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  1. I agree, I had it as "stairwell" in my notes (it's clear that the end of the first word repeats the same letter twice) and just typed it wrong in here; I'll update. I another "I typed it wrong," good catch ("what" doesn't even make sense)! I agree, I am missing a "pattern" in there, though I would use a comma instead of a period between the two sentences. Yep, another typo in my part. I'll go ahead and fix all of this, thank you for (unwittingly?) double-checking my work!
  2. Hmm, I wonder if the imprisonment of Ba-Ado-Mishram made it so Radiant spren, when "killed," end up in this limbo state where their Radiant essentially drags their near-corpse behind, gaining a small measure of the power they used to have. Whereas prior to the Recreance, if a Radiant broke their Oaths, only the bond would break - the spren would be hurt, similarly to how they get hurt when the Radiant dies, but would be able to recuperate.
  3. I've actually been wondering if the "ha" is just how they indicate a question in writing, and Nazh is just filling in question marks whenever he sees those.
  4. Yep, I think "into" is what was missing from the Experiments page (seems obvious to me now, not sure why I couldn't parse it at first...), and I did in fact miss a "see" on the Fourth Bridge page (just an error from when I was typing all of this into a forum topic from my notes). Both are fixed now!
  5. I will double check the missing words tomorrow
  6. I've got a separate thread with translations of Navani's notebook (which includes stuff from later parts in the book). The Battah illustration hasn't been revealed.
  7. Obviously there are spoilers here EDIT: Props to @hyuuy6 for also translating all of this and catching a few mistakes of mine in the process! As always, Navani has been writing her notes in the women's script (very inconsiderate of her), but I decided to hop on the translation thing early. It's actually kind of remarkable how quickly you learn to recognize specific letters, or even entire words. Also, Raboniel's handwriting is garbage. Anyway, here's what I've got (after adding punctuation and fixing some spelling mistakes): Navani’s Notebook: The Fourth Bridge Navani’s Notebook: The Arnist Method Navani’s Notebook: The Crystal Pillar Room Navani’s Notebook: Dagger Navani’s Notebook: Experiments
  8. I feel like even if we wanted to try something like this - which I agree would have value to the casual/new reader, there's a lot of "don't go to 17S/Coppermind/Arcanum until you've read everything" going around (and with a good reason...) - the technological challenge is still something we likely can't get around, MediaWiki is pretty limited in what it allows us to play with. Plus, our focus with the wiki has always been content, so any effort that takes away from writing content really has to be worth it, for most people. I am personally not opposed to some kind of solution that gives readers better guidance (maybe instead of tagging individual sentences/paragraphs, we can tag entire sections, or entire pages), but I suspect it's going to be tricky to both come up with and implement; and it has to be a low-to-no maintenance solution too, because some version of this wiki will probably stick around for the next 30+ years...
  9. If the back cover does show up online, keep in mind that we will only allow sharing from official sources (Brandon, Tor, Amazon, etc.); fan photos of ARCs and hardcovers leaked into the wild will be deleted.
  10. The chapter was accidentally scheduled to go live a day early. As you have noticed, it's no longer available, and we'll be removing until discussion about it until it goes live properly on Tuesday.
  11. We had to hide this thread until we had confirmed that it's okay for these images to be out in the wild. Peter is okay with that, so discuss away! I myself love how the Urithiru one gives a sense of scale, there's so much stuff there!
  12. We don't, but I've been assuming that it - like the Blade - just goes back to being... whatever it is that makes it up.
  13. I was wondering if the Plate could be theirs. My understanding is that the scouring came soon after the Recreance, so presumably when they sailed off to Akinah, the Radiants and the Sleepless were still on good (?) terms. So maybe they were the first protector of the Dawnshard - the role that Cord might grow into - and upon their death, left the Plate (but no Blade? that's a little weird). I do think that we saw a small, small portion of the undersea caverns, and I am still looking forward to exploring them much further in the future.
  14. That is intentional. Each book (with a few exceptions) misspells his name in a different way.
  15. I think we are approaching the definition of the Dawnshards fundamentally different. My view is very much focused on... stuff. Inanimate matter, I guess, while yours sounds like it's a lot more about life and minds. So I am curious about why you focus on life when it comes to this. Because it seems like all of the Dawnshard ideas that don't fit with my paradigm fit with some variation of yours