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  1. I've been seeing these in my Instagram searches, sounds whacky, going to check it out when I actually have time
  2. It's been but mere two weeks since our last commission came in, and we've already got another one for you! This is the last piece we were waiting on to wrap up our backlog, and it's the February one - Vasher. We decided to work with Esther Schrader, also known as Zirael, whose work you might recognize from the Kaladin album illustrations as well as a vast swath of (mostly) Stormlight portraits (like this Ash). Their style is very recognizable, and the things they paint are very versatile. They are certainly a staple in the Cosmere art scene, and we had been looking for a subject they can really do justice, and the dynamic nature we wanted for this commission was an excellent candidate! We couldn't be happier with everyone's favorite murderhobo and his cheerful murdersword of death, and we hope you like it too! Aaand here he is! This scene heavily inspired by Warbreaker chapter 56, where Vasher escapes from Denth and goes running throughout the palace, turning walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, and enemy Lifeless to smoke as Nightblood gleefully feasts on his Breaths. We took some artistic liberties (e.g. the wall behind Vasher should all turn to smoke instantly, but having the smoke consume it from the middle just looks cooler), but the piece is a total banger.
  3. Because Mainframe's website doesn't describe it as an audiobook company It's just semantics.
  4. Quick news item for the Legion fans out there - Stephen Leeds: Death and Faxes, the next installment in the series (that's actually not a sequel, as it it takes place sometime between the existing books) finally has an official release date - June 7, 2022 according to Mainframe's Instagram account. It being a Mainframe production suggests that it's going to be an audio exclusive for a period of time, before eventually (hopefully; we are looking at you The Original) getting an ebook release. For those of you not following Mainframe or Legion closely, Mainframe is the audiobook spoken word entertainment and production company founded by Brandon and Max (Epstein), responsible for projects like Lux, The Original, and now Death and Faxes. Legion - seemingly soft-rebranded as Stephen Leeds, at least for future releases, follows a detective with the supernatural ability to retain information by manifesting Aspects who are experts in specific areas. Unless things have changed, the plan for Death and Faxes is for it to see Stephen track down a hacker. Legion is not exactly Brandon's most popular series, but it is a fun and light read with surprisingly touching moments. So what do you think of this release? Will you be getting it on day one because you love Stephen Leeds or because you feel an irresistible compulsion to own every word Brandon has every published? Are are audiobooks not your thing and you'll be crossing your fingers for the ebook? Let us know!
  5. That'll teach her not to look at your phone
  6. Feel free the report comments the moment they start approaching heat, it's better to act on (or at least monitor) those things early.
  7. ⚠️Huge spoilers for Rhythm of War! ⚠️ Aaah, friends, there's no beating around this bush, we've got a real winner on our hands here. We knew we could really step up our game if we threw twice as much money at these commissions, but our artist of choice, Nozomi Matsuoka (whom you might remember from this particular piece of horror), really outdid herself - not only did she finish this in... hold up, there's a message history somewhere here... 8 freaking days, she also nailed the mood of the piece right off the bat, and was able to split it into two pretty standalone parts. What else is there to be said? Everything is great, down to the inclusion of the agonyspren and anguishspren on the wall, which almost never show up in fanart, unlike their much more common (and also present here) angerspren and fearspren counterparts.
  8. Happy Storming Birthday!!!!!!!

  9. Happy birthday!

  10. The time is 7:46 in the morning, as the people of Iri mark the time. The sun is rising over the leeward horizon when the Kasitor Bay ripples with a wave that is not quite a wave (fine, it's a bit late for a sunrise, but your memory of the event has painted it with a bit of an artistic license). From the illusory water rises a spren with a body like a jet of water, a hundred feet tall (your memory embellishes the sight a bit again), four arms sprouting from the main body, landing on pillars carefully constructed in the exact locations the arms' hands land every morning. Cusicesh the Protector has arrived, just like it does every morning. For the month of March we chose to hire Jordi Rapture, an illustrator talented in depicting (among other things) all sorts of weird creatures (you may have seen this Nightwatcher or this Stormfather from a couple of years ago). Cusicesh is a notoriously difficult spren to paint, in large part because of how little detail there is to its shape, but we think Jordi gave it a very fair interpretation - faithful to the text, but also unique and strange, as befitting a one-of-a-kind spren. We couldn't do the shifting faces, unfortunately, turns out you really need animation for that
  11. Frequent visitors of our Discord server might be familiar with user betweenskyandsea, known on Instagram as heatherly.draws. She is not only talented and versatile in her art, but also incredibly helpful to other artists in our community, and an overall great person to have around. So it goes without saying that we've been looking for an excuse to have her work on something. Well, it turns out that she had a great idea for how to depict the Pantheon archipelago from Sixth of the Dusk (several ideas, actually), and we love what she's done with the place! The vibrant blues of the water, the variety of Aviar flying over the myriad of islands overgrown with vegetation, and - for the eagle-eyed viewer - a hint of something special hidden deep within the Father, Patji. Make sure you send her your love, friends!
  12. Hey, @storm0001, I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Brandon is not actually on these forums (technically he still has account, but he hasn't had the time to visit us in over a decade). We are just a fan community that likes talking about his works. Also, and I hope you find this helpful, we don't usually expect these kinds of... direct messages in a forum. Forum topics (or threads, as they are sometimes called) are usually meant to share an idea or an opinion, or provoke a discussion with the wider community - take a look around and see how others do things. If you really want to contact Brandon, his website ( has a contact form, but there is a very good chance he won't be able to respond to you, let alone help you; he's become a very busy man lately.
  13. It's what the entire episode is about, yes
  14. Hey, everyone! It's been a little while since we had one of these for you, but between scheduling and post-holidays food comas, art has been taking just a little bit longer than usual. Nothing to fret about, but we wanted to give you a heads up. Both the (last) December and (this) February are in progress, and they are both looking great - just, you know, not ready. But you are not here for status updates, you are here for witty commentary and pretty art, and this post is going to deliver at least one of those! This cute-beyond-reason illustration of Rig and FM comes to you from an artist you are going to be familiar with of you've ever visited a Cytoverse page on the wiki - Jill Andersen. She juggled grueling work (animating things for the MCU, no big deal) to deliver this to us, and deliver she did! Go give her some love on Instagram and tell her how fantastic she (and her work) is.