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  1. @ECJHtheEdgedancer is, and has been for a while, one of my best friends. So if we argue, don’t worry, we do that a lot. We go from arguing about the temperature of space, to whether water is wet in a matter of seconds. Haha

    1. ECJHtheEdgedancer


      Both those arguments have been resolved. Space is cold and water is not wet and murcat is spelled murcat and fire is good but stick is better.

  2. Stick dead. Fire is supreme.
  3. Stick is dead. Stick would have no way of getting nutrients. One of the characteristics of life is needing nutrients/food. Stick then could not be alive. Also, Stick could not grow, reproduce, etc. Need I go on?
  4. Fire is Supreme.
  5. Fire is Supreme.
  6. The stick would not survive if say, the stick in question was snapped by the overpowering force of the highstorm. Also, unless the stick is on the tree still, the stick is already dead.
  7. You have a profile. You are now bound by honor to read a Cosmere book.

  8. @ECJHtheEdgedancer follow me, I’m ur bestie!
  9. Fiirrreeee
  10. As you can see, Fire had captivating, enthralling meaning, while stick has to resort to the lame, boring definitions that are the bane of it’s existence.
  11. FyreFireFyreFireFyreFireFyreFireFyreFireFyreFireFyreFireFyreFireFyreFireFyreFireFyreFireFyreFireFyreFireFyreFireFyreFireFyreFireFyreFireFyreFireFyreFireFyreFireFyreFireFyreFireFyreFireFyreFireFyreFireFyreFireFyreFireFyreFireFyreFireFyreFireFyreFireFyreFireFyre
  12. To all those who wish the downfall of the stick: Your loyalty and bravery are to be commended. It takes true courage to retreat from the cowardly and weak ways of the much-hated stick. Welcome to the eternal reign of the almighty Fire. This fiery reign will not be like Ozai’s attempted seize of power. Fire cannot be stopped by one mortal. Not even the Avatar, and especially not one wielding a stick.
  13. To all those who wish the downfall of the Fire: You know, deep in your hearts, that you are wrong. The puny stick will NEVER surpass the might of the Fire. While yes, it is true, highstorms can quench the might of the Fire, highstorm is not stick. Also, highstorm would sweep away sticks in commencing flood.
  14. Fire Fire Fire Fire Fire
  15. Fire Fire Fire Fire Fire