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  1. I totally could have guessed that. Nice to see another doctor who fan.
  2. It's a bit of conjecture on my part, Life has natural pathways in the spiritual realm, which lets life be similar on different planets. And since Singers are crustations, or close rather, not mamals, those pathways are needed, biology on it's own isn't enough. But female mateform singers have breasts right? So they are mammals. Their biology could be compatible without the need for investiture.
  3. Wait what??? I had no idea this was a thing. Is this some WoB I don't know about? Where does investiture come into the process? Good point. So the rhythm of a song changes if it's sped up? I don't know much about music, I am afraid. Hmm. People with irregular heartbeats and heart problems are probably not healthy enough to be warriors and shardbearers. So I still think it's possible Also, what's with so many people with the name Ookla the something? What does it mean?
  4. Aww are we sure about that? Because humans and singers can interbreed safely, but that would be impossible if their hearts are fundamentally different right? It's not like carapace which is an external structure,The heart is the important organ. I actually don't think this refutes my theory as the heartbeats are not the rhythm of Honor, heartbeats are the beats in the rhythm of Honor. And a song which has a good beat can be sped up with no problem, it will still be the same song. I do think people with irregular heartbeats can't summon Shardblades. Do we know any who can?
  5. Dalinar and navani are really cute Who?
  6. So in an earlier post, I outlined my theory that in book 5 there will be an event called night of sorrows, and one of my main predictions is that the stormfather dies. Tldr: There is a lot of foreshadowing for stormfather's sacrifice and learning mercy by choosing not to kill people in his storm. However this will prolly have unintended consequences. Like the total splintering of Honor's investiture. I think anti-stormlight will be used to kill a weakened stormfather( after showing mercy) in a very specific way. Stormlight will become very limited. The darkest point of the book, where we almost lose hope Now we know humans have a connection to Honor. The rhythm of anti stormlight sounds horrible to Navani, just like how the rhythm of anti-voidlight is horrible to fused' ears. But If honor is completely splintered? I predict that humans will lose that intrinsic connection and not be properly able to sing it. Things will look dire. Fanfic Time: I imagine Navani and Dalinar in a room after something catastrophic happens. Navani laments that it's all her fault. Dalinar would disagree and tell her not to blame herself. He will confess that he thinks there is no way to win against odium. Then he will say something like " If this is our destination, as long as my heart beats, I will keep resisting" Navani rests her head against his chest, somehow comforted by his decision. Then hears it "Honor's rhythm is orderly and staccato" Lub Dub. Lub Dub. Lub Dub. Lub Dub....... "Honor still lives in the hearts of men" I predict that Navani will realize that the beat of a heart( both human or singer) is the beat to sing the rhythm of Honor and be one step closer to reviving Honor Evidence: The wierd ten heartbeats rule for Shardblades. We know that the deadeye spren is getting partially revived everytime. Is it because it literally hears and connects with Honor? Thoughts?
  7. Hoid as a villain? Sounds horrifying, don't know if it's likely, but I love it
  8. I think at this point Kaladin and shallan see their relationship with hoid as friends and they will definitely consider it a betrayal I also think that they will break up. But I don't think Jasnah really would care about the relationship breaking, instead I think the Hoid will do something far more personal. Hoid is right now very involved with the shallan-ghostbloods plot(as of RoW) and I bet Jasnah will get roped into it too with the ghostbloods( this might be when Jasnah learns about shallan's secrets) And their side of the plot seems to be about the unmade. Like finding ba-ado-mishram. We also know that shallan's household had unmade influence over it. Jasnah has said that the thing that scares her the most is the thought of losing her sanity, not being able to trust her own mind. This is very personal because she had a period of 'lunacy' during her childhood, a very formative experience for her. What if hoid sticks an unmade on Jasnah as part of his betrayal? Somehow helps an unmade possess Jasnah? This would be the worst thing that someone close to Jasnah could do to her. Irreparably damaging that trust. The fact that we see Hoid on other planets during the ten year skip makes me feel like the relationship is going to break I don't know if odium escaping has to mean cosmere wide war definitely ( taravangian might be a lot subtler and go quiet for a decade and a half), but I do think that goods betrayal will fail in some way. I don't think he will go soft, he will prolly betray them and then be surprised on just how much it hurts this time. The back half might have him face the consequences of that decision.
