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  1. I've got a pre-RoW theory on the Magics of Roshar (linked in my signature) that plays with similar ideas, if you are looking for inspiration or different takes on the same concept.
  2. To be clear - and I think I got myself turned around during that one Shardcast - I do think Voidbinding is manipulating the Surges, but it's doing so through a Connection with Odium as opposed to a Connection with spren. I think the way I phrased it during the episode was "Surgebinding -> binding the Surges, therefore Voidbinding -> binding the Void, a.k.a. Odium", which I think is a valid interpretation, but the soul of my theory, as it has been for a long time, was that Surgebinding -> performing magic through a bond with spren, while Voidbinding -> performing magic through a bond with Odium. This is all mostly coming from the belief that what defines a magic system is not the effects, but the access (though the effects often end up being different as well). So when looking for differences between Surge- and Voidbinding, I look at where the magic comes from - spren in the former's case, Odium in the latter's. This being said, I recognize the appeal of the theory as I phrased it on the podcast - I must have liked it then, to have it temporarily overwrite my primary theory on the subject I am not 100% sold on either version (or anything else I've seen on the topic), but I feel like they are in the right neighborhood.
  3. If it gets you to follow the rules...
  4. Ah, you noticed all the mods looking at this thread, didn't you. We are concerned that the last few posts here have deviated from the good-natured discussion we like to cultivate on the forum (in short, discussion is good, argument is not, and "debates" are often just arguments in nice clothing), so we'd like to temporarily lock the thread while we decide how to address it. In the meantime, you can use this downtime to refresh yourselves these two very useful (and relevant here) threads:
  5. @KSub, please tag RoW (and Dawnshard) spoilers in the future. I know the spoiler policy is a little weird right now, but we generally don't allow any RoW/DS spoilers outside of their dedicated board. This thread is an exception, I think, but we still want things to be tagged accordingly.
  6. Ah, looks like another another mod sniped the unlocking. I can move everything from this one there, lock this one, or let you handle it all on your own (or any combination of these).
  7. I am okay with this, find the original thread, you should be able to report it - just mention in the report that you would like the thread unlocked, and that I say it's fine (as we don't usually allow necro-ing of old threads), and someone is going to get to it.
  8. I am not familiar with the situation, I imagine the old thread just got locked after a period of inactivity. Is there more to the story, or do you want it unlocked just to keep the conversation all in the same place?
  9. The page was loading before, IG was just telling me there was no such account. Anyway, all good now
  10. Gotta keep an eye on the competition You ladies sound like you are having fun, and in my experience that's the most important thing. Though it helps that you also know your stuff and are well read beyond just Brandon, keep it up P.S. Looks like your IG account is not set up / public? I tried following that from, so maybe it's just that.
  11. I am less than 5 minutes into this episode, and y'all are already talking about pronunciation, this is great!
  12. Oh, hmm, that's an interesting idea. I don't know whether I buy it yet, but it's certainly interesting...
  13. Hey bud, so normally I would just hide your post, maybe drop you a PM about how we like to foster a community of wholesomeness in here, and your message ain't exactly that. The thing is, I've been seeing a lot of hate towards shipping and shippers lately, and fortunately your post is an excellent example of some of the issues I've been saying. So I'll just use this to make a few points. First and absolutely foremost, you walk into a thread where people are clearing having fun, and your entire reason to be here is to crap on their parade? That's a dick move. This is the Internet, if you don't like what you are saying in one tiny corner of it, the easiest way to not have to deal with the thing you don't like is to just close the browser window. There is absolutely no reason for you to share your dislike. Second, you are not contributing to the subject of this thread at all. Best I can tell, the only reason you decided to post here is so you could tell Ene you find the thing she likes to be disgusting. That, depending on where you draw your lines, is toxic at best, and hatespeech at worst. And third, not only did you decide to do all this, but you did it after the thread had seen 2 weeks of inactivity. Are you really that petty? Do you really hate Ene that much? Is it that important for the world to know how disgust with shipping - or this particular ship? Because, honestly, if you want to answer affirmatively to any of those, maybe you need to do some soulsearching and decide what's more important to you - is it to belong in this community and continue talking about Brandon's works, or is it to express yourself in this way? Because we can't have both. Now, all this being said, I would urge you to avoid responding here. In fact, the rest of the Staff has been discussing this while I make my points here, and it looks like we'll time you out for a week so you can think about things. Then, once you are back, we can have a (private) conversation about how to avoid incidents like this in the future, if that's something you are interested in. Cheers!
  14. I don't really do fanfics, but my love for Taln is hardly unique