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  1. Was skeptical at first. But very shortly let go of my reservations and tried to just enjoy the whimsical nature of the book. I did audio book was excellent. I dont normally read whimsy but this was a nice break. I like it as much as tress for other reasons they are both great in their own spheres
  2. This is super cool and I stumbled on this by searching for the type of pen Brandon uses for his signing.
  3. I get Windrunner 90 percent of the time. With stoneward as a close second. Although I like the surges of the dust bringers the most. And I have gotten Dustbringer once but I was in a weird mood that day. More of what I want to be rather than what I am.
  4. Got it. So it's lawful to kill "nobody's" and at the least murder. as long as you dictate a law that says that's ok. I love that logic. I might as well say. I own all of your property because I decided I wanted to. Just because your Law says it's ok to kill doesn't mean your arent a hitman or assassin. Also, my definition says especially someone important politically, not exclusively someone important politically. And at the time that the Skybreakers were assassinating other Radiants, they were inherently important politically because there were so few of them. Just because John Wick doesn't have any moral issues or follow a law(s) that hinder his job as an assassin doesn't make him, not an assassin.
  5. lol, its all about perceptions isn't it I feel like thats flawed logic? I could act as an officer of my law to kill someone I disagreed with. It's still murder and assassination especially if they don't live under the same laws that are allowing you to kill them. Pretty sure if a family member of yours started glowing and some flying dude just dropped by and killed them because of it. You would call it murder or assassination. a person who kills another person assassin. noun. as·sas·sin ə-ˈsas-ən. : a person who kills another person. especially : one who murders a politically important person either for pay or from loyalty to a cause And Radients are inherently important people in the world of roshar.
  6. Gotcha. I read that. Didnt know if we had WOB on BAM at all though. It will be interesting to see how BAM reacts if they release her.
  7. So why didnt imprisonment of the thrill do the same thing? Was Ba Ado Mishram a super special spren of odium? Was it originally a child of honor and cultivation? I know they gave the singers forms. But do we know anything else? i have read all the books so don't worry about spoilers.
  8. That would be a fun connection.
  9. I mean. The Skybreakers spent the last few thousand years killing any radiant that showed up do to their Ideals and Oaths soo its not only possible its been happening for a long time!
  10. We know that singers dont live as long as humans in years overall. Also the fact that singers have to adopt mate form to reproduce would more than likely reduce their reproduction rate. They are far more intentional about having children than humans who are ready to get down whenever are. So i agree that humans probably we just able to keep up based on reproduction until the singers had the fuzed
  11. rhythm of war

    I think that we just don't comprehend how alien Cultivation's thinking might be. She sounds like a true NUTERAL shard. As long as she can cultivate change and keep existing, that's most of what she cares about. The fact that she may have feelings for beings that bring about change and cultivation is one of the only things the sentient beings on Roshar have to win cultivation's favor.
  12. I can't wait for that to be the main issue of Erra 3
  13. Oathbringer is my favorite of the stormlight archive! I agree with you Lift takes some getting use to... Im not a huge fan of her but she is a good balance with the other viewpoints.
  14. That is an excellent point! It would be extra cool and interesting if someone with her split personality would make a good multi-shard or a terror on the Cosmere. Love the thought process.
  15. Not a bad person... But dont let these thoughts rule your mind too long maybe?? LOL