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  1. That may be true but what does Odium gain from causing evil and not taking credit for it? I personally don't think that the highstorms are the work of Odium. I think it would be more likely that they are a work of Cultivation and while I have no hard evidence for this I though that Stormwater causing plants to grow better might have been a hint.
  2. Hi, I'm Carthoris (my net handle stolen directly from Edgar Rice Burroughs' most amazing character.) I recently started reading Brandon's books after finishing the Wheel of Time. So far I've managed to read through the Mistborn trilogy, Elantris, and The Way of Kings. I've enjoyed everything so far especially The Way of Kings and the rest of the cosmere books are on my to read list. This seems to be the ultimate source outside of the main material of all things cosmere so I thought I might give participating in the community a shot since I don't know why I chose to get sucked into the Stormlight Archive which I anticipate will consume my life as much as WOT did as the books are released. Well, anyway that's what there is to be said about me, I like reading, theorizing, playing exceptionally nerdy games and the occasional foray into writing.