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  1. Hello everyone, I'm new to the forums. Sorry if this has already been discussed somewhere else. I have been thinking about Bondsmiths, Connection, and why it's so dangerous lately, In this series, we have a reoccurring issue that happens when a Bondsmith starts trying to understand their powers and it usually ends badly. Ishar played with the surges and destroyed a planet. He is doing experiments with Spren. I have a hunch he is playing with adjusting connection so he can escape Roshar. When Melishi discovered how to seal Ba-Ado-Mishram in a gem it damaged everything on Rosthar as stated by the Sibling. The events that followed were the Recreance. What did the Radiants know that we don't? Lastly, Dalinar is literally changing the very nature of the Stormfather. Now we have another Bondsmith... Navani has been set up and this scholar amongst scholars type character. I imagine that she is going to apply her skills in this to her new Bondsmith powers. I can only imagine what she might discover. Can a Bondsmith allow Rosharins and their Spren to world hop? Can a Shard be uninvested/connected from a system? What even is Adhesion? Navani is the perfect meta gateway to some high-level Cosmere mombo-jumbo (or would it be Capital Mombo-Jumbo?). That being said eventually, she is going to mess around and find out something she shouldn't. It's the nature of a scientist. I would love to see Brandon parallel her story to J. Robert Oppenhiemer and how he felt when he realizes what he created with the atomic bomb. I am terrified for book 5