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  1. I was wondering, as of mistborn era 2, which planet is the furthest advanced scientifically and in technology... Personally I think it's Taldain, especially in the Darkside, seeing as they had guns when scadrial was still in the Lord rulers time and roshar is roshar
  2. He was noted to feel the snap as he died of his physical body separating from the cognitive and spiritual I'm pretty sure it was established by WoB that wax didn't fully die, which is why the bands could heal him
  3. Don't invested objects only gain sentience after a long time and a lot of investiture (like Spren and seons). Otherwise the band's of mourning should have been all "hello there, would you like to survive today"
  4. So we know that stormlight echoes the tone of Honour and when taken through a vacuum it can be infused with the opposite tone. Would the light be capable of being infused with the tone of another shard? Would Odiums tone make it into voidlight? Cultivation into lifelight? If so, would using Preservation's tone make it into mist? Is this how you can change investiture without corrupting it?
  5. I don't see how the bacteria could have intent
  6. Didn't Vasher tell Kaladin that Szeth is like him, someone who's shadow was stapled back to the body?
  7. I didn't realize that it was already asked, thanks for the link it's pretty interesting to see how people born offworld get breaths. Exactly that, I assume that he was denied because he had too much of another non roshar shard in him that the nightwatcher ignored him
  8. So we know that all the scadrians are born with a connection to preservation and ruin (Harmony now), with metal born having a stronger connection. So what would happen if 2 metal born went to Nalthis and have a child, would that child still have that connection to Harmony? Could they be metal born? Would they be born with a breath because of where they are born or would no connection be formed with endowment? Would a child of two people from Nalthis born off world be born without breath? What about someone born in space, would they be born with no connection at all? This follows up to the next question of whether the nightwatcher didn't come to worldhoppers because they lack a connection to cultivation?
  9. I was coming to ask this very question today! I was thinking that if he was a shadow, with his connection to Dalinar, could he be the one behind the two special visions that Dalinar had, similar to kelsier and spook?
  10. So I've been wondering, we know that Adonalsium was shattered into shards, and we know that those shards can be further splintered down. I'm curious, is Adonalsium itself a 'slice' of something bigger that was in itself broken across the universe, with Adonalsium investing itself into the cosmere star system? If so, would the "god beyond" actually be another 'slice' of the bigger thing which would have invested a different star system with a different investiture system?