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  1. When talking with harmony at the end of the book, Kelsier is revealed to be unable to use metallic arts as CS, and is desperately trying to regain his powers. But... In his conversation with the bilming ghostbloods through a seon, Kelsier says that he cannot move faster as he is over water, and thus his steelpushing is useless. So Either: Kelsier is lying to the ghostbloods, pretending to be a misting in order to command greater respect. Kelsier has a coinshot friend he piggy back rides like max, or kelsier can actually use A-Steel through as of yet unseen A-medallions. This would make sense as if he cant use medallions, why make the bands? (but this is somewhat contradicted by his one POV chapter, where he laments his inability to use A-Iron and A-steel, so the whole thing is rather confusing) In any case, the 1st is most likely, which adds a bit of edge to when marasi asks if the ghostbloods can rely on even him to never keep secrets.
  2. If I remember correctly(Just binged the audiobook) It is mentioned that Autonomy can't invade through harmony's portal because it is so far to the south.
  3. Basically I think yes the 15 vials had all 16 normal metals. Thats where wax got the duralumin he used to jump. Odd that He learned he had duralumin reserves, but still had to have harmony explain that the first 15 vials had extra metals in them. Theres also a notable time jump, as we dont see wax and wayne prepare to go after the warship, including stealing spikes. Wayne probably could recall where he threw the flask, and have wax fetch it.
  4. From the album Mistborn

    Kelsier goes for a fly through the mists, but it looks like he's picked up a tail.
  5. So, I think The extra bit of preservation is what allows humans to ascend past hunting and gathering. They preserve more than they destroy, thus having a end positive civilization. A group of humans with more ruin than preservation would slowly devolve as a society, which is definitely not what we see with the S Scadrians.
  6. They pierced his skin, placing them withing a spiritweb, but I think brandon has made it clear that they were not hemalurgically infused.
  7. So hear me out. Atium is radioactive. Ruin represents decay, and entropy, so this would make a lot of sense thematically. Atium is apparently soft, and breaks down very easily in your digestive tract, showing this theme. (As a converse, Lerasium might be incredibly strong) The shard of ruin on its own is destructive to itself and others. It can only destroy, and theoretically, would come to destroy itself (Rayse expected as much) So what if Atium leaks radiation. Both physical, and invested (probably rather slowly, think uranium length half life, otherwise the kandra would've noticed the stash shrinking) It slowly destroys itself, but also damages everything around it, with ruinous investiture, and harmful radiation. This would be unknown in world, as era 1 has no radiometers or geiger counters, and era 2 has probably barely scratched that tech, and hasn't had atium to work with. This could be related to atium savantism. Perhaps by filling yourself with ruin's investiture to destroy others, you are also slowly destroying yourself. we haven't seen any really old mistborn, and the oldest (Kelsiers teacher) is probably not using much atium. (He's pretty much homeless) Every other mistborn: Kelsier, Vin, Elend, all die young. (as a note, atium also psychologically imprints self destructive tendencies in mistborn, making them feel invincible, and pushing them into taking bigger risks with more dangerous fights, getting them killed eventually)
  8. Well, was he immediately aware of psaalm?
  9. Wow i just realized this is literally an aluminum foil hat theory
  10. I think a POV character with no metallic powers to speak of in a world of magic would be really really cool, as they come up with more creative ways to level the playing field. Brandon should really bring back hazekillers
  11. Yes you read the title. Yes I'm not kidding This is a outgrowth of several other theories and details which i find interesting. 1. Wayne had a really unlucky childhood. (Both parents & uncle dying when he was young, being pulled unwittingly into crime, etc) 2. Wayne has been extraordinarily lucky in recent years from his investments, to picking up the bands of mourning, to giving them to exactly who would need them later. not to mention getting involved in incredibly important recent events. 3. Wayne uses hats to adopt different personas 4. In this weeks chapter, Wayne admitted his lucky hat helped him hold onto his own over the top personality. 5. Many suspect that Wayne will eventually become a Kandra/worldhopper. Sooooo how are all these important? A number of things. Hats in elendel are often lined with aluminum (to shield against emotional allomancy) So heres the theory. Wayne is born to a poor Terris family in tinweight. Full feruchemy has been unheard of since the Catecendre. He lives directly next to a mine. This is where the theory goes off the rails. the town is not called tin, but tin-weight. Guess what metal has a near identical room temperature density as tin? Chromium. This would be the only magically useful metal available to a destitute young wayne. We see from vin, using allomancy as an orphan kid on the streets that complicated metallic arts may not require specific knowledge or intent, just a vague idea of what you want to do. Wayne says he wants to learn cards to help win the family money, and implies he knows how to cheat. Obviously he could cheat with mundane means, but something odd happens in the sample chapters so far. Wayne plays a game of cards with captured set member, but chooses to play fairly even when he knows their cards. This