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  1. Usually I do it by hand but sometimes I use a Stylus pen and whatever drawing software came with my laptop.
  2. Yes. I was originally planning on having this map be of a fairly small island, but now as I am writing the story set there, I have decided to redo the map and make the larger island around the size of North America, and the smaller one similar to Australia. It is going to take a very long time, especially because I am considering doing it with a quill and ink.
  3. I have decided conclusively that Hoid should be Dan Levy
  4. Weigh them. What would you do if you found a keyboard that only that the letter Q, the numbers 8 and four, and the down arrow.
  5. Sorry I forgot about this because I posted that so late anyways here’s the map:) I think I inserted it correctly but maybe not i don’t really know how this works on a mobile. All the labels are in my own alphabet and language so you probably can’t read them.
  6. When you see the word "investiture" in one of the Song of Ice and Fire books and just subconciously assume that you are reading a Cosmere book, so you start trying to find Hoid, and then you get very dissapointed when you come back to the real world and remember that R'hllor is not a shard.
  7. Here it is... Spoilered for length
  8. I'm pretty good at french but I learned in Canada so I learned french from Quebec which has a different accent and different slang and now I'm going to France for nine weeks starting in January and I need to get like, 200% better at french ASAP.
  9. That honestly sounds really cool, and then people of the fifth heightening would eat their poisonous food in front of everyone and brag about how good it tastes, and then ask if you wanted a bit and you'd be like "you suck". I can't think of any poisonous things off the top of my head but there's probably lots. Or not. I don't really know anything about poison.
  10. Just wanted to say that from the minute we met Shan I weirdly imagined her as Amanda Abbington when she played Mary in Sherlock and even though they don't look the same really nothing can change my mind.
  11. Kerfuffle of Waddling Trapezoids
  12. Thanks, these are all good ideas. the story has kind of changed, o this is going to be slightly different and part of a flashback now, but I'm definitely going to think about your advice and make some changes.
  13. Thanks for following me!

  14. Yay!! Welcome to the shard! I'm also exited for lost metal.