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  1. slightly salted hot dog

    I'm not on it myself but I believe we (17th Shard) have our own fairly active discord. There should be a link on the homepage if this one doesn't work: Widget&utm_medium=Connect
  2. Hi

    Welcome! Great to see you!
  3. Hi!

    Hey Lily, welcome! I hope to see you around!
  4. Welcome! Glad you exist!
  5. slightly salted hot dog

    Greetings! That's a great introduction, welcome to the Shard!
  6. Welcome, new one! We're happy to have you here!
  7. You are WRONG. Books are made of the pressed hopes and dreams of the author. Oranges are orange.
  8. congratulations!
  9. So am I! Edit: didn't notice the new page lol anyway I win
  10. Probably the first one. It's a lot easier to be lazy and enjoy your life if you don't have to worry about money. Though I've always dreamed of being famous and respected (who hasn't?) with the first option I could theoretically become that anyway with hard work and luck. Also I know myself and it's entirely possible that I'd get some kind of complex from not having worked as hard as other people in my field to get where I am, whereas I would have zero guilt about suddenly having bags of money.
  11. Probably Magic Tree House tbh. Most expensive book you've ever bought?
  12. Do you like poetry? If so, what's your favourite poem? If not, why not? What's your favourite place to read books in? Apart from the Shard, are you active in any fandoms? Favourite musicians? On a scale of 1-10 how bad is your memory? Any tips for not procrastinating? I'm currently procrastinating homework, it's just so boring...
  13. I love your art style so much! This piece is beautiful
  14. Ah man, I'm sorry about that. Must be hugely irritating.
  15. Hey Zinc, happy birthday! I love your art!