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  1. Honestly, some one has probably done this before but anyways here it is : Oathbringer spoilers
  2. Heal TWOK hurt OB The Way of Kings - 8 Oathbringer - 9 Hero of Ages - 8 Bands of Mourning - 2 Secret History - 10 Warbreaker - 10 The Emperor's Soul - 9
  3. I feel like every group has that one thing that beats them every time, even if there's no real sense to it. For my campaign, it is pit traps. Every freaking time.
  4. Dang, that's a good magic trick. 13/16
  5. I know I talk too much I’m abrasive
  6. Burr you’re a better lawyer than me
  7. Alexander? Aaron Burr, sir Well it's the middle of the night