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  1. I think one way to understand this is, Kal really really really doesn't want to be different. He is very talented and a born leader, very charismatic but all that also makes him an 'other' and alone. The bridge crew look at him with reverence, something he loathes. I wasn't revered, but I also felt otherized in my class. When I asked why I was treated differently, people said I had 'different aura' than others( still have no idea what that means). So i relate with kal there, being a freak kinda sucks. Infact wasn't there a flashback chapter where kal's officer punished him just so that his teammates treat him as an equal. I think kal was extremely grateful for that.
  2. We know, Investiture isn't exactly energy but it can be used up. But unlike energy, investiture returns, as we learn about ruin's atim cache. So can we use this to create a perpetual motion machine? The time required for one cycle of the machine is equal to the time it takes for the investiture used up to turn back. We will end up getting a perpetual motion machine of the first kind
  3. What would he be a hypocrite about? What internal feelings are you talking about? I don't remember
  4. I never actually thought of it that way... You know what, i agree with you. Future context nothwitstanding, this was a dumb and cowardly move from Kal at that time. He is just running away from his responsibilities here. Fantasy always has the theme of good people always reject power. It's a theme i don't fully agree with, and i had not noticed here.When you reject power, you also reject influence. Kal is a soldier and there really isn't a difference between a spear and a shardblade. They are just weapons. You changed my mind. Total wrong move.
  5. Not actually. The wob comes from the fact that hesina and aesudan(elhokar's wife) are the ones that are actually related. WoB confirmation I have absolutely no idea where Brandon is going with this minor plot point. It's so wierd.
  6. How does the singers having perfect retaining of voidlight have a connection with why they don't move their dead? And Brandon says it is part of the answer. So why do the singers not move their dead?
  7. We have no confirmation that sja anat could not corrupt radiant spren before. In her interlude, she says she could not corrupt Oathgate spren before. As for why she wouldn't, the radiant spren has to be willing. The spren hate humans right now, but back then they were buds. Why would they enlighten?
  8. I am of the opinion that this WoB is a complete mistake by Brandon since there really is no way to interpret that recording. He probably got a little too excited and forgot thaat there was a minor character who had a corrupted spren before. Why else would it be a 'particularly small emerald?'
  9. Oof yes. WoK has the best ending i have ever read in my limited book reading experience. Nothing has topped that. While not an ending, WoR has a scene very similar at the arena battle which is my fav scene in that book, not the ending. OB ending was carried hard by Dalinar, both kal and shallan did not make me feel much... RoW was same, but mainly because I thought ressurecting tien was cringy. If not maybe I would have liked it. What I loved about the row sanderlanche was.... Todium.
  10. Whether win or lose, the contract guarantees that there will be no more hostilities between the two sides. In that case, it is very likely that odium somehow makes Dalinar break the contract, since that's the only way hostilities can remain in the story at this point. While I expect the contest of champions to end in total failure for our heroes, i agree that the ending will still be a victory. Especially because ending an arc on a loss and not coming back to the world for 5 years might make people lose interest. But they are all small, localised events in an area. The fact that kaladin has stopped the storm partially twice might be foreshadowing that he will inspire the stormfather to stop the entire storm for him. It will be the stormfather's choice and his arc will be completed.
  11. If the word cancrine appears in a SA book, that will be all the confirmation i need. Great idea. Now tie this to singing somehow ( since that is a huge part of the culture) and triple yahtzee
  12. This admittedly needs a bit of context as it is dependent on the theory that stormlight will suddenly be unavailable atleast in book 5, prolly due to the contest of champions. The idea is that the shadesmar sun will set, which will cause there to be no more stormlight. This creates a Long Weeping called a night of Sorrows. I made a full theory on it long ago but I have changed my mind on a lot of things. Back then I thought stormfather would sacrifice himself and cause the night of sorrows which clearly is not my theory is anymore. https://www.17thshard.com/forum/topic/99266-night-of-sorrows-migration-to-shadesmar-theory/ If you want something other than the theory consider this. Kal's death scare moment will happen near the end of the book, meaning after the contest of champions(which happens in only 10 days). There is no way the contest ends in a victory, since that would completely solve any problems forever. We still have 5 books to go in SA. This implies that Dalinar will almost def fail. That implies that he will become a fused too. Are we sure the stormfather will be unaffected by this? It's more likely to me that the stormfather might be very hurt. Stormlight might become limited. Tbf, my theory was more along the lines of stormfather showing mercy rather than kal holding back the storm, but I do agree this seems like the perfect moment to make kal honor, if Brandon has planned that.
