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  1. Could he put design in a metalmind? Cuz I kinda want design to be alive.
  2. Do we see shadows strech towards light sources in any other planet than Roshar's cognitive realm?
  3. What they said His life isn't more valuable, it's the fact that his death would be much less valuable(negative value indact). The deaths of a character whose arc is themed towards sacrifice would be meaningful and emotionally resonant since it tells a very clear story. Kal's heroic sacrifice would make his death and his life mean less. The only use is narrative surprise and twist. But you would effectively kill a lot of emotional investment. It is possible, but Brandon seems like a better writer than that
  4. Because the entire point of his arc and story is that his life matters? That he may fail and make mistakes, but he isn't as worthless as his mind tells him? That he deserves to live. You can't kill a character like that lol
  5. Ok, Since we have had enough time theorize about the major things from RoW, I thought it would be good to make a thread about the smaller details that doesnt have much discussion. Also, I just finished a reread and I really wanna talk about it. This is a bunch of theory fodder for future speculation too 1) Navani hears a pure note even before meeting raboniel. Even rushu How?? And Rushu?? What about Dalinar? 2)Navani created light She is only singing the rhythm of honor, and singing the rhythm redirects the investiture. Is the sibling using a vacuum tube somewhere? How is light being created? Is there some stormlight being redirected in this scene? 3)Taravangian's Bravery 4 times! 2 times italicized and at the end, the last 'bravery' is separated from all the other passions. Makes no sense to me, why is this important? 4) Taravangian never reveals how he knows szeth's dad died 5) Hmm interesting, Gav's laughter hurts szeth and szeth feels he is a danger to gav. Hmmmmm 6) Wonder what horrible things they did? 7) Close to what, Teft?? Did moash kill another amazing radiant swearing an ideal and getting redemption moment?? 8)The Tukari are wreathed in shadows for some reason 9)Odium's connection with Dalinar grows? Dalinar hasn't been doing anything to serve odium, then his connection should be weakening instead of growing, right? 10) Stone of Ten dawns I am calling it right now, Ba Ado Mishram is trapped in the stone of ten dawns. Purely based on the name 11) Raboniel wanted Venli to find the listeners, which Venli noticed and brings up many times. Raboniel died before Venli found them, but we never find out her plan? The sleeping radiants were revealed to be part of her plan to test anti-stormlight on radiant spren. But we never find out why she manipulated Venli. 12) Lift could use regrowth in Urithiru but not abrasion. The fact that abrasion doesnt work means that its not lifelight or lift's weirdness thats the cause, instead it seems that progression is really cultivation's truest surge, like adhesion to honor. Then Why do the fused have progression and not adhesion? 13) Urithiru is original? This is suuuuuper interesting, as we know that Urithiru was placed in the place 'closest to honor'. The valley of the nightwatcher also happens to be nearby. These mountains are special by themselves 14) Axindweth knew jaxlim's mental illness. The only way that makes sense to me is through future sight and fortune. Anyone more well versed in mistborn tell me if feruchemists can have an idea of the future? 15)Szeth gets shocked when he sees that ishar is a shin-like man. Dalinar doesnt think much about, bu we know that shin are the people who remember the history of the world better than everyone. I have a feeling that this revelation is ground breaking for szeth right now. 16) Very good question Venli, why didn't they? workform and warform are not forms of power, so there isn't a reason not to remember how to get them. 17) The titles of the 5 parts of RoW combined give the ketek by el at the end. It is clearly talking about urithiru, which shows us that el cares about urithiru and thinks of it as a home. Thats a problem 18) Venli suggests that the listeners knew what would happen. We know they knew about the everstorm, did they really know what was going to happen? 20) Jasnah says she could be the last alethi ruler. Is that foreshadowing for back 5? A democratic revolution? 21) Cultivation + Odium = Freedom That is how i read it anyway 22) This kind of language is only used with Dalinar, with his warmth that he thinks of as a god. What is interesting is that that Renarin is causing this, which is a first. Maybe something to do with the spiritual realm? 23) A Death rattle solved?? This is when Jasnah goes to war. Her description is very suspiciously similar to a death rattle So now we know what the army is that the ten radiants are facing. Its the singer army. with maybe some humans(iriali) wow this became huuuge. these are all the obscure details I could find in the Book. Did i miss any?
