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  1. I've played a lot of games throughout my life, but I've grown bored of most of them. With the dawn of algorithms pretty much controlling us I thought that sharing the not-so-popular games we all play could let me explore more games. These can include video games or real-life games that you guys like playing and think sharing would be fun. ___ I'll start with a game I've been playing for a while. It's a video game called Super Mechs. It's a turn-taking game where you fight as a robot against other robots (however cartoony it looks). You upgrade items over time to get a stronger 'mech' which you can put in battle against many types of multiplayer and singleplayer opponents. (However, it is a big p2w game) Any games you guys think deserve more recognition?
  2. Well, I thought about that, but (spoiler again) the junk used to be working machinery for another human civilization, until they were killed. But then again it was probably named that by the newer generation on that planet, to them it was always junk.
  3. I started a new term of classes today, and one of them is a class about trash. The teacher assigned some reading today, and as I was reading I noticed the word detritus. That sparked my attention as I’d heard of it in these books. So I looked it up out of curiosity since I didn’t already know it’s meaning. According to Google, de·tri·tus /dəˈtrīdəs/ noun waste or debris of any kind. I like the meaning behind this planet and how (possible spoiler, blurred) I like the use of this word, and just wanted to point it out. Touché, Sanderson.
  4. i dont know you but hi

  5. I wouldn’t do it for too high a price, say $5, as I’m not too squeamish with bugs, but it would be nice to make a few thousand to help pay for college. (Future, not present) If you could prevent the invention of one thing, what would it be?
  6. yes i do casually listen to this stuff
  7. Hi

    Hmm, what's your favorite and how did you come up with it?
  8. Hard to remember my story if most of the changes happened a while ago, but I'll try to remember (doesn't help that I'm still waking up). Was first diagnosed when I was 6 (17 now). I took medications for a bit, Tenex was the one that worked for me, until I started experimenting without it at around 13 years old. Attention - I usually play some sort of music or YouTube video to be background noise while I do work, etc. so my mind is occupied and doesn't wander while doing it. Hyperactivity - I've managed to mature out of most of the more intense hyper states, but I do still experience intense emotions (good and bad included) regularly.
  9. 1. No, I’m afraid I haven’t heard of it :/ 2. I’ve taken beginners classes on HTML/CSS and JS, and taught myself a bit of Python. 3. Using what a measly chromebook can do, Caret for html, for JS, Pydroid 3 for Python. I might get a MacBook soon so I will switch to vscode if I get it 4. not really, I prefer and real life chess
  10. Hey, I recognize this name. Cool to know there are a lot of us here
  11. Fadran explained what that was as I’ve no idea, and I just want to note I won’t be in the Fellowship of the Thing as I’m not into RP, but hi. I’m a dude who goes to the same school as Fadran and is friends with him. My name’s John btw, if you wanna call me that.
  12. Average room temperature is 68F (20C). Would you consider that, hot, cold, or normal.
  13. Callsign: Atu
  14. I started out as an avid reader in middle school. I had finished the Hunger Games series, and asked my father for any suggestions. He recommended some of the young adult books from Sanderson. I read a few of them and then moved on, but they were still some of my favorite books. About a month ago, I started reading Sanderson again since one of my friends @Channelknight Fadran was also an avid reader (I have a lot to catch up on as my dad has finished every non-young adult Sanderson book and my friend has finished almost all) so I decided to read some more of his works. As of now I’ve read The Rithmatist, Alcatraz and Evil Librarians (both around 2017) and Skyward (as of a few days ago) and want to finish this series and read a few more of Sanderson’s works, as they all sound so fun.