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  1. Because they wouldn't be useful yet. There's only one person who had reached the fourth ideal and Odium/the fused wanted this to be a surprise weapon. I understand your perspective about how it seems like the Radiants should have wiped the floor with the Fused every single Desolation because they're stronger, but I think you need to remember two things. One, humans won every single Desolation, no matter how technologically degraded they were after the last one. The Seven bring this up during the meeting that we see in RoW. So, you're right. Yeah. Knights Radiant are stronger than Fused, without question. Two, in Surgebinding, skill is more important than power. Soulcasting is not about raw output, its about skill. Sure, with a ton of raw power in Gravitation you can fly at Mach 1 or even 3, but you'd run out of Stormlight so fast it wouldn't be useful. The Fused are more skilled than the modern Radiants and have always outnumbered them as well. That skill difference is made up for by the extra power that Knights Radiant have, but they still can't do anything about the Fused coming back again and again. Another thing, I think you're underestimating the power of Thunderclasts. The two Thunderclasts we've seen only got killed because 1) Nightblood is OP AF and 2) Renarin can do weird stuff. Shardblades were absolutely made to kill Thunderclasts, but it takes multiple cuts to take out any limb, and a Thunderclast could always just drop their body and find a new one.
  2. I love this theory. Can't wait to see if you're right when book 5 comes out.
  3. Kelsier absolutely got a mistwraith to consume his bones, then spiked himself into said mistwraith to replace its mind with his. Then he recreated his body, scars and all, gained some feruchemical powers (but probably not all of them. At first) and went down to save the Southern Scadrians and become their god. Now, BrandoSando doesn't outright say that Kelsier stapled his soul to a mistwraith, but he basically says it. That's how his new body looks like his original. Because Kell knows what his body should look like and Mistwraiths instinctively know how to make bodies. Combine that information and boom. Kelsier can look like himself. With a metal spike in one eye, but hey. Nobody's perfect. I will admit, the theories yall brought up about mistwraiths having latent Feruchemical abilities are pretty sick and I like them a lot. I think that the reason Kelsier entering a Mistwraiths body might give him Feruchemy while kandra are missing it is because of the fact that he's Mistborn. He has a greater levels of innate investiture and that might "awaken" the latent Feruchemical talents within a mistwraith's body. Maybe. I will freely admit I'm kinda spitballing here.
  4. That's a good question and one that my theory can only give a shrug as an answer to. This is a fair flaw in my theory. I'd say that different surges react to Voidbinding in different ways, but that's again something of a cop-out. I'm not going to try and say my theory is correct, I'm more arguing that its difficult to really fully understand what's going on with Renarin, his Surgebinging and his Voidbinding yet. We know that he is a Kight Radiant and a Voidbinder, that he can do limited things with his Illumination, he can heal people with his Progression, and he can see the future through Voidbinding. But are the surges that he's using Void versions of those surges, or are they Surges that have just been affected by the presence of his Void(s)? I dunno and I'm not sure there's a good way to find out. I personally think its the later, but I look forward to anyone who can present a theory that changes my mind. Thanks for these questions, it really fires up my theorycrafting brain.
  5. Those are fair questions. 1. He can use Illumination, it's just messed up because he also has a Void. But if you said he has V-Illumination, I disagree but understand the theory. 2. Why wouldn't he have two surges and only 1 void? Lol I know that's a bad answer. He might have a second Void, he just hasn't learned it yet. Kaladin only used Adhesion for a while before he learned how to use Gravitation. Well, I think I just explained that. He has Illumination which has been heavily disrupted by the presence of his Voidbinding, Progression which has also probably been altered but not as much if it has, Foresight from his Voidbinding which I think he's using a combo of Progression and Illumination to access, and maybe one other Void that he just hasn't learned yet.
  6. You all really are overthinking this, I think. Renarin is something new. A Knight Radiant who can Voidbind. The fact that he can Voidbind messes with his Radiant powers and makes them act in weird ways. Renarin's ability to see the future is 100% Voidbinding. He might be accessing it with a combination of Illumination and Progression, or he might just be using it directly, but the ability itself is Voidbinding. It's not his resonance, because those are things like a Windrunner's incredible capacity for Squires and a Lightweaver's mnemonic memory and seeing the future doesn't feel like anything related to that. I'm fairly certain that what Renarin can do is 1) Illumination, 2) Progression, 3) [Insert-name-of-Voidbinding-ability-here]. Renarin seems to be both a Surgebinder and a Voidbinder in the same way that you can be a Misting and a Ferring. Would you call that a Surge-Voidbinder? I dunno, that sounds dumb to me lol. I think he's just both. Love the analysis of all the things the Unmade do and what might or might not be Voidbinding though. That's good theorycrafting.
  7. That's totally fair. I agree that I don't think Endowment's foresight is incredible. I think she uses it a lot though, such as each time she makes a Returned, but I agree that I don't think she planned Odium's death. I was more meaning that Nightblood was her ace-in-the-hole in case Odium, or another Shard, came to Splinter her. Yeah, her letter really is haughty and arrogant, which is why I considered that she might have been bluffing, but still. Thanks for your reply, I really liked the way you picked apart Endowment's foresight abilities. The shotgun approach.
  8. Thanks, glad to be here. Seems like yall have great fun. Yeah, I know that Endowment doesn't really care about what's going on outside of Nalthis, so it's entirely possible that her line to Hoid was a bluff, but I personally feel like she made a plan just in case. And that plan was Nightblood. The fun thing about my theory is that if I'm right, then Endowment's plan has already worked, in a way. lol There's not much to really disprove this theory, annoyingly. I'd like something that could actually disprove my theory, that would be fun.
  9. So, in Endowment's letter to Hoid in Oathbringer she mentions that "If Rayse becomes an issue he will be dealt with." This implies she has something of a plan in case Odium comes to Nalthis to try and Splinter her, and I think I know what the plan is? I think Endowment was going to wield Nightblood and use it to help her Splinter Odium or just kill Rayse. We know from a wob that Endowment was "involved" in the creation of Nightblood somehow, which means that she saw something in what Vasher and Shashara were doing and helped them along. We've seen that Odium was scared of Nightblood and for good reason, given how RoW ended. Now, maybe a Shard can't wield Nightblood for complicated Realmatic reasons or something, but if that's the case then Endowment could've planned on having a champion use it. Thoughts? Disagreements? I wanna hear everyone else's opinions on this because I don't have irl friends who I can talk to about this
  10. Welcome to the Shard!