  9. She thought that Taravangian becoming odium was the safest thing for the human race. She took a similar bet with Dalinar and he chose right. However she clearly did not understand the consequences of handing taravangian a shard well enough
  10. FYI: I have only read Stormlight Archive, Warbreaker and Mistborn Era 1 and Secret History. This theory is based on what I know about hoid till now. Anyone who has read the other cosmere works, please correct me where I am wrong. Hoid usually is very content with he does. He seems to be in control most of times, nothing really surprises him anymore. He is one of the oldest beings in the cosmere and one of the most knowledgeable. His persona is of a chaotic trickster with no allegiance to anyone. And that is very much true to his real personality. But Roshar is where we have seen him be most... human. Rosharans surprise Wit a lot. For ex he is flabbergasted about something when he sees young Shallan at the marketplace ( we have no idea why. Not important to the theory, just mentioned it) He is at a genuine loss for words when shallan hugs him years later. I don't think he expected for shallan to be affectionate towards him. He is again shocked when Kaladin asks him for a story, saying that 'no one has ever asked that'. Also hoid is at his most wholesome with Shallan and Kaladin, giving them very heartfelt therapy- story sessions.'Accept the pain, don't think you deserve it' and 'You will be warm again' can make me tear up. He is very helpful this time for protecting the planet( instead of Mistborn where he accelerates the danger). He also has a romantic interest in Jasnah. He is also very open about his belief in a god. The main theme is that hoid is developing actual human connections with the Rosharans, something he has never had before. This will end only in tragedy. Because taravangian Brandon has confirmed that Taravangian completely ' hornswoggled' hoid in the epilogue. Hoid did feel true terror there. He did lose some of his memories. Hoid, for the first time, has been actually hurt in a confrontation. Brandon also said that Hoid will find out what happened in the lead up to the contest. (Prolly with the metalminds) This dude has not felt fear in maybe 7000 years, who says Hoid won't overreact? Because hoid was really motivated in having rayse- odium bound to the system. And todium has proven himself to be far superior of a threat already. There is also a lot of foreshadowing that Hoid will betray Roshar. When he talks to Dalinar, he says 'i will burn this world down to get what I want, even with tears'. He repeatedly tells shallan and Jasnah not to trust people. At the end of RoW, Dalinar has to choose between trusting odium and wit I think we will see Hoid betray the people of Roshar in a cruel,stone-cold way just to make sure todium stays bound. I don't know exactly how, but it will happen. The good guys will have to fix what he did too and some damage could be irreparable. He will definitely lose all his friends and this time, he will have genuine sadness and tears. This time? Yes, because hoid has definitely betrayed Roshar before. During the first desolation. We know he knew the heralds (as midius). Isn't it interesting that stonewards are associated with topaz and they swear an oath to be where they are needed? Two things common with hoid? Also doesn't rayse seem just a little too angry when he reads 'cephandrius' name in the contract. Like he really, really hates hoid for some reason. Is it because all of this has happened before, like this? Hoid bring up the idea of the oathpact and the heralds. Because whose plan was this exactly? Who the heralds bring up the idea of eternal torture themselves. No this seems cruel enough to be hood's idea He was meant to be the the tenth herald, the stoneward-ish herald, but the moment the oathpact was created, his business was done and he left the planet, leaving the Rosharans to panic. Taln steps up for the job and the rest his history. I think in this case Hoid knew that taln was going to pick his place. But what he did was still a betrayal. He just doesn't care much This time, he will care What do you guys think?
  11. How do we know this??
  12. Did the humans do very insanely horrible things to the singers? Yes. Absolutely yes Should they be genocides? NO. Simple question: will you murder a baby because his parents, grandparents were Nazis and horrible to jews? Because some of the fused use that justification. Odium doesn't even need justification to kill a baby, he will do it happily. Nale sided with THAT guy. That's just wrong This isn't that hard, bro
  13. I hadn't thought of ash being adopted, honestly that makes a lot of sense For the heralds appearance, there might be a simpler explanation Warbreaker
  14. A desolation causes 9 out of 10 people to die. You are completely fine with that? If nale actually cared about giving singers back their land, he had 4500 years of time trying to make singers and humans coexist. He knows very well that odium does not care about anybody in this war, he only wants soldiers. Just because singers were a enslaved minority does not justify genocide. Most normal humans on roshar don't even know that parshmen were sentient once. And humans have been living on the planet for 4000 years. It is their home too now. Nale has gone full evil to avoid the torture at the end of a desolation he would face as a herald.
  15. Nale deliberately chose to side with odium, knowing full well odium can do (attempted genocide, abnormal wars that threw people back to the stone ages). Even with all that information, he chooses to side with odium. That is amoral and evil. He also somehow has a fifth ideal bond with a highspren. So clearly spren bond doesn't actually indicate any moral knowledge. If nale has indoctrinated the other skybreakers, then maybe they should not be judged. But nale has gone full evil