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  1. I always assumed that the connection through these “entangled fabrial” was quite weak. And that if they encountered much resistance the “entangling” would fail (probably resulting in the gemstone cracking) and that reeds were the heaviest thing they really got to work. So, if you grabbed ahold of one reed while someone else was writing there would be a slight resistance (like you might feel from a weak magnet) and then the gemstone would crack, causing the spanreeds to no longer work. This is why getting the technology to work on bigger, heavier, things was such a breakthrough. Before, things that heavy could not be moved this way. I’m not sure why I always assumed that. But that is why I think it would not work. The amount of force generated by the spanreed fabrial is just too little to hurt someone. (maybe poke an eye out)
  2. I always thought "Knights of Honor" would be a good title
  3. I think you might be on to something here as far as the oathpack being formed over time. That makes a lot of sense. What are your thoughts on how / why they decide they neede to add more people to it? I also think their appearance could be changed a bit because of peoples perception. This might be also influencing their actions / beliefs / thoughts in some way as well. Perhaps adding to their insanity. Maybe this is why Shalash is so obsessed with destroying works depicting her. Maybe she is trying to get people's perception of her to fade a bit.
  4. Its not that obscure but how about mimicking them. Like playing “copycat” like kids do to annoy each other. You have to talk and say the things they are saying while doing the things they are doing. When they become annoyed by this you can kill them, but as soon as you stop mimicking them in any way or, if you are just not very good at it, they can not be killed. And it has to be the person doing the mimicking. It is like with Steelheart, (spoiler for Steelheart just in case) Likewise, with this weakness, the person doing the mimicking has to be the one trying to hurt them but as soon as they stop mimicking them the epic is no longer vulnerable.
  5. A question just occurred to me. Let’s say you are goods divine hatred, separated from all that gave it context and your main goal in life seems to be destroying any entity that could ever rival you in power or influence. So you set out to destroy all the other shards. Which ones would you go after? The ones by themselves? Perhaps. Seems like a safe bet. The ones who pose the greatest challenge to your goals? Perhaps. Depending on if you think you could get the advantage over them. How about where a pair of shards are already at battle with each other? Seems like the place I would want to start. But no, where do you end up going? A system containing 2 shards who appear to be working together, who seem content to stay out of your way. The only thing I can figure is that he was tricked into going there or he thought he would have help *squints suspiciously at cultivation* but what ended up happening was exactly what I would have guessed would happen. The two shards in that system were very smart and powerful and trapped him there were he ultimately end up getting killed (at least the vessel). So Why on Adonalsium green earth did Odium think going to the Roshar system would be a good idea? Why not pick off the single shards first or go after the ones already in conflict with one another? What am I missing? What would be worth going up against those odds? A Dawnshard perhaps? I know that he followed the humans there, but why? How did he think things would go? Show up, take out not one, but two shards, and then walk away unscathed? He is the god of hatred, not arrogance.
  6. I thought Ishar had his powers before getting to Roshar? It does seem he was taking out potential rivals. So why did he not go after Ruin? I agree about Ruin being the most dangerous but, and someone correct me on the timeline, would it not have been in Odiums favor to strike while Ruin and Preservation were fighting each other? If he waited, one of them might have "won" and then he would have to fight ether a combo shard or at least a shard who had also figured out how to deal with other shards. Or, less likley, if they K.O.'ed each other, one person might pick both of them up and then he would have to deal with a combo anyway. No matter how it turns out, it would seem in his best interest to strike before the Ruin Presorvation conflict ended. And I think you might be on to something about him following the people. Maybe he was already tied to them in some way or maybe he saw it as an oportunity to get an upperhand on Roshar and just took it and it was not originally the plan.
  7. It just seems like going after Preservation and Ruin first would make way more strategic sense. And I did not think about that. But what you said about the DawnShard makes sense. So now the only reason I could think of for him to go there is out haha. And on top of all this, another thing I thought of, Bondsmiths seem like one of the few non shard things that could prove to be problematic for a shard. So he definitely stacked the deck against himself.
  8. lirin

    What you both said made me relies something. Lirin and Taravangian are the same, just on opposite ends of the spectrum. Taravangian thinks it is ok to do anything, no matter how horrible, if it is in the name of the “greater good”. Any pain he causes in the here and now is worth it if “in the end” the day is saved. Whereas Lirin is the exact opposite. All his actions are just worrying about what is happening here and now and right in front of him and what he has direct control over. He does not care if Odium enslaves the whole world as long as today, he is safe, and he did what was “right” in the moment. He is constantly making choices that buy him or those he loves a little bit of peace in the moment at the expense of their future. Taravangian sells the present to save the future. Lirin sells the future to save the present. And I can’t decide which is worse.
  9. I might be remembering wrong or maybe this does not affect what you are talking about, but I thought that the well of ascension was way far north and that the lord ruler moved the final empire around to hide it. All the maps being discussed would have been drawn after this, but surly the language they use is older than the final empire. So maybe this is causing additional confusion.
  10. Welcome to the shard And I really like this theory. Not sure if I agree with it, but I like it. I also think that if honor gets a new vessel it will not be Kaladin. I could see it being Dalinar but I think Dalinar will have other roles to play as “just” a bond smith and maybe champion of T-Odium like so many suspect. As all the different stories come together and the whole Cosmere becomes more of the main focus, I definitely think there needs to be a “big baddie”. And what you said about it being T-War …. That makes a lot of sense. So, if Taravangian does pick up Honor, what do you think will happen to Cultivation? I think at first she will appear to be on his side, but have her own agenda for the long run (Like why I think she helped killed Honor and was heartbroken for having to do it).