  6. Also there is a very good chance that she will have adhd if she becomes a human, because Brandon has said that he based her to be like his son who has ADHD. If syl did not become kaladin's girlfriend, would you still not like it? Because we can be sure there won't be syladin at all. Simply because Kaladin has not yet shown any attraction to syl at all. No scene where she thinks she looks beautiful or cute. Nothing. It would be in very bad taste to kill off a character who is recognised for his representation of depression and has survived 2 suicide attempts. We can be sure he won't die.
  7. Shieet Time to start another reread Edit: Also that sounds a lot like the shin naming system, do thaylens do that too?
  8. So you think she visited shadesmar and saw a deadeye after breaking her bond with testament? Or you think she saw deadeyes in shadesmar while she had her oaths?
  9. I was actually afraid of that, lol. So basically it's law to have a w in the name. For any other rosharan character vi would have agreed, but szeth is a shin man, they are the few people who seem to remember the true history
  10. It does say shardblades alight, and I don't think there is any confirmation one way or the other I did think about valor while writing that, but that seemed out of left field, so I decided not to. Anything valor-related seems to be later stage cosmere and roshar is stuffed with shards anyway. When Dalinar and co see ishar for the first time, szeth is shocked to see ishar's ethnicity is shin. Normally in roshar, the heralds are depicted alethi and Dalinar thinks that that explains the shock. But the shin are not a normal society, they are isolationists who remember ancient history. They kept the secrets of the heralds( the betrayal of the oathpact). Suffice to say, they know stuff. I think it's very likely that shin don't respect the heralds in the same way. Maybe it's shin propoganda that no herald was shin. The ethnicity of ishar was kept hidden from the general shin public. In teft's own eyes, I think. I definitely think this is true as I don't think odium wants a bondsmith orBAM situation. But, during the occupation of urithiru, Kal's adhesions work while his gravitation is severely limited. Also his reverse lashings ( a mix of adhesion and gravitation) works. Meaning adhesion is inherently special. So progression seems to be same Right?? Also, she has many rings on her hands. Smells of feruchemy to me. What do u mean, the syntax of her name? Perhaps. It does fit in my head. If there is a spy, I am really interested, because the rest are based in kharbranth, and we don't see anything about this spy ever I don't think it's confirmed, but that was what I was implying. Teft would have been the first to say the fourth ideal! Now I am really sad. Would his ideal be, ' I accept I deserve love?'
  11. Oh my god, I had no idea this gemstone was a thing before row. I totally forgot. I somehow feel more confident about the idea after reading the coppermind article lol Reverse lashings worked because it is adhesion mixed with gravitation, right? That's how I saw it anyway. Growth and regrowth are pure progression. Also lift may have used growth in row, I am not sure How do we know this? Are you thinking of Arclo the sleepless? Ya that was what I thought too
  12. I definitely think that syl will become human(or siah aimian or whatever), it is the natural completion of her arc. She might even have adhd now that she would become physical. I am interested in what would happen to kaladin's powers then
  13. I think my opinion might be highly unpopular, but here goes. To start with, I really loved the character of Taln while reading the four books. I remember being giddy whenever he had a scene. He was my top fav side character. Just one problem. I thought he broke. I took the idea that taln broke as a fact. I am dumb and didn't realise that RoW in particular was hinting that Taln didn't break. The arrival of the everstorm to circumvent the oathpact and taln breaking in the same time frame was a little too wierd. And then Brandon confirmed it in a WoB. Some fans cheered, some fans were surprised and some fans felt vindicated as they already were expecting it. I was less than thrilled. The problem with Taln is he is JUST TOO DAMN PERFECT. I loved Taln when I thought