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  1. There is some more of that script on the back endpages, but the image is not super clear here...
  2. Democratically elected leader, not king, come on.
  3. Hi

    Wow, no love for the Cosmere in your display name? Tsk, tsk.
  4. In the future, simply report the thread and say you'd want it moved. Reports go out to all mods, pinging individual ones is... mildly irritating.
  5. Hmm. This throws a pretty nasty wrench in a lot of things. Also, Brandon has referred to that chart as a Voidbinding chart, so maybe this is just Isaac mislabeling it. I don't like this, I think I am going to ignore it for now...
  6. Welcome, welcome! I hope you enjoy your time here If you are looking for something more casual than the forums, and you really hate having free time, we also have a Discord server. And, once you've got all of the Cosmere under your belt, Arcanum is our archive of Words of Brandon - interview snippets and Q&As in which the fandom tries to extract as many of his precious brain secrets while he tries to give us the most frustrating and vague answers guard them. One thing that's not super well known these days, because it's kind of buried in Brandon's website, are his annotations (which you can find near the bottom of this page). They include his thoughts and commentaries on his earlier books, and can be read both while you read each book (as the spoilers are clearly marked) and after you are done with it (because the spoilers often reveal clever foreshadowing and hidden details). Give them a shot if you haven't, both Mistborns you've read have good annotations Finally, see if you can squeeze Warbreaker before you continue on with Words of Radiance. Can't tell you why exactly, but it is widely accepted that it makes the experience better.
  7. Weird, I don't get that. @Mestiv and/or @Chaos might need to take a look, but until then, can you provide some standard Internet information - OS, browser, versions, etc.?
  8. Is this something new from ICon?
  9. etymology

    Something like this would normally go into General Brandon Discussion (which is where I am moving it). The Coppermind Wiki forum should be used for things relevant to, well, the Coppermind Wiki. EDIT: After reading your other thread on the etymology of Narak I see why you posted this one in the same place. Given the WoB clarifying Kaladin's name I don't think his Hindi meaning needs a trivia bullet point, but it can work as a General Brandon Discussion thread; which is where I'll leave it still.
  10. I feel like over the year we've fixated a little too much on "Shardic numbers" when I am not sure they are anything other than symbolic. The real reason 16 is a big deal is because Brandon liked how divisible it was. Some Shards have colors and numbers that are important to them, but most don't. I don't think it's a useful thing to think about; not much at least.
  11. True, but it's still in the wrong forum for Warbreaker talk. I agree that it's cumbersome to navigate spoiler tags everywhere, so I'll just edit the topic title with the appropriate spoiler warning, and if @Beggar prefers it to stay Stormlight-only, or moved to the Cosmere Discussion forum, we can do that.
  12. Let's keep marking Warbreaker spoilers as such in this forum.
  13. Oh no, not the can of worms!