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  1. I think I remember you two! Vaguely. I'll probably be there early (as early as 3 PM, possibly, but no later than 5), so if you - or anyone else - has nothing to do, come say hi!
  2. Easy Doomslug. Stick got blown out of proportion.
  3. Welcome back
  4. Welcome! We don't get many people from Egypt, so it falls on you to recruit your neighbors to the cult club!
  5. If the event starts at 5 PM, as the website says, Brandon will probably be there for the next 3 hours at least, depending on attendance. How public speech, reading, and Q&A usually take about an hour on their own, and then there is the signing line, which usually moves at about 50 people per hour.
  6. Kurk hype! @Blightsong, what's your status?
  7. Feel free to either transcribe them or, once they are transcribed, edit your name for the speaker.
  8. Let's see how the transcription goes. Most of @coltonx9's was pretty good, and we have @hoiditthroughthegrapevine's. This being said, the event is now ready, and you can help transcribe here: Let us know, either here or in the #arcanum Discord channel if any of the audio snippets have weird timestamps (starting/ending too early or late) and we'll fix those up.
  9. There is one audio snippet we still need to mute, so the entire thing should be coming up soon. I'll update this thread when it's ready.
  10. We all do this the first time Thank you for reporting this, we might not have audio of the signing line, so paraphrased reports like this are extra valuable.
  11. Well, the more people help, the less time it takes I wouldn't say there is an usual rate, especially these days as people jump in the middle of whatever event they feel like and transcribe a few interesting questions. It's not a bad thing, but it makes it difficult to evaluate how long it'll take us to get done, as we might be looking at 70% completion of one event, 40% of another, 100% of a third, and 10% of a fourth - where previously we worked through them more or less sequentially.
  12. Choo choo!
  13. I just finished snipping the audio for this yesterday and I remember the first one, so you should make sure your friend gets credit for his question once we transcribe it As for your own question, I think I remember Brandon RAFOing something written down but I don't think I created an audio snippet of it (because it wasn't useful without the question). We'll see how we'll input this one.
  14. I don't think that would work. Awakening, in general, is about doing, not being. Changing the physical properties of an object would require you to either break the laws of physics (as they exist in the Cosmere), or somehow continuously fuel that change with Investiture, neither one of which seems like an option. Unless I misunderstand and you are thinking about essentially making the rocket use Feruchemy? I doubt that would work either, I feel like a Command that makes an object use an Invested Art would be far too advanced.