that he tried his best and ended up giving humanity 4500 years of time. He was a very inspiring character. Now he is a freaking god. Apparently, he still has a lot more years of torture he can endure. He is nowhere close to being done. He is basically unbreakable. Taln, as he is right now, is vey antithetical to the themes of SA, and the fact that nobody is talking about it drives me nuts. First of all, NO HUMAN is strong enough to what Taln did. I mean where would you even cultivate the inner strength to endure so much torture? How can you even reach that level of determination? If instead, you think it's more likely that such strength can't be cultivated, you have to be born with it, it still makes Taln an angel who descended to earth compared to the rest of the humans. Because 4500 years is a mind-numbingly long time! A fact that I feel that many people are not giving the importance it deserves. If a random stranger says that he will die for you, you won't be inspired, you would be creeped out! I feel the same way with Taln. No one should be that self-sacrificial. That is not healthy, that is insane and scary. I would stay as far as possible away from him in real life. Can you imagine if a guy like that got angry with you over something? He might chase you to the ends of the earth. Second, he makes the lives of all other characters kinda pointless. The main theme of SA is that 'broken' people deserve to live happy lives (even after making mistakes). Teft deserves love. Shallan deserves love. Kaladin should not kill himself. Dalinar deserves forgiveness and redemption(debatable). But its very hard to say they deserve anything with the presence of an infallible person who has suffered so much more than them. All their conflicts and struggles seem melodramatic compared to the sheer amount of pain that Taln went through without making a mistake. . If the survival of humanity is the highest moral goal right now, Kaladin's life is just not priceless. It's nothing compared to Taln's worth as an 'unbreakable' human being. Because Kaladin just can't hold the desolation back for that long. Example: in tWoK, Kaladin briefly considers abandoning his friends and saving his own life. In WoR he doubts his own friends' love for him in the jail cell. In OB, he gets angry at Adolin for no reason and chides himself. These thoughts are not ooc for Kal even though he is a windrunner poster boy because everyone is fallible and breakable. Everyone makes mistakes and that's fine. Every character in SA has some insecurity about something, even Jasnah. If i must fall, I will rise each time a better man. Finally, he legitimises the oathpact and trivializes torture. The oathpact is a horrible plan and anything else would have been better. No human should be asked for that much. But Taln makes it look like it was the heralds who were insufficient, not the freaking plan. Because of Taln, the other 9 heralds look bad, even though they were amazing people who went through the saddest times possible. SA is a optimistic series, but if you took a herald as the protagonist and went through their life, the desolations alone would put the series solidly in grimdark territory. They really deserve more respect, but who can NOT compare them to Taln? He also trivializes torture. No way around it. Torture is horrific and inhumane. It scars people in irreparable ways physically and psychologically. In a series with realistic depictions of battle shock, Taln sticks out like a sore thumb. If I am right in thinking that the heralds can heal in braize, how many times do you think Taln's genitals were shredded like cheese? Cuz let's be sure, that definitely happened in 4500 years even if the books will never show it happening ( shivers).( I hope I didn't break any coppermind rules with that sentence) I feel like there has to be an actual reason why Taln did not break. I have faith in Sanderson. Every other character in SA feels real to me. Even the evil ones like Sadeas and Rayse. I am just surprised that most fan discourse I see don't seem to question it and seem to think that Taln just weathered it with his own strength, which I find impossible. He must have had advantages right? If the ans is just that Taln is a Super Mega Alpha male chad boy with a golden heart, I will probably keep ranting about it.
