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  1. Also, remember that Hoid would not describe himself as a good person
  2. That's me all the time, that minute up there may have just been... more obvious to others.
  3. I was suggesting that Ishar may have been a facilitator of the binding of Odium - Honor's power would've still been the thing that keeps him chained. I imagine a contest of champions could work similarly.
  4. Those are some good questions you got there!
  5. Hi, welcome! I empathize with the hunger for more Stormlight, but we are all going to have to wait a little bit for it Brandon should be starting on it in January and hopes to get it out in our greedy hands about 18 months later - but Stormlight are not easy books, so it may end up being a little longer. Fortunately there is a hefty archive of Words of Brandon we've compiled over at Arcanum, so you've got some lighter reading material to carry you over for a bit. Plus, Brandon's other works are not bad either, so you can dabble in those a bit. Skyward, which released a little over a week ago is not half bad, for instance. Worst case scenario, you can always hang out with us, either here on the forums, or in our Discord server. We are not Brandon, but we can be a distraction
  6. I can get behind this. I think I've kind of defaulted to believing the actual Blades look kind of like their respective glyphs, but isolating the middle of the glyph is an interpretation that makes a lot of sense and fits well. I like it.
  7. I came up with a similar idea during the Heralds Shardcast episode. I don't remember exactly what I said but I think it was Ishar's title as the "Binder of Gods" that led me to believe that his role in the founding of the Oathpact and whatever event made him the Binder of Gods were different events. So when somebody from the Cosmere Chat Discord server asked me for questions, I offered the Heralds on Ashyn question - it felt like it didn't need much background, and it was interesting enough. It does make the timeline interesting though. If the Heralds had a normal human lifespan pre-Oathpact, then the time between the exodus and the first Desolation couldn't have been more than a few decades at most. If they could live for a long time anyway, then we get into more reasonable timeframes, I think. It's exciting news either way.
  8. As a rule of thumb, WoBs are canon until proven not to be. We are - or at least should be - already fluid in our acceptance of them.
  9. I am in the area (4 hours early), if anyone else arrives early come say hi!
  10. Well, my list is still in my signature, but considering that I am going, I probably should ask you to ask even more of my questions...
  11. @PallonianFire do you have the Blessing of Audio? The Cosmere Chat Discord server had a couple of people go, we have their report here for now.
  12. Welp, I might end up being there super early. If you see a guy napping in the parking lot, that might be me!
  13. I'd probably put the person who actually asked the question and use a footnote to indicate that it was asked on behalf of someone else. There isn't a hard and fast rule though, you can do it the other way too.
  14. I think I remember you two! Vaguely. I'll probably be there early (as early as 3 PM, possibly, but no later than 5), so if you - or anyone else - has nothing to do, come say hi!