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  1. In the Hero of Ages and in a few other Mistborn books, we see that hemalurgic creations, namely Marsh, were able to maintain a sliver of their own autonomy, even while being controlled by Ruin or another Shard/allomancer. Electrum is capable of storing determination, and compounding it would magnify that determination. So, if you were burning an electrum metalmind and Harmony tried to take over your mind, would you be able to resist him through virtue of nothing but pure willpower?
  2. Sorry, I should have made it more clear. I meant that becoming an aluminum savant, not simply burning aluminum, would permanently change your spirit web, making it harder, if not impossible to manipulate you
  3. I can’t find the source for it, so sorry I can’t cite it, but I remember reading somewhere that becoming an aluminum savant would cleanse you of impurities. So, if you had multiple hemalurgic spikes and you didn’t want to be controlled by any shard you came across, could you burn enough aluminum to cleanse your spirit web of impurities, seamlessly melding your spirit web and the spliced spirit web together, leaving one’s self protected against direct control?