  14. So everyone is expecting some sort of juicy plot reveal from gavilar's prologue. I mean it has to right? We have been building towards this for 4 books, slowly getting more and more info about this guy and we will finally know what he was thinking from his own point of view. But that would undermine the structure of a Brandon Sanderson book. His books almost always have big plot twists and mystery, even for how the magic system works. A wave of knowledge hits us at the end, appropriately called 'Sanderlanche'. Gavilar is too connected to crucial things. Even a small lore reveal might end up being a lot. For ex, he is connected to thaidakar and ghostblood, he knows about anti light, he probably knows ba ado mishram, he knew the heralds somehow, taravangian met him that day??, Whether or not he actually died, how to go to braize, axindweth and what her deal is. So many things that could be revealed in the prologue of the book. All those things are probably crucial to the ending. So I think Brandon will choose to be vague about most of this stuff. Also Brandon releases preview chapters before hand, so we really can't give too much away, as the fandom will have months to decode the chapters. So what will we see then? I think we will get very interesting revelations that might not effect the plot of the fifth book, instead it will recontextualize the major plot beats from the previous books. These reveals will serve to show more of Gavilar's character 1) Jasnah: We will see that Gavilar knew very well that Jasnah was trying to kill Aesudan that night. How does he know? Through Liss. We know that Liss has a agreement with Jasnah about if someone else tried to hire Liss against The kholin family. I think Gavilar already had the same agreement with liss and hence Liss tells him. Liss does this because 'a repeat customer' is more valuable to her.(a quote from the book). Gavilar is the type of guy who would be a repeat customer. How would he know Liss? Through Nale. We know Nale is abnormally interested in szeth. And szeth was Lisa's servant for some reason. Or it could be that nale found out about szeth through Liss, both ways work. We will also find out Gavilar was slowly grooming Jasnah to join Sons of Honor. This is why he suddenly he suddenly shows a scholarly side to him to Jasnah the months before his death. This works on Jasnah only because her childhood madness was a clear shame to Gavilar and she probably deep down wants his love more than anyone else. His respect for her mind, something she has built her identity around( being rational at all times) would only reinforce this. He may have also caused her mission to 'protect the family' discreetly. Maybe through the ghostbloods? We know Jasnah and ghostbloods are fighting for some unspecified reason 2) Amaram: He is trying to marry off Jasnah and Amaram to strengthen both of their connections to his organisation. But Amaram is a pawn. I am sure Gavilar knows who Nale is atleast( even if not Resteres/Kalak). Amaram doesn't. Because Gavilar isn't very religious, he doesn't care about the heralds coming back. He only cares about causing the desolation to make himself a god or a legend. So he lies to Amaram 3)Aesudan: She will be revealed to be a envisager( a splinter group of sons of honor) who defected to Gavilar because of ambition. She knew about his unmade.( I also won't be surprised if Gavilar told Liss to go ahead with the assassination anyway, as she was ambitious) I always found it wierd that Aesudan and Hesina were related (WoB). Aesudan is part darkeye, Hesina is part lighteye. They sing the same song once. Hesina doesn't seem to mind kal being a radiant even though she knows about spren a lot so u would think she is religious. She also suggests kal to become a stormwarden and even kal gets scared, because its very similar to telling the future. Envisage means 'to tell the future'. Teft even theorizes about envisagers in RoW, but it's left unanswered. Maybe these connections are important 4) Axindweth: In Row flashback, Axindweth writes in a letter that Gavilar's own feruchemist spotted her. I don't believe this at all because Axindweth was a part of Gavilar's party to parshendi expeditionto begin with. She is the only character to have explicit rings on her hand, it would be wierd to reveal another feruchemist in that party. Let's remember, Gavilar wants the desolation to happen. He has no real need to stop Axindweth from helping Ulim and Venli. Unless, she is working with Gavilar and stopped at his orders because of Nale. Nale did seem to somehow know that Ulim was in the palace that night. This is why Gav tells her to immediately stop bringing more voispren. He is secretly helping the fused come back. How does Gavilar know about Axindweth? Through Ghostbloods of course. He probably was a member himself, betrayed them and also stole Axindweth 5) Parshendi: He wants to fight with the Parshendi because of their unique dawnsinging magic that Venli saw. 6) Navani: They might confirm that he has Breaths( as he sensed her). He might also be shown to be intensely jealous of Dalinar for having Navani's affection, since navani does think that he still cares for her. 7) Taravangian: This prediction is interesting to me. Taravangian has found out about the coming desolation from dova in kharbhranth. This is pre-diagram 'the maybe dull' taravangian. He is understandably scared and decides to try to form a coalition with Alethkar, the warlord Gavilar. But something snaps inside Gavilar and he goes full megalomaniac. He laughs at taravangian's face, calling him stupid, and attacking his low self esteem. He dresses down taravangian and would insinuate that Tara's purpose is to be Gav's humble follower because of his lack of capacity. He will talk about the visions( huge news to people who dont read the wobs) and how he was chosen by the almighty. Tara would be humiliated to tears. Later, after Gav's death, Tara will set out for the nightwatcher for capacity and create the diagram. I won't be surprised if we find out that Tara sees gav in Dalinar and doesn't want to lose because of that. 8) A big hint that gav found a way to live These are the reveals that I actually expect for the prologue. Most of these are charcter moments that just change the view of the other characters. And also we will see the birth of the diagram maybe So it will be satisfying
  15. I haven't read mistborn era 2, but from what I read about the cosmere, I find it very unlikely that free will can be removed like that.
  16. I pretty much disagree with every single one of these, lol. The shards themselves haven't shown these kinds of powers to us, so I doubt a bondsmith could. A bondsmith has powers related to connection, not every concievable thing you can do with a connection. For example, odium could not do much to kaladin even after getting a viable connection with him thru moash. Infact he can't seem to do much to dalinar, and they have a strong connection. Even if shards have extra restrictions, one thing everything is forgetting about is that free will and intent are pretty big. The thrill can't make you choose to use it, you choose to give into the Thrill. Most of your suggestions I think violate that free will
  17. While I don't think highstorms are honor's perpendicularity, i will point out that the highstorms are not regular, as you need stormwardens to predict it's coming with complicated mathematics. But the weeping is regular, every 500 days i think
  18. 20 years after the book elantris, a huge Tsunami Hits the coastline of Arelon. King Raoden is reported to have screamed, "You gotta be kidding-" before his disappearance. Queen Sarene is reported to have said, " I told him we should just relocate" for the rest of her life
  19. Lol, I just kept writing all the minor details that I could think of and slowly it became really huuge. When I was writing the thread, I wasn't thinking about Jasnah or Amaram or liss. This post helped me remember a lot of things about Gav. But none of my predictions reveal things that are super relevant to the story now(except Axindweth). Instead it just makes character motivations in the past make more sense. So that's why I say they won't be juicy. But seeing the start of the diagram will still be hype enough. My main caveat here is the release of preview chapters waay before the actual book. That gives a lot of time for people to dissect each and every word. I don't know if the knowledge gav has is a drop in the bucket, cause he is connected to almost everything ( maybe even ba ado misshram)
  20. That is interesting, but i doubt Bondsmiths have that power over the voidbringers. Seems too convenient. It would make more sense that he can change it only for radiants. Maybe it's just connection shenanigans. Who is to say that connecting something to the ground is a Bondsmith unchained only power? Maybe a strong enough Bondsmith can do it
  21. FYI: I have only read Stormlight Archive, Warbreaker and Mistborn Era 1 and Secret History. This theory is based on what I know about hoid till now. Anyone who has read the other cosmere works, please correct me where I am wrong. Hoid usually is very content with he does. He seems to be in control most of times, nothing really surprises him anymore. He is one of the oldest beings in the cosmere and one of the most knowledgeable. His persona is of a chaotic trickster with no allegiance to anyone. And that is very much true to his real personality. But Roshar is where we have seen him be most... human. Rosharans surprise Wit a lot. For ex he is flabbergasted about something when he sees young Shallan at the marketplace ( we have no idea why. Not important to the theory, just mentioned it) He is at a genuine loss for words when shallan hugs him years later. I don't think he expected for shallan to be affectionate towards him. He is again shocked when Kaladin asks him for a story, saying that 'no one has ever asked that'. Also hoid is at his most wholesome with Shallan and Kaladin, giving them very heartfelt therapy- story sessions.'Accept the pain, don't think you deserve it' and 'You will be warm again' can make me tear up. He is very helpful this time for protecting the planet( instead of Mistborn where he accelerates the danger). He also has a romantic interest in Jasnah. He is also very open about his belief in a god. The main theme is that hoid is developing actual human connections with the Rosharans, something he has never had before. This will end only in tragedy. Because taravangian Brandon has confirmed that Taravangian completely ' hornswoggled' hoid in the epilogue. Hoid did feel true terror there. He did lose some of his memories. Hoid, for the first time, has been actually hurt in a confrontation. Brandon also said that Hoid will find out what happened in the lead up to the contest. (Prolly with the metalminds) This dude has not felt fear in maybe 7000 years, who says Hoid won't overreact? Because hoid was really motivated in having rayse- odium bound to the system. And todium has proven himself to be far superior of a threat already. There is also a lot of foreshadowing that Hoid will betray Roshar. When he talks to Dalinar, he says 'i will burn this world down to get what I want, even