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  1. The Sunreach and ReDawn audiobooks on Audible have an intro/outro containing morse code. (mp3 audio, morse chart) This is how I hear/copy it: Kind of weird. Do you think there's any meaning to it, e.g. an acronym, or is it just all pure nonsense from a morse code paddle, used to make made to cool sound effects? I'm thinking the latter but thought I'd throw this out there because it's fun to think about.
  2. Brandon's recent newsletter mentions the recently-published book "Defending Elysium" that is "the tale of a universe that wasn’t ready for humankind to be unleashed upon it" that "was the inception of the Skyward books." I haven't read it, but I think the title may imply that Elysium is the original name of the planet. Or I could be totally off… I'll have to read it!
  3. Definitely Spensa, though that's a really good question that I never would have considered until after reading Starsight. From the end of Ch. 53: