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  1. Are there any theories on how Taln could potentially become sane again? I feel like Vasher must have a purpose for being on Roshar past feeding his divine breath. I feel like endowment likely had bigger plans for him. I liked one theory that said he was going to grant Navani perfect pitch... but could he use the memory trick or even give his divine breath away to restore the crazy Harold? Would certain feruchemical options offer potential relief? I would be a bit bummed if it was just a regrowth thing or stormlight to fix it... Or is it more likely to happen that Taln stays broken and crazy for the entire series?
  2. I like the idea behind it all. I don't know how much speed your boots would be able to grant you in this way. Feruchemy has you storing a portion now for later. This seems like a much longer way around to storing a much smaller amount of speed if it is possible. I can see this being used in conjunction with feruchemy much better. If you can only store what you have available to store right now into breath and then try to awaken with that... a person with a metalmind already filled and transferring it to breath would be far more efficient than either on their own. Internally storing feruchemical batteries of power and attributes into breath and losing the shackles that are metalminds would be great. Then if you could suppress your breath down to a drab and keep your metalmind stores in your suppressed breath you have the perfect assassin. No detectable investiture or metal on your person and a walking battery of feruchemical and awakening potential. This scenario isn't too far fetched with medallions and unless something big has happened on Nalthis that planet honestly carries the potential to have the highest raw investiture in its people in the entire cosmere. Bummer deal that some of the cultures don't believe in passing on breaths... if you simply kept them in the family you could have insane amounts of breaths through the generations.... not to mention we don't know how a nicrosil compounder with breath would look... I think that is all RAFO... Back on topic. Storing memories is different than storing other, more physical, attributes. A memory into a breath is a lot different than a portion of your speed into a breath. A portion of your speed at this moment doesn't mean much in terms of being helpful in the future. Unless you can make a connection to that breath that allows continual low flow until said breath reaches capacity.... I feel like breaths are much harder to isolate than a metalmind. In fact without awakening something to store breaths (at least as much is needed to awaken said object) breath seems to work pretty well clumped all or nothing.
  3. So are you asking about storing into a breath itself? I figure awakening being end neutral in that you use breaths and can retrieve them is what was meant. We do see that making a lifeless used to take many breaths until a better command was discovered that now allows just 1 breath to do the job. Making cloth give your legs strength takes many breaths right now but perhaps there is a future where it would just take 1 breath and correct command to act more as a metalmind using your strength and the breath combined... I so badly want Warbreaker part 2 but it looks to be on the backburner for a good while still. For warbreaker being my favorite book it is sad that we got so little of, in my opinion, the dang coolest magic system written. So many unanswered questions.
  4. So shardblade vs metalmind and shardblade vs shardplate are the same? It is the investiture held in them that stops the magical cutting allowing the match-up to continue as a normal blade vs a normal plate or metalmind. The investiture leaks as the material gets broken down. I am not saying an inch thick fully loaded steel armor set could be reliably moved around in... likely a coffin of steel. But stormlight is more leaky than feruchemy and shardplate cracks where the steel or other materials may be more prone to denting and bending before cracking and leaking their investiture. Breath leaks even less than the others... very sticky. Could other forms of magic replicate and even surpass dead plate for protective value vs a shardblade. Again I think shardplate is unique in that it augments a persons strength enough to be mobile in it. But certain commands could theoretically exist to open up a thick suit of armor to aid in mobility or even just awaken the clothing underneath to augment strength and speed enough to overcome the heavy armor.
  5. So if investiture isn't drained actively from them would a more traditional armor hold up for more or less strikes if it is full of a feruchemical trait? I have had this feeling that defending against a shardblade requires investiture to stop the magical cutting force and a material that can hold up long enough to be useful against the normal sharp blade. If the investiture simply leaks based on the material breaking there are many other forms that have a "stickier" investiture vs the material. An invested stick should block the magical portion of a blade allowing it to act on the stick as a normal blade would. An invested block of metal should block the magical portion. If it is only going to leak investiture I feel like a block of feruchmical steel would hold up better than a piece of shardplate. I see shardplate cracking and then shattering. It seems the investiture that powers it absorbs everything until it absorbs nothing. You don't really see steel shattering in that same way. And if the investiture used to make it resist shardblades is stickier and holds onto the metalmind better than stormlight does to plate wouldn't it require leeching to break through a thicker section of feruchemically charged steel as a normal blade wouldn't be able to crack and break through it? We see awakened cloth get cut through and stop functioning but it still retains most breaths so you can retrieve them later... if you had an awakened suit of armor you would have the "stickiest" investiture put into a material that doesn't really break open and crack. In armor form it usually just bends and dents. Not saying a blade wouldn't still hurt like crazy when it hurts you (they have those full armor full contact fights now which are all aiming for pain compliance and basically an armored game of uncle). I definately think shardplate protects better while it is functioning. I just want to understand if the blade bleeds away any investiture or if it just smashes until it gets cracked.
