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  1. Do plated windrunners need to expend stormlight to fly or do the living windspren just carry them?
  2. I remember it being mentioned that thugs have slight accelerated healing (no where close to gold feruchemists) when burning pewter, would a thug be able to eventually heal from a shardblade wound by burning pewter?
  3. Im not entirely sure that hoid "lost short term mermories". the way I read the scene was he had memories stored in his breathes. Todium absorbed those breathes. However Hoid was playing around with coins during all of this. I know it hasn't been confirmed if hoid is a feruchemist or not but if he is he could have stored the memories in the coins as Todium absorbed the breathes. It would still cause him to lose those memories temporarily but as soon as he realizes his perfect pitch is gone from losing his heightening (breathes) he would just check his coins and regain the memories.
  4. Not sure if this has been posted before but... So far the point of view for books 1-4 have followed a radiant (or soon to be) of a different order. which would follow the pattern. I think the the next 4 will also (not sure what sequence). With the books being from Jasnah (elsecaller), Adolin (hoping edgedancer), Renarin (truthwatcher). For dustbringer i have no idea (maybe moash if he, loses the honor blade and gets a redemption arc). But for Stoneward i think we could have Taln for POV and get to the real meat of his and the rest of the heralds backstories.