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  1. In pretty the "unnamed dragon" is called frost, and is a long term acquaintance of hoid
  2. spoilers

    I agree that he's probably in shadesmar or offworld, but I thinks It's very conceivable that he is instead acting as a servant to hoid while he is occupied on Roshar. The Hornearers seem to have a great respect for hoid, who is a constant visitor, and probably do stuff like this as a gesture of respect, and to sway favor. Rock refers to him as a god, which he practically is at this point, so he probably has no problems becoming his servant. It's also conceivable that the cultural purpose of a "King" as rock is becoming, is not to rule, but directly influence the cosmere to aid the horneaters
  3. Well though, Brandon has also stated that a chromium burner would take longer to burn away a compounder's Feruchemical reserves. This probably means that metalminds, and any stuff with higher investiture is harder to burn away
  4. Think that it was stated that F-Chromium is how Hoid is always able to be where he needs to be. So it can act as a pretty good method of unintentional intuition, though Hoid may be mixing it with all sorts of other investitures.
  5. Well, a Kandra could be protected by a smoker misting, which is possible, though very difficult, as in this WoB: https://wob.coppermind.net/events/233-west-jordan-signing/#e6884 I think a kandra simply wearing tons of thin aluminum tiles as a kind of exoskeleton would by much simpler though. This will probably blow their cover however
  6. Random sketch of wax vs kaladin & adolin Turns out that guns don’t work too well against shard bearers, or radiants, so wax is kind of screwed
  7. Umm I’m new here, but anyways, while posting my first topic, I accidentally posted it 5 times since it was redirecting me to the posted one, if a moderator could delete the duplicates, that would be great.

  8. wax

    So wax is always storing 1/4 of his weight right? I know Brandon has stated that he doesn’t want wax to be a savant because he hasn’t shown any drawbacks, but that seems exclusive to his allomancy. What I’m thinking is that wax is actually losing bone and muscle density. It isn’t yet manifesting because when wax taps his metal minds to get immensely heavier, his feruchemy has the side effect of strengthening him enough that he usually isn’t hurting himself. Well, astronauts in negligible g have serious bone density issues, and this poses a few problems for settlers of low g planets/moons requiring that they take steroids. In any case, when and if wax loses his metal minds, he should start suffering from weak bones and joints, and trouble moving, at least until he can find something made of iron. On a side note, skimmers should make excellent deep sea divers, and astronauts, since they can avoid pressure issues either way, changing the density of the air and blood in their bodies. I’d love to see this in era 4, with a skimmer able to hold their breath in vacuum by filling their metal minds at an absurd rate