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    Books, comics, podcasts, TV shows, and more books. I like works that feature good friends working together. And the Shard, of course.
  1. It was used in the ’90s, so yes
  2. You seem to have a knack for picking gorgeous profile pictures. May I ask where this one came from?

    1. JaySurge


      Thanks! It is the logo of an organization called the Starset Society,  which I only recently discovered they formed the band Starset to spread their message.

  3. 'S fine, they've probably dominated this thread for long enough. ...Just one last one. One of my all-time favourites.
  4. There would be a big splat and you'd get arrested by the police. (Prosaic answer, I know.) How good are you at thinking outside the box?
  5. I like a lot of things about life! Reading, food, TV. Being alive in general. And chatting with you guys Eh... For me it would be all about the context. It would depend on how the friend had behaved to me in the past, how bad the offense was, et cetera. I do think that that I would find it easier than most people to cut them off. (and be quicker to do it.) I'm not very sentimental about these things. Good question, it really made me think.
  6. The ceiling Welcome to the Shard!
  7. Happy birthday!

    1. Silva


      Happy birthday! ^_^

  8. That is so beautiful!
  9. Never. Never have I ever been to Edinburgh.
  10. Tarachin Superstar. It's got a lovely crunchy, blingy sound. What's your favourite piece of art in the gallery?
  11. My room. (I have my own room now! It's bliss.) Do you like your eyebrows?
  12. Hi

    Welcome to the Shard!
  13. Hi!

    Hi there! Welcome to the Shard!
  14. Welcome!