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  1. @Sasha I will definitely check out your website! I might ask you for tips at some point!
  2. Thank you, Spren of Kindness!
  3. Thank you! It was a little tough since it was wood, but it worked out!
  4. I'm flabbergasted! Please tell me you do concept art or illustrating or graphic design or SOMETHING like that for a living???
  5. That is beautiful! I love your style! I thought at first before I read your description that it was Adolin when he and Shallan go out one afternoon.
  6. A few years back, my sister and her husband asked me to paint their trunk. They decided they wanted something from Sanderson's books, as we all read them. The trunk has 3 panels: on the left I was inspired by an illustration in the 1st or 2nd book, in the middle is the inside cover illustration for Words of Radiance (if I remember correctly), and on the right I did what I could with my own imagination! The medium used was oil paints.
  7. Hi

    Hi, I'm new to the fan club! Well, not to the actual fan club, just the one that's online. I've read most of Sanderson's works. Was planning on posting some fan art I did, but the website won't let me yet. Oh well! If it says spoiler beneath, that was an accident. No spoilers!