might suggest he dislikes the principles of normal cheating. E.G. peering over your opponents shoulder, pulling out fake cards etc. Wayne has shown a consistent, but rather bizarre set of morality so far, so this kind of hypocrisy wouldn't be too surprising. But what if Wayne knows how he can get a leg up without doing anything so dishonorable. What if he just gets lucky? Here's the thing. With F-Chromium, he could do just that. By making most of his days unlucky, he could channel his luck into gambling, and make big returns. This could be related to a reveal of how wax's uncle did something similar with gambling and F-Chromium. But in the end it backfired. His poor luck killed his mother, and perhaps earlier his father and uncle too. He might have unconsciously funneled his luck in other aspects of his life When he gets older, and learns more about how the metallic arts work, he realizes what happened in his youth. He had just been trying to be useful to his single mother, and had instead just gotten her killed. He goes into a deep depression, and spirals into crime, repressing his childhood trauma, and in the end, killing an innocent man. But then he gets rescued by Waxillium. He finds new purpose in the law, and ends up distracting from his traumatic past by creating over the top personas. Wierdly enough, he links these to hats of all things. Interestingly, most of his hats are fancy rich people hats. Guess what's high fashion in elendel? Aluminum lines hats. Guess what F-Aluminum stores? That's right. Identity. Wax has been magically storing his personas in his fancy hats this entire time. Wax has been creating personas, and stapling them to the hats in his collection. This links interestingly with a theory that the bowler hat men after Wayne are debt collectors, but debtors, or perhaps trying to give Wayne his equity portions from his investments in the last few books. As a kid, Wayne learned that his pursuit of money only lead to his misery, and grief, explaining why he is so apathetic to his newfound wealth in recent books despite growing up dirt poor. He despises what money did to his life as a kid. He gives it away in any way possible. To the family of his first and last victim, to a promising new inventor making a better elendel etc. And how has Wayne been so lucky despite seemingly bumbling through these last few books? Fortune, caused by F-Chromium. Theres been a lot coincidences I've seen people observe.Shout out to @Requiem17 For the idea that Wayne has access to fortune. This is the same mechanic allowing Hoid to show up exactly where he needs to be when he needs o be there. It just works out for him. So heres the kicker. Wayne in the prologue is shown even early on having a fascination with switching identities through his quote on trying on all the different clothes. This, and his hats may foreshadow him eventually becoming a kandra, hopefully with a happy ending with MeLaan. But how can he become a kandra? All kandra were made from full feruchemists turning into mistwraiths, Perhaps by blanking identity, and maybe some additional steps. This could work with this theory, and would be an interesting conclusion to his character. PS: some holes in the theory. Full Feruchemy apparently vanished due to the entrance of Allomantic genes into terris populations post catecendre. Also while the aluminum hats with identity is really interesting it is unlikely that Wayne is subconsciously using fortune, since he probably avoids carrying random metals around just like wax and Marasi. He could have instinctually tapped the bands of mourning when he picked them up though, and thats how that worked out that he happened to give them to Marasi at the perfect time just @robardin pointed out on the forum. The idea that he's doing this subconsiously is also a bit of a stretch, but in less a month, we'll see how this theory pans out
  12. hmmm, mayhaps theres an option you haven't considered. Pre catecendre Kandra. The kandra, especially those of the first generation, were very cosmere aware. And besides, They litterally live under a perpendicularity. Perhaps when brandon is talking about kandra outside of scadrial, it may be these kandra, whom harmony cannot, or perhaps due to his intent, will not exert influence over.
  13. I have a feeling this resultant product of harmonium and trellium will be a super explosive even more powerful than ettmetal not only is a new super explosive mentioned in the book blurb, it could have thematic implications for the carnage that will be unleased when Harmony and trell go to fisticuffs
  14. I think it's presumed that there were many hundreds of feruchemists, all of which were turned into mistwraiths, but not all of whom were immediately given spikes. The mistwraiths found in era 1 may have been just immortal survivors from 1000 years ago, or they might have the ability to reproduce asexually
  15. So heres a crackpot theory: "You are fools! One day, the men of gold and red, bearers of the final metal, will come to you. And you will be ruled by them! Worship... Worship Trell and wait..."-Miles Hundredlives. We are the fools. Trell isn't the men of red and gold, He's actually a stormfather or larger sized splinter of dominion and/or devotion(From the wording of Mile's quote, it might be both, which would be cool).This fragment is not actually odium, but has been twisted by odium after he shattered dominion and devotion, to establish dominion over worlds, and to be a devoted demi servant of odium, A rogue element unbound by his deal with honor(perhaps odium foresaw being stuck on roshar a while), paving the way for odium's future escape and conquests. The red and gold part really doesn't make sense outside of being odiums colors(corrupted investiture is only red, not gold)