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  1. Weird, I don't get that. @Mestiv and/or @Chaos might need to take a look, but until then, can you provide some standard Internet information - OS, browser, versions, etc.?
  2. Is this something new from ICon?
  3. etymology

    Something like this would normally go into General Brandon Discussion (which is where I am moving it). The Coppermind Wiki forum should be used for things relevant to, well, the Coppermind Wiki. EDIT: After reading your other thread on the etymology of Narak I see why you posted this one in the same place. Given the WoB clarifying Kaladin's name I don't think his Hindi meaning needs a trivia bullet point, but it can work as a General Brandon Discussion thread; which is where I'll leave it still.
  4. I feel like over the year we've fixated a little too much on "Shardic numbers" when I am not sure they are anything other than symbolic. The real reason 16 is a big deal is because Brandon liked how divisible it was. Some Shards have colors and numbers that are important to them, but most don't. I don't think it's a useful thing to think about; not much at least.
  5. True, but it's still in the wrong forum for Warbreaker talk. I agree that it's cumbersome to navigate spoiler tags everywhere, so I'll just edit the topic title with the appropriate spoiler warning, and if @Beggar prefers it to stay Stormlight-only, or moved to the Cosmere Discussion forum, we can do that.
  6. Let's keep marking Warbreaker spoilers as such in this forum.
  7. Oh no, not the can of worms!
  8. I've been enjoying seeing those pop up on Reddit, but I don't go there often enough to keep up (I hadn't seen the Alethkar one, for example, until now) - so I am happy to see you here, on my turf Do your methods depend on having an existing map that you can up-res and polish, or can you do things from scratch as well? It might be interesting to see your take on some unmapped locations if it's the latter.
  9. I changed the title so it's not as spoilery as it was before; we don't want to spoil some innocent bystander. I hope you don't mind a little clickbait in there
  10. Let's avoid topics that generalize the entire community. "No one" and "everyone" are bound to be incorrect virtually all the time, so claims that include them will tend to upset people.
  11. Brandon started the con strong, by reading from Stormlight #4 which is now unofficially locked in as The Rhythm of War (unless something exceptional happens). This is a brand new reading and it covers some of the prologue - not the bit with the Heralds, that's the prelude, but Gavilar's murder. This time we see it from Navani's perspective, only the reading doesn't actually go quite that far. We've got both the audio and the transcription so you can go check them out right here on Arcanum. And while you are there, if you would like to contribute, we are in the process of transcribing the two signings, so there might be a little bit of work for you In other - and sadder - news, Brandon has confirmed that he won't be touring for the sequel to Skyward, Starsight. There will still be a midnight release party in Utah, but Brandon feels like he needs to spend some extra time working on Stormlight if he wants to be done with it by the end of the year. And finally, some news about pretty things. Artists around the world occasionally set challenges for themselves, and one of the best known ones is Inktober - drawing something in ink for every day of October. This year, I worked with Isaac (Stewart), art director at Dragonsteel, to create an official Cosmere Inktober prompts list, which you can find on Instagram and Twitter. Join in, if you are artistically inclined!
  12. This could probably be reworded to match the WoB better. I don't think it's contradictory, but it makes a false assumption (i.e. that harmonium can be distilled).
  13. It's just an artifact of him storing health. While he stores he is much susceptible to "the sniffles" - and simply stopping his storage doesn't get rid of the cold he's caught while storing.
  14. I am still making my way through The Emperor's Soul GA adaptation, but I expect I'll be giving this a shot. Unless their release schedule for the next two volumes is more aggressive, and I can just wait before getting all 3.