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  1. I totally agree with u bro, i love kelsier and i dont understand why people hate him
  2. I'm sure we will see that figth, Brandon wont leave us without the rematch
  3. First sorry for my english For my, kelsier is judged with double standards, first kelsier in many times did selfless things, he saved vin and he gives her freedom, he was willing to die in battle with his people. 1.A lot of people says he did a religion around him but when he died he did that only for love, he He did not know that there was a way to survive and his sacrifice was sincere it doesnt matters if the people adores him becouse he was dead. 2.people say that he is a manipulator but who is not a manipulator?? In the same mistborn brisa is the king of manipulation 3. In a universe when a character as Dalinar is gol, he is a really killer, he didnt have piety when he set fire to a city I bet there are people who haven't forgiven dalinar and think he's a monster, and hoid literaly said to saw destroy Roshar for his objetives but noooooooo kelsier is the worst people in cosmere
  4. kelsier is not a nationalist, he will always be on the side of the defenseless,he is not interesting in destroy otero World, meaby otero gods tes