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  1. Nice, nice! Clever idea, excellent execution. I would love some glam shots, sitting on a windowsill (Shallan half facing the camera) with a sketchpad, and then the same windowsill, this time Veil facing us, playing with a knife or something. You can do a lot of fun things with this, and I love it
  2. Nope. I am not going to bother them until the summer though.
  3. I believe they confirmed on Reddit that Dragonsteel themselves recorded this (and other panels), and they'll be putting it up on Brandon's YouTube channel sometime soon.
  4. Imagine having such clear audio in Arcanum...
  5. Heh, a lot of us have been in this for a decade and more. I get that it feels kind of crummy to finish all these books and still feel like you are behind, and I hope we'll be able to do a few episodes geared specifically towards people in your position - people who just want to catch up without spending years of reading wiki pages, WoBs, and forum threads. Just... not sure when we'll get to those.
  6. Mm, good call. Time to turn those into collectables
  7. @IsasikShulin, you could do something like this for the next iteration of the RAFO cards
  8. Even in his moment of epic Radiance, he still broods. Perfect!
  9. I feel like the last page or so has devolved into extensive and unnecessarily pedantic discussion on what (a)theism is, to the point where I feel it bears very little relevance to the thread's original intent. Maybe I can refocus this by sharing my view, which I've always thought is super obvious, and you can all tell me why it is so wrong that it requires thousand+ words essays? I've always thought that Jasnah's reaction to Honor's existence would be to 1) readily recognize his existence, 2) acknowledge that he was a Shard, and therefore incredibly powerful, but 3) not accept him (or any of the other Shards) as a god.
  10. This seems like a solid foundation. It's not much of a theory just yet, most observations, but I think they tie in nicely and could lead to something. Whether that something is real(matic) or thematic remains to be seen.
  11. Isaac S would make sense since, you know, Isaac Stewart.
  12. I know how this fandom can be, I felt it prudent to emphasize that not everything is a hidden connection
  13. The word you are missing is "created", if I recall correctly my conversation with Dan from earlier this year. Created by Dandos the Oilsworn. Don't read too much into it, Dandos is not a worldhopper or anything, it's just an Easter egg. ST as a single letter feels really weird to me. At a quick glance everything checks out, so I don't think there could be an alternative translation - not after this one fits so well... So I don't know. I might dig more into this at another time.
  14. Did he randomly sit at your table at a party, reading Mistborn and ignoring you?