  11. I don't think Kaladin is going to pick up the Shard of Honor. I think he will either become a background character similar to Zahel like was mentioned or killed or (MB / MB SH spoilers)
  12. I agree that there must be more to the Recreance than we know. Also, getting to know Syl and seeing how close she and Kaladin were / are becoming after such a relatively short time, it was obvious that the spren were in on it. The Knights and there spren are an inseparable team and one does not decide to do something like that without the other agreeing. Anyway, this makes me wonder why so many knights and spren chose to break the bond while there spren was manifested in the physical world as a sword? Why not just break the oath? Why pull the spren into the physical realm first? They did not know the whole elantrian zombie thing would happen, so maybe they just did if for show? That seems pretty lame to me. I think there is a bigger reason going on and them choosing to pull the spren into the physical realm first and then break the oath might be a hint.
  13. All very good points, maybe I will bump it up to 74% certain the theory is wrong haha However, I am curious about everyones thoughts on whether a person whose mind is broken past a certain point or who is mentally "gone" could in fact make / break oaths? Like in theory, if the Heralds were all completely crazy and back on Braize like the plan was with the oath pack, would them "giving in" or whatever it is they needed to do to release Odium even count? I personaly don't think so. I think intent is such a big part of the Cosmere that a person who is, in effect (affect?), brain dead, can not make or break oaths.
  14. Just had a crazy thought that I am 73.6% sure is wrong, but it’s just so crazy it might work. We know that there is some sort of “magical” something affecting the Heralds mental state. And we think it has something to do with the capture of BAM (and that somehow the Recurrence was all tied up in there as well) Ok. So what if it was intentional? What I mean by that is maybe Melishi was more aware of what would happen then we give him credit. We see from the interactions between Dalinar and Odium that Oaths must be intentional. The letter of the law vs the spirit of the law, and that it would not really work for Odium to get Dalinar to say something if he did not mean it. Well maybe Melishi knew that by making the Heralds go insane they would be incapable of having the correct intent to release Odium. Like if someone were to club Dalinar over the head, turning his brain to mush and then getting him to say something it would have no effect because Intent is very important in the Cosmear. So once Taln lost his mind it was impossible for him to release Odium (not that he would have anyway). And maybe the spren were aware of the “side effects” but thought it was worth it to permanently (or so they thought) lock Odium away. ( I actually have a completely different theory about the Recurrence and why the Knights and Spren did what they did, but that is for another time). What do you guys think?
  15. They seemed pretty sane in the Way of Kings prelude.
  16. I would guess the latitude numbers don't mean anything. I think maybe they are more of an artistic choice and less of a cartographical one. But that is just a hunch.
  17. That makes total sense. I figured there was a reason for it and I just did not know what it was. I think you manually locking topics makes for a better experience for all the users because you can use your discretion (I can't imagine the amount of time that must take) and I think you have struck a good balance. I also appreciate the leniency on the rules. Like I said before, the culture and moderators of the 17th Shard are the best in any online forum I have seen. Thank you!!!
  18. I know there is a small debate on the internet on how to handle older threads or topics. Some places frown upon “necroing” older threads while other places do the opposite and get mad if you start a new topic when an older one already exists. But for this particular forum, following book series decades in the making, that are currently being written, why do we lock older threads and frown at “necroposting”? Like if a new WoB comes out that gives us a little bit more info on Warbreaker, I can’t just go and add it to an old thread about that topic, I have to start a new one and link the old one which inevitably leads to people not actually reading the linked thread and asking / stating repetitive things. It makes sense if a thread has reached a conclusion or just gotten way to big. But to close a thread due to nothing but time when we have to wait years between books...? To me this causes more confusion and clutter than just updating a 2-year-old thread whenever Brandon is back writing on that world instead of having to re-create threads every time he gets back around to a series. I think the culture of the 17th Shard and its moderators are awesome. I have been a lurker here since the beginning (I finally took the plunge and made an account) and this website is one of the best I have followed, but this is one thing that has always confused me and (in my opinion) makes it more difficult to look things up. Other forums do this same thing, but I only have this account so I thought I would ask here. Thank you
  19. Just came by to say boooo to the title of this topic haha jk jk. But to put it more politely and to echo what others have said, what "sucks" is just personal preference. In the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini, one of my favorite sections is when Eragon is living in a certain forest training with a certain someone. Others I talked to hated that because it was "boring", but to me it was among my favorite out of the whole series It was just so peaceful with so much character growth, how could you not love it?
  20. This makes me wonder. Do we have any hints or WoB on how old the Ghostblood organization is? In all discussions about them, people tend to use timelines based on Kelsier to figure out what they could plausibly be doing / have done. But he just hijacked the organization. For all we know the organization (and its influence) could predate the Shattering. I know the name "Ghostblood" has roots in a specific event. But do we have any idea what or when that event was?
  21. Yeah, I am just joking about the "knights on honors team" thing but I do think at this point it will follow the ketek with the acronyms. There are several WoB where he says he was not sure if he would or not but when RoW was given that title I think it is a sign he is going for it.
  22. This makes me wonder about how Rosharan worldhoppers would fare on other planets with higher gravity? I feel like they would have very brittle bones growing up in a lowish gravity environment. If they traveled to a planet with, lets say 1.2 cosmere standard for gravity, would they get tired just walking around? Being that tall would really put quite a strain on ones joints, and then add the sudden increase of weight said joints now have to deal with (from being on a different planet) and all i see are knee problems. Maybe Lirin could make it big rehabilitating Rosharan worldhoppers with broken bones and blown out knees
  23. Good point. Must be "Knight On Honors Team" then
  24. I always thought that Knights of Honor would be a good title seeing as H can be substituted in for other things.