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  1. Don't worry bestie I'm still wrong about Ashyn. I will eat my sock tomorrow-- today's my birthday and I am celebrating it by eating cake and listening to the SLA5 Prologue !
  2. Oh, I totally agree she was. I just don't think this is in the Threnodite system.
  3. But also, Elegy isn't that close to the sun-- if any planet in the Threnodite system is the placement of this world, it's Monody. I dunno. I also would reckon this isn't set in any system we know of.
  4. Yes but at the very least, Elegy is the name of Rebeke's sister; Alas.... it is all for nothing.... I am wrong regardless. I will be eating my socks. I'll make a video of me doing so. I am a Knights Radiant after all. Not gonna eat shardshocks, though.
  5. Elegy is a character name bro please bro please wake for the livestream next week bros p-please... please!!!
  6. No, no. I promised to eat my socks. But this is Ashyn bros please bro please please please we're at a standstill PLEASE!!!!
  8. Let it be thus!!
  9. I will be betting hard money on Silence Divine. If it isn't I'll eat my socks. Take my word for it.
  10. I know, I was just referring back to the conversation that people were having about Autonomy's Intent vs Ambition or whatever, sorry. It was just me trying to stay relevant. I don't think every shard needs an opposite either, especially if you want all of the Intents to be good overall. I was just throwing my hat in the ring on a better version of opposites. It's not a shard, but the true opposite to Autonomy would be Dependency or Subservience. I do not have one either, again, I think table models for Shards tend to fall apart due to a variety of reasons I outlined above, I was just referring to more concrete opposites or exclusive themes that could help guide how the tables could be constructed. I think we can at least say that Hoid's explanation that these shards are virtues/ideals taken from context that made them good. So like, yeah, on their own, these shards are all pretty much Shard-name for the sake of Shard-name. But it's the Vessel that gives them more direction and guiding power until something like Ruin overtakes the Vessel (or Odium, to a lesser degree). Like, on its own, Virtuosity would probably just spontaneously start creating weird stuff in the cosmere to seek perfect artistic ability. Whimsy would do absolutely whatever. Something like Honor would demand every single entity within its space to swear oaths and adhere to them, and probably kill whoever didn't.
  11. I think basing the rows on words like Natural, Passion, Control and Beauty are a bit odd, as one could very easily see the virtues in each of these simultaneously (Nature's passion is life, or weather extremes, Natural control is autonomy, Beauty in Nature, etc...). I think that it is better to use pure opposites when making these sorts of rows. I.e. a Push or a Pull or like Internal vs External. But I think table-theory for the Shards is always going to come up as poor. I think they can be grouped by fours, but you have to understand that if Dawnshards are Commands, they themselves can't be expanded into Intents. Intents give context for Commands, you feel? I think the rows could actually be natural laws, like push and pull, or passion and logic. Or even maybe a group of prepositions, like "For, With, Against, By." Really, it feels like you can figure out a Dawnshard by reverse-engineering a Shard to the primary Command they'd give to things. But that's impossible, every Shard is an Intent, and you need to go through several actions to fulfill an Intent. Shards are virtues, emotions, traits, thoughts. Those things can't be chalked down to a Command. What in Adonalsium's name is the Command for Whimsy? Whimsify? Feel? Free? There is a large variety you could put here. Honor would want people to Feel the Honor, or be Free from hatred and mistrust from each other. You see what I mean? It's always going to come out as imperfect. Sorry I rambled on here. But you could probably group them unsatisfactorily, always. In any case, to be more relevant to the conversation, Autonomy is negative liberty (protection from restraint of one's personal rights). Theoretical "Unity" wouldn't be the opposite of that. The opposite of Autonomy would probably be something like Endowment, that is, giving others the goods they need in order to have free will and survive.
  12. I am honestly willing to bet money that SP 4 is on Ashyn. He straight up said he had a lot of inspiration for Silence Divine due to the coronavirus, this book is cosmere-relevant and has had a lot of build-up in relation to it, the cover shows flying cities (which we know is how humans on Ashyn live), and the sky is red (it's mentioned in the excerpt he read for it a while back that the sky was red). I am 100% certain it's set on Ashyn and I am open to paying out my 1 dollar gamble on it, if I am wrong.
  13. It's an interesting idea, actually, but I think that a similar process was used instead. It kinda sounds like Dawnshards do kind of act like Cognitive entities, especially if it is a Command (Commands come from one's Spiritual Intent, so it seems like a Cognitive thing). They seem to have limited intelligence like a spren first coming through the Physical Realm (as it reacted to Rysn's decision-making). I hadn't thought of that until now, but there do seem to be clear similarities between all these Cognitive entities and their ability to bond. Not to say a Dawnshard is purely Cognitive, but I think that, viewing it as a Command where a Shard is an Intent makes it seem more of a Cognitive thing. So I think the two concepts could potentially be related, but I feel like there was more to the mural's composition (perhaps the Dawnshard was attracted to it, luring it into the mural-- or put there forcefully?). Because remember, anyone can also trap spren in a gemstone. I also wonder if gold is incorporated in this in some way, or some sort of metal. Could metal Feruchemically store a Cognitive entity? In fact, I wonder if spren were, in some way, inspired by Dawnshards. It's a chicken and the egg argument, though! One of the cute ideas I've had reading this was that the idea of there being 4 Dawnshards refers to the fact that there are four types of Dawnshard and multiple members of them, and they originally acted as spren in the cosmere, making things happen and all of that. But utter speculation, I am completely riffing on the material and have no sources. In short I can see the similarities-- and I think your take is very interesting!
  14. True, true. That was just my personal desire. Brandon does as he pleases.