  13. This theory is very much based on Fleet! I think hoid's story is heavy foreshadowing for kaladin's big moment in book 5 and also lore clues for another character. Let's get the part unimportant to the theory first Fleet is Nohadon Oops made it a spoiler quote. Some evidence for fleet is nohadon Anyway it's a very strange detail. Young Nohadon also has hair long enough to be tied in a braid. The only way to be faster than a dustbringer is with gravitation. This implies that fleet was a Windrunner or skybreaker. Nohadon says honorspren have good judgement, implying that he is one. Journey to Urithiru: Nohadon walked from Abamabar to Urithiru. I think fleet is based on this journey with some obviously wrong details ( Natanatan or shinovar was not on the journey) The confusion might come here because the journey was not as simple as a walk. Nohadon does call it a metaphor at the start of his book. He compares men's lives to candle flames at one point in the book and... So clearly he went to the shadesmar. His parables for the book could maybe have been derived from meeting cryptics, honorspren and other radiant spren and learning what they valued.Also, the cognitive representation of Urithiru is called Nohadon's Stairways. Another peice of evidence that he was in shadesmar. The stormfather thinks of Nohadon as a good man. He also says there was a man who made him laugh. Nohadon also confirms that he did have a guide on his journey. This i think is definitely stormfather. Fleet is also... Kaladin? Kaladin is absolutely making up the story as hoid urges him. But at the end, hoid remarks that kal does know the end of the story and that Fleet is a real man. But then at the very end, hoid also says that he never has sung this story before... What's going on? Spiritual Realm shenanigans. Kal is making up the story but he is subconsciously receiving info from the spiritual realm. This is why fleet has waist length hair without kal ever thinking that. For another example, shallan recreates the girl who looked up, and she just happens to have white hair even though that was not what shallan intended. There is a wob confirming this. Ok but why do I think that fleet is somehow also kal? Because of these: The storm stopped. That. Never.Happens. This is the basis of stormfather's arc. He never changes and shows no mercy. Dalinar and kal berate him for this and very, very slowly stormfather begins to change. This arc can only culminate in the storms stopping. So u can't tell me that he already has done it a long time ago and also doesn't remember it. No, this is only in stormfather's future. And he could really only show mercy to 2 people: Dalinar and Kal. Adding the fact that, Nohadon didn't die at the end of his journey, he wrote a book and distributed it across roshar. Kal's Death Scare Moment Kal may or may not die in book 5. It could honestly go either way. But both sides of the arg will agree that there will be a moment where Brandon will make us think that kal is going to die. There will be a death scare, we can bet on that. This will be his big emotional moment in book 5. This is very standard in fiction afterall. The idea of this theory started when I was wondering if kal will say the fifth ideal or not. We know that there are clear death rattles connected to his ideals, because of the chapter titles. The rattles are always in first person. So if there is a rattle, we should be able to find it. It is not the 'fallen title' death rattle as this is in second person. The one i think fits is.. This is very depressing. But I think this fits the style of kal death rattles than the other first person rattles. Also this death rattle might not be as sad as you think, due to wordplay. I think this is the death scare moment. If this is also the 5th ideal moment, 'the journey has ended' means the final ideal of a radiant. If kal becomes a cognitive shadow here, 'the death is my life' also makes sense. It's the middle part that is very interesting. Stormlight Exhaustion Using a lot of stormlight is dangerous for a radiant. The moment stormlight runs out, they become as exhausted as the amount of stormlight used. This effect is very similar to pewter drag from mistborn. This effect is ref in every SA book many, many times. And the most extreme version we saw was just before kal swears the 2nd ideal, as he nearly kills himself by using too much stormlight. This is definitely what 'the strength becomes my weakness' means. In book 5, kal will at some point have to fly from Natanatan to shinovar at top speed, maybe to warn the shin, but with limited stormlight. He may be racing the storm itself. But the stormlight is not enough. He reaches close to the shin but feels the light running out before that. He is tired, he closes his eyes, he falls. And then the stormfather feels empathy and stops for him. And then, IDK, kal becomes a 5th ideal radiant? A cognitive shadow? Merge with the stormfather? A herald? Honor? The Son of Tanavast(whatever that is)?? Idk what or why or when it happens, i think I know HOW it happens. Final hoid quotes Fleet is kal's own story too.
  14. I have a pet theory that this is El, the fused at the end of ROW. His fused name is 'He who Quiets'. We know humans do not like to hear the anti-Honor tones needed to create anti stormlight, so it would be a tune 'no man can hear'. I just thought that even though black Piper sounds very unmade-y, he also has hands, so it could be a human becoming an unmade or something Ofcourse if this death rattle is for books 6-10, it could be anything. It could be Axies for all we know