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  1. Happy Birthday! 

  2. M-bot was called Murderbot by Spensa. So maybe referencing the Murderbot series by Martha Wells. But I'm not sure...
  3. I was wondering if the Heralds ever named their blades. All the Shardblades seem to have a name so why not the Honorblades. Nalan's sword is mentioned as the sword of retribution in Wok. But that might just be the religion linking it to the divine attributes of the Herald associated with it. So was Jezrein's sword called the blade of protection?
  4. Just below drawing of a person
  5. “I know,” Odium said. “You are still of use. First, I will require that Honorblade which you have so cleverly stolen. And then you will find out for me what the Alethi have discovered about this tower.…” OK which honorblade did Mr. T steal?
  6. There's a WoB that Hoid did not steal the blade
  7. Where does it say it's a spren? I don't remember. i read it too fast too remember the details.
  8. That was Jezrein's blade
  9. The reason I think it's an honorblade is that neither is it with the Ghostbloods nor with the Diagrammists, and so Nalan might just have taken it, on orders of Ishar
  10. So I think I know who has Taln's blade. Nalan. This is in Ch 106 Nin held out his empty left hand. A Shardblade appeared there, different and distinct from the Honorblade he carried in the other hand. “I am not only a Herald, but a Skybreaker of the Fifth Ideal. Though I was originally skeptical of the Radiants, I believe I am the only one who eventually joined his own order.
  11. So close yet so far...
  12. The answer, of course, is Brandon Sanderson.
  13. GET HYPE!!! CLEGANEBOWL STEP ASIDE DOORBOWL IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I have found what opens Vedel's keys. There are four keys. In the Kingkiller Chronicles, the four plate door exists in the University Archives. This is the description "It had no hinges. No handle. No window or sliding panel. Its only features were four hard copper plates. They were set flush with the face of the door, which was flush with the front of the frame, which was flush with the wall surrounding it. You could run your hand from one side of the door to the next and hardly feel the lines of it at all. In spite of these notable lacks, the expanse of grey stone was undoubtedly a door. It simply was. Each copper plate had a hole in its center, and though they were not shaped in the conventional way, they were undoubtedly keyholes. The door sat still as a mountain, quiet and indifferent as the sea on a windless day. This was not a door for opening. It was a door for staying closed. In its center between the untarnished copper plates, a word was chiseled deep into the stone: valaritas." Four keyholes for four keys. Both names start with a V - Vedel and Valaritas. And behind the door lies the third book of KKC. HYPE!!!