  6. I know that a shardblade could be stopped by a metalmind with enough investiture. I also know that once the investiture is gone it would cut through it like butter as well... Is the shardblade leeching in a way the investiture when this happens? When a shardblade hits a piece of plate is it damaging this investiture source first and then the plate later or is the plate losing investiture as it gets damaged by the blade? If you hit Wax's full bracers would they stop hits until the investiture was drained or would the investiture drain based on the damage that the bracers were taking? When looking at stonewards if they turn their shirt into a ridged and hard piece of armor is it going to be able to block the blades as it has investiture being used to make it hard? Would a whip being turned into a spear via cohesion be able to block a shardblade as well? Would the blade damaging the material cause the material to leak investiture or would it actively attack and leech away the investiture before being able to but through the now hardened cloth armor? How would this work with awakened cloth? I know that the blade itself could cut through an awakened shirt but would the shardblade be resisted and destroy the breaths in the cloth or would it just cut through and allow the awakener to retrieve those breaths assuming they survive the conflict anyway? Side question: Stonewards... can they infuse and strengthen their own skin to resist blades as well? Stonesinew is an interesting term and nickname.
  7. I feel like I read that becoming lifeless would break your spren bond. Would becoming returned also leave those bonds broken? Would you retain genetic powers if you were to get returned via divine breath? Allomancy or feruchemy? If someone were to snap right as they were dying into a mistborn and then get returned would mistborn powers manifest in the now returned person? I know memories of how to use powers might fade away... but would they lie dormant waiting to be rerealized?
  8. Nicrosil would be a great one. Either feruchemy or allomancy would allow you to gather all of the goodies that the cosmere has to offer. One single metallic art could, with time and a lucky medallion or spike, become one of the most powerful beings in the cosmere.
  9. Thanks for this. So someone with access to nicrosil feruchemy could potentially store access to surges via holding an honorblade. If they could compound nicrosil they could potentially end up with permanent access to all of the surges if they were to gain access to at least 5 honorblades. The surge usage would not be tied to a bond or oath as they would simply store and compound access to that form of power. I assume this would be an easier and more plausible path to it then fabrials as I don't believe fabrials touch the spirit web at all. Do medallions work off of a spirit web? If someone held a nicrosil medallion and then used other medallions for each feruchemical power would they be able to create metalminds that stores the ability to store into other metalminds? Or do medallions not interact with the spiritweb even as much as honorblades do?
  10. So honorblades don't do anything to your spiritweb to allow you to surgebind. I assume other medallions would fit into this. Probably can't store the ability from a medallion either? You would need to use spikes and find a way to survive the extraction of said spikes in order to really collect powers and not end up a total pin cushion.
  11. If a nicrosil ferring (or anyone with access to a nicrosil medallion really) were able to get ahold of an honorblade would they be able to store that newly gained ability to surgebind and use stormlight?
  12. I have to agree that night Dalinar would have died too. Granted that was vs stormlight and an honorblade. Would it change anything if they both had stormlight and surges? As far as Dalinar and Gavilar both in full shardplate and with blades I think Szeth would have had his work cut out for him without a doubt.
  13. I have also thought about copper and its interaction with other metals and senses. Bronze and copper both in a seeker booth... if it is like a cloud of fog it makes sense that a low burning coppercloud could allow for a seeker standing next to them to listen to everything that the cloud isn't covering. Perhaps copper is stronger the closer it is to the allomancer and weaker as it stretches. Then if you have a seeker flaring or if bronze by virtue has a slightly larger range.... they can seek beyond where the copper ends hiding them and allowing them to seek outside the 10 yard radius or whatever. If... that is how it works would lifesense also be able to push out beyond the copper clouds AOE? Like you know a person is coming but the closer they get to your copper allomancer the fainter their lifesense is until it disappears? *I know that the MAG is not cannon and I don't want this use of it to take away from legitimate discussion on the use of copper and its interaction with other metals.* In the MAG copper is smaller radius than bronze. Both can increase radius through stunts. Bronze can always detect allomancy outside of the coppercloud but must roll inside of it. (At least that is how I read it.) In alloy of law it introduces a coppercloud stunt that allows you to have the effect only be on yourself still hinting that possibly if you had bronze also via hemalurgy or whatever you could effect and seek while hiding just yourself. I cannot for the life of me remember a time Vin would seek while burning copper though. Maybe it happened maybe it didn't.
  14. Would a coppercloud be able to hide a biochromatic aura or simply dim it? Vin and Marsh (and other powerful seekers) could faintly hear even when in copperclouds. So where is the line drawn for what a coppercloud can and cannot do? Could copperclouds block lifesense? I believe I saw a WoB once that said it could. (When you reach perfect lifesense at the 4th heightening would it pierce a coppercloud? Or could you gain stronger lifesense even than that as you keep climbing the ladder?) Would copper hide biochromatic aura from a person? Would it hide it from objects that are awakened? Would it all just be a breath threshold where it can hide an aura of X heightening and lower / object awakened with x breaths or lower? Simply dampening the amount of aura that shows? Maybe a 5th heightening awakener appears as a 1st or 2nd instead? Or just that you have to have more breaths to recognize auras inside of a coppercloud? Copper does appear to have different power levels as it can be flared and it can be slowly burnt so I assume the strength of a cloud is not an all or nothing thing. More like a thick fog. Bright enough light will eventually be seen...
  15. Thanks for all this.