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  1. I still can’t find a video or transcript of the reading done during the spoiler q&a. Does anyone know where I can find it?
  2. Hello, I attended Dragonsteel 2022 and loved it. I went to the spoiler Q&A but had to leave early before he did his reading. I also wasn't able to attend the release event on Tuesday night. Is there anywhere I can get a transcript of his readings during those events?
  3. Exciting/sad news all in one! I do agree that it seems like the wear of writing a stormlight book is taking more and more of a toll on Brandon. It seems like it is becoming more and more a drudgery, something he feels he has to do rather than something he can’t wait to do. Personally I’d trade all 4 secret projects for SA5. But it seems like these other projects are necessary for Brandon to give us his best version of SA5, and there are much worse things for authors to need for rejuvenation than writing new exciting books.