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  1. Brandon "I can buy a gaming PC" Sanderson That entire story was so much fun.
  2. Are you upset Dragonsteel isn't making as much money out of numbered copies as they could be? I've always liked the fact that Brandon doesn't bump the price just because a given book has a number written on it, that's always seemed like an artificial way to create scarcity and drive people to buy stuff at a higher price, when said stuff doesn't actually cost more to produce.
  3. I also feel like there is a difference between relating subjects in Brandon's works to historical events vs. contemporary ones. It's much harder to make both an informed and objective claim about something that's currently going on, or has happened in recent history, which makes it easier for tensions to flare up.
  4. Ah, it hasn't been quite 10 years for me because I didn't immediately jump ship from TWG. If memory serves, I didn't make the transition to 17S until TWG announced that it would shut down (or maybe that the Brandon section will shut down? or will move here? I don't remember the ancient days very well), but I am sitting pretty at just over 9 years on the Shard - even I wasn't super active during the early ones, and even if I am not super active right now (though I mostly make up for it a little bit with Discord and Shardcast!). I feel like my favorite memories tend to revolve less around this community and more about my interactions with Brandon at signings - and then around my interactions with the community. I think I started gathering steam... a little before the Steelheart release? It established a tradition of me workshopping the questions I would bring to the signing, something I keep up with (mostly) to this day. Oh, and I participated in the Steelhunt - does anyone remember that? It was great community fun. But yeah, that's around that time I started getting more engaged in theory work, contributing, poking holes, coming up with my own, and asking questions. It helped that I got a lot of Brandon time during some of his earlier Chicago signings; didn't quite have him all for myself, but I feel like some of those signings had fewer than 200 people. Oh, how nice those were... I think I remained active until around the time Oathbringer came out, at which point it kind of felt like the fandom had gotten too big for me to keep up with (and I was also working, so that ate into my forum time). At some point I moved to Discord, in part because of the more casual nature of it. I could more easily accept that I won't keep up with all the talk. Oh, and I became a mod around that time, I guess. By that time I had somehow become known as the WoB guy, and had some reasonable theories under my belt, and I've been riding that fame since. Oh, JordanCon 2018 was also a big fandom moment for me. It was that first JordanCon (or any con) I had gone to, I met with a bunch of wonderful people - many of which were Sharders - got randomly recognized by some people for my Shardcast appearance (which was pretty neat, you guys; if you have the opportunity to become a celebrity for a small group of people, I recommend doing that, feels nice), got trolled by both Brandon and Peter, hung out with Isaac and Kara, and got to shoot a bunch of questions at Brandon on/for my birthday. All in all, a very productive couple of days
  5. Brandon's webstore has been receiving new items over the past couple of weeks, and with a few T-shirts showing up today, it's time we did a roundup! I myself have already placed an order for the RAFO shirt and can't wait to answer all of my friends' questions with meaningful glances down to my chest! T-shirts Life Before Death, styled with the Windrunner logo R.A.F.O. Simplified Stormlight Archive™ Symbol In addition to these, we have a few still relatively new items, and some restocked ones. Others The First Ideal of the Knights Radiant Poster, with art by the incredible Jian Guo. See if you spot the symbolic elements of the First Ideal in the bottom half of the illustration! Alternate Stormlight Archive™ Symbol Decal, in both black and white variants The (original) Mistborn Leatherbound is back in stock, now with a purchase limit of 2 (because minions of Ruin were reselling them for a higher price on eBay...). And, of course, the Dark One graphic novel is still up for pre-orders
  6. This is literally my Imgur album where I uploaded my screenshots from the livestream They are pretty reasonable quality but still just screenshots (and would need to get cropped for the wiki), but I am not comfortable with using this as a source unless we absolutely have to. I'll try to get the artist to share the illustration on its own.
  7. Let's hold off on this until we have a proper source for the canonicity of these images (and, ideally, an upload that's not just my screenshot of a livestream :P)
  8. I know for a fact that one of his assistants, Adam, handles most of his social media presence. I don't think another stream has been officially scheduled, but if his schedule holds it should be another week or two.
  9. Guys. Can we make this easier for everyone involved and stick to the original point of the thread - Brandon's silence so far and how people feel about it? Discussing the actual details of what's going on lately, the actions of various police departments and individuals, the actions against the various police departments and individuals, what the government is or isn't doing, the historical context behind all of this, the protests - none of this belongs in this thread (or, I would argue, in this forum at all; these subjects turn into fires faster than we can put them out). We don't want to lock this thread, because there are valid things that can be said and have been said, but if you can't keep your posts civil, constructive, and on topic, that'll be the only thing we can do. And on that note, let's also keep humor and sarcasm out of our replies because they are very easy to misinterpret, and that's the last thing we need. EDIT: Quick follow-up, we'll keep this locked for a little bit to give everyone a chance to cool down and take a breather. I imagine we'll unlock this within the hour.
  10. Yeah, yeah, we are working around the clock here, we'll get to that
  11. I feel like emotions are running a little hot in this thread. COVID-19 is a pretty big deal on a global scale, and it has impacted all of our lives, so we are a little more irritable than normal, which is why I would like us all to take extra care to be nice to one another, and to dial dial down our argumentative side several notches down. I'll be honest, I don't think much good can come out of this thread, and I am afraid it's going to devolve into either a general conversation about COVID-19, or into a shouting match. I am not going to lock it just yet, but I'll keep a close eye on it and any reports that come out of it. Be good, y'all.
  12. Happy birthday Argent!!!

  13. Nice, nice! Clever idea, excellent execution. I would love some glam shots, sitting on a windowsill (Shallan half facing the camera) with a sketchpad, and then the same windowsill, this time Veil facing us, playing with a knife or something. You can do a lot of fun things with this, and I love it
  14. Nope. I am not going to bother them until the summer though.