Reddit, or this thread; either way, it's easy to credit the creator (and a real one)
  7. I've merged the offending posts, but this is excellent advice for the future.
  8. theory

    I mean, I've always thought this is just the standard poetic nonsense, but I find it amusing how well it works in the context of Dysians. Looking forward to book 7 or whatever, when we find out!
  9. This one is just a bonus short episode
  10. I think that this is a terrifying prospect that I would love to see come to light
  11. Lots of news in the past hour, so let's cover them on the quick! First, has published the Prologue & Chapter 1: Calluses of Rhythm of War! You can go read them on their website, and also bookmark the Rhythm of War index, because new chapters will be dropping every Tuesday at 9 AM Eastern. You can discuss this set of chapters in our Prologue and Chapter 1 discussion thread. Normally, this would be news enough, but today we also have a SDCC video of Brandon reading from Chapters 7 & 8 from the new Stormlight doorstopper (also embedded below, for your convenience). Note that the second half of the video is a brief Q&A that's full of spoilers. All of the questions were selected from this Reddit thread from about a month ago, if you want to go read some of the discussion around them. In less explosive news, Brandon sat down with Alison Flood of The Guardian and did an interview. Dawnshard, the new Stormlight novella taking place between Oathbringer and Rhythm of War has jumped to 20% in just about 3 days, so that seems to be going well. And finally, Isaac posted a new Kickstarter update a couple of days ago, it includes some of Ben McSweeney's sticker illustrations and some actual photos of the leatherbound.
  12. I don't know if this can still be navigated to from the website, but different versions of Warbreaker (including early drafts) can be found on the Warbreaker Rights & Downloads page.
  13. Hey guys! Brandon did another signing livestream yesterday (#12, more Warbreaker signature pages), so here's a quick recap of what we learned or got confirmations about. Also, the stream was literally too hot to handle! Dawnshard news The novella formerly known as Wandersail and now known as Dawnshard will follow Rysn as she travels to Aimia, and will actually teach us some stuff about the Dawnshards! Also, Lopen might be showing up as a secondary POV, though it is unclear whether he will actually join her on the trip. Brandon plans to start writing that this coming Monday, and "will feel bad" if the ebook is not out before Rhythm of War even though the novella itself "is not super integrated with the book." The book itself will probably be available as a hardcover later on, but for now the only way to get your hands on a physical copy is through the Kickstarter. If Arcanum Unbounded II ever becomes a thing, Dawnshard will likely be the backbone of it, so those on a tight budget might want to just grab the ebook for now. An audiobook of the novella (and anything else that goes into AU2) is also likely. Rhythm of War news Speaking of Rysn, she also gets an interlude in the next Stormlight installment, Rhythm of War. Brandon calls it a "very different sort of interlude," and apparently it doesn't spoil the novella somehow, though readers of the novella will appreciate said interlude more. My money, personally, is on the interlude being some kind of retelling of the Aimia adventure, and for whatever reason Rysn can't tell us everything about. How do you think this will work out? Leave us a comment below and also ring the bell to be notified of any future videos, wait, no, sorry, this YouTube stuff is getting to my head. Future plans None of this is super new, but here's a mixed bag of news and announcements: Alcatraz 6 is "done, being illustrated as we speak," should happen sometime in 2021. Brandon still needs to fix the ending of Apocalypse Guard. He thinks he has a pretty good idea about how to do that, just needs to find 2-3 weeks of free time "in the coming months." Brandon is doing a revision on Songs of the Dead (the story formerly known as Death by Pizza). Horneater, the Rock novella that takes place between Stormlight #4 and #5 is still planned for the future. Picture books of Hoid's stories might also happen in the future, though no concrete plans. Snapshot got "really close to being greenlit as a movie" but the option fell through last year. Without it to drive a non-cosmere story collection, Brandon and his team kind of slacked off on putting one together; it's still probably going to happen, they have all the art commissioned for it, and will include a couple of short stories Brandon has been sending to magazines under a false name, to see if he can get them to pick them up. There are "some cool new talks around Snapshot" apparently too, so we'll see. Guest appearance by Karen & Peter Finally, the stream ended with about an hour of Karen and Peter Ahlstrom (Brandon's continuity editor and primary editor) answering some question and doing a bit of show & tell. Recapping all of it doesn't do it justice, but you can watch the segment starting at the 1:02:21 mark. What you can expect there is a preview of the much-coveted Karen-maintained Dragonsteel Wiki (you can see a couple of screenshots below), as well as several examples of the kinds of things Peter works on (he gave examples of his edits to The Way of Kings, in preparation for the anniversary edition). Oh, and I guess we got a small preview of a document called Master Cosmere Timeline.xlsx, not sure that was about, probably unimportant, don't worry about it. Minor non-plot spoilers for all published Stormlight books.
  14. Brandon "I can buy a gaming PC" Sanderson That entire story was so much fun.
  15. Are you upset Dragonsteel isn't making as much money out of numbered copies as they could be? I've always liked the fact that Brandon doesn't bump the price just because a given book has a number written on it, that's always seemed like an artificial way to create scarcity and drive people to buy stuff at a higher price, when said stuff doesn't actually cost more to produce.