with tears'. He repeatedly tells shallan and Jasnah not to trust people. At the end of RoW, Dalinar has to choose between trusting odium and wit I think we will see Hoid betray the people of Roshar in a cruel,stone-cold way just to make sure todium stays bound. I don't know exactly how, but it will happen. The good guys will have to fix what he did too and some damage could be irreparable. He will definitely lose all his friends and this time, he will have genuine sadness and tears. This time? Yes, because hoid has definitely betrayed Roshar before. During the first desolation. We know he knew the heralds (as midius). Isn't it interesting that stonewards are associated with topaz and they swear an oath to be where they are needed? Two things common with hoid? Also doesn't rayse seem just a little too angry when he reads 'cephandrius' name in the contract. Like he really, really hates hoid for some reason. Is it because all of this has happened before, like this? Hoid bring up the idea of the oathpact and the heralds. Because whose plan was this exactly? Who the heralds bring up the idea of eternal torture themselves. No this seems cruel enough to be hood's idea He was meant to be the the tenth herald, the stoneward-ish herald, but the moment the oathpact was created, his business was done and he left the planet, leaving the Rosharans to panic. Taln steps up for the job and the rest his history. I think in this case Hoid knew that taln was going to pick his place. But what he did was still a betrayal. He just doesn't care much This time, he will care What do you guys think?
  22. As a total atheist, I would like to defend @Debarra because the original argument, the Ricky Gervais thought experiment does seem very disrespectful The argument is if humanity got destroyed and rebuilt itself, religions would look different but science would pretty much the same. The implicit assumption here is, all religions are made up with no real basis. That is the only way I can read it. Which is pretty disrespectful to believers. Again, the argument is disrespectful, not @pathfinder For ex, let's say Christianity is the true religion ie everything that Practitioners believe in is true. Practitioners beleive that God sent Jesus to earth. If humanity was destroyed and rebuilt again slowly, there is nothing stopping God from sending Jesus again and starting the same religion from the scratch. This is not self conflicting or self proving since religions require and allow divine intervention. The argument falls apart because we can't prove 100 percent that religions are made up. So the assumption that Ricky Gervais made is disrespectful. However I am not saying that pathfinder was disrespectful
  23. I would say that math does not need sapient life to understand it. For example, when the solar system was being created, no sentient life existed. A big ball of gas and rocks and dust slowly became a star and multiple balls of rockand gas. Clearly something changed the system from one entity to multiple entities. No human was there to count it, but that doesn't mean it didn't divide itself into 'nine' parts. Even without observers, a concept of numbers existed. While our language of math is invented, math itself is discovered( what I firmly believe and feel is logical) The concepts of Numbers aren't created, they exist without us. You can't really get rid of numbers exactly. Science and math are about how rather than why. With why, it's very hard to test your hypothesis. With how, you can always go deeper and deeper, increasing your knowledge. To prove an axiom, you need a deeper, more fundamental axiom and so on Tldr: Jasnah thinks Math doesn't have to be created, as it exists independent of sentience and does not seem possible to get rid of. We can't imagine a world without numbers and they seem like natural laws without us. If she was curious about the source of the laws, she would go with how instead of why, and then discover deeper laws I hope that explains it Even better tldr: Jasnah does not think math was created, because a world where numbers were 'not created' seems unimaginable and impossible.
  24. I think that may be only a Dalinar thing, ashis second and third ideal don't really connect in any way. Bondsmiths are supposed to be pious, so maybe the real third ideal should have connected to that. But that was not what Dalinar needed. His ideal is more like an elsecaller in my opinion That might be because of Jezrien being the king before being an herald. But also, I think Windrunners are leaders because they inspire people. They are the most like the traditional hero archetype, protecting fighters who still have compassion. Kaladin is basically a poster boy for all radiants