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  1. I am  disappointed because I do not know what to talk about or what kid of topics to make.  Most people here are content to talk about big time Cosmere theory and systems, but most of that seems far too big brain for someone like me.  

    1. Ookla the Pendragon

      Ookla the Pendragon

      I sympathise, mate. I'm intimidated by the theory people too. In fact, I don't think I've made a single post in a theory thread. Come close some times, but idk, I just am not a theorizing kind of person.

    2. Saint Boot

      Saint Boot

      Yeah, it really triggers my anxiety disorder.  I look at all these topics and WoBs as well that are just nothing but theory and  what ifs and other technical things, so I get overwhelmed and don't know what to say.  I don't want to call a community try hard, but it feels like that and is sadly making me nervous.

    3. Ookla the Pendragon

      Ookla the Pendragon

      Just post in Community, it's what I do. Who cares if you never post a single post in the book forums? Not me.

      But seriously, everybody here is nice! (although I'm sure you already knew that.) Just post any old thing in General Discussion, or join me in the forum games! As for the theory people, contribute your best, and even if you get it wrong, they will correct you politely. Not everything has to be one of those super-long posts full of math that intimidate me <_< You seem like a nice polite person, I think you'll do well. And if your anxiety gets too bad, you should definitely step away from the Shard. Your mental health is more important than a forum.

      Okay, that was longer than I thought :P Guess I feel strongly about it?

  2. So I am following two people here now, but unlike Facebook that shows you who you are following right there on your page, this site does not.  How am I supposed to message someone I am following if I can't find them?  

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    2. Saint Boot

      Saint Boot

      Hmm...  I am using desktop though.  Can't use small screens to be honest.

    3. Ookla the Pendragon

      Ookla the Pendragon

      I'll post the link then:

      There should be a button on the side that says "Members".

    4. Saint Boot

      Saint Boot

      Ah, thanks much! :)

  3. Thanks for following me!

    1. Saint Boot

      Saint Boot

      You are very welcome! :)

  4. Deviantart Warbreaker inspired art.
  5. The more I think on it, the more I do not/did not like Jasnah, Ranette, Drehy and Dru.
  6. Seems I am not very original.  I want to make topics and engage with people, but I do not know what to talk about.  

  7. Nobody knows then? or has any idea where I can learn this information?
  8. Topic. I would love to have him sign my Seat of the Synod Card with a Mistborn quote by Sazed and Vin, but I am agoraphobic among other issues, so I will never be able to meet him, sadly.
  9. Does this have a physical edition anywhere out there? I do not like reading books that are not physical paper media.
  10. Least is a bit easier. By least I mean I don't like them, lol! But Sadeas and Amaram. as to weirdest, uh....I don't really know to be honest.
  11. That's a bit of a hard one to answer sometimes. I hate to provide a cheap answer, but it seems that my favorite character is whatever one I am reading at the time. Though if I did have to choose, it would be Vin, Shallan, and Siri for now. That one girl with the Stamp ability as well is way up there.
  12. I'm new and have not filled out any information yet! Um... Not sure what else to say other than glad to be here! EDIT: I put some information about myself in the "Interests" section, but am not sure what to say in the About section, So yeah.