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  1. why seek him? why not stay in city , prepare and wait ?
  2. but water is still there, why it cannot be put in a new pot ?
  3. When Maya travels to Lasting Integrity with Adolin, no one knows her. if when dismissed she appears in shadesmar someone should know her. Also, where are dead-eys of other shardbaldes owned by other high prices ? why we do not meet them in shadesmar?
  4. How all deadeyes travelled to Shadesmar after they were dead ? Who brought them back ? How? Also are there 20 thousand blades somewhere in physical realm waiting to be discovered ?
  5. Then isn't it more responsible to stay back and see what he has given to people is put to good use ?
  6. ? why? why he did stop Odium ? why ?
  7. Why Vasher leaves in end? It is still unsure if stone soldiers would succeed the battle. Plus he has so much knowledge about breath, He knows how to gives breaths without giving the life breath. why not share that with other gods or god king staying in city? Why not help with peace between 2 nations/states ? What is more important than this ?
  8. Lol, what command did she execute? Even Fuzed passed through the gate and she did nothing.
  9. We know that Honor is dead from stormfather. We also know that his vessel was Tanavest, who was killed by Odium. It might be stupid question but, I do not understand what exactly died. Is it the vessel that was carrying Honor died? If yes, why can't it be replaced by a new one? Or is it Honor itself that died? If yes, what happened to his investiture? Is it still there somewhere? Or it is now shared with Odium and Cultivation? When Honor got mad, is it Tanavast who got mad or it was Honor itself? How can a god get mad ? I understand that it was because of thousands of years of battle, torture, etc. By definition he is supposed to live thousands of years. If he is unable to cope the time what's the point in having him as a god?
  10. There are many oathgates. Sibling had control on only one at Uritheru. Why can't they be used? Also, how come Shalan was able to open one at the battle of Narak?
  11. Where are sprens of these "oath-breaker-but-spren-saver" radiants? Nearly ? You yourself doesn't seem sure how many died. Nearly implies that someone survived. What did they do? Nothing? Was that honorable for a (former) radiant?
  12. By that logic, sprens too should not change their appearance when they enter to physical realm via perpendicularly
  13. There's nothing wrong in Shalan not telling Adolin about her murdering her parents. But if Kaliden knows this there is always a possibility of Adolin getting that information from Kaliden. This would be more terrible for their relationship. There's more fear of losing love by not being honest. Logically it doesn't make sense to hide this from Adolin when someone close to him already knows the secret.
  14. In chapter 13 of steel heart, reinforcement starts. David tells us that it is prerecorded and we don't know when it was recorded. In same recording steel heart destroys multiple buildings. Why then it is not possible for anyone to know the time of recording. It was definitely done when those buildings were destroyed, right? Why rekners could not backtrack and find the exact date and time? Why in the first place they did not know anything about destruction of these buildings?
  15. Why there was no way to check sprens? They could have travelled to shademar using oath gates, perpendicularity, etc, if they did not break oaths same time that means there were still people travelling to shadsmar using oath gates operated by Radiant blades Why Windrunners cannot communicate with others? They can speak, right?