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  1. i have a feeling that whatever the Shard-shielding technology those Ire people have, they stole/figure out that from Hoid, or at least interaction with Hoid made them realize it's possible, he's still the only character that can do this consistently that we know of.
  2. I agree that with the way it work up to Era 2, an F-iron kandra wouldn't be able to store the weight of their bones at all, stormlight healing or F-gold do not restore your favorite jacket to it undamaged stage after all - that's what bones are to kandras. However, with information hinted at in RoW and Sixth of Dusk sequel reading, i believe the there will be ways to forge a Connection to an entire space/vehicle then use the available investiture art with it in space era, so we won't see any set of weightless bones till then, if it even worth doing that tbh.