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  1. I posted a related theory a while back, except I think it speaks to Adonalsium being alive. Odium's exclamation at Dalinar was specifically, "We killed you, we killed you!" I think the "we" are the ones who shattered Adolnasium, and that Odium is seeing him somehow. According to Ishar, it's possible to see more clearly into the spiritual realm when an ideal is sworn, so it seems possible. At least, I think it does. The only other explanation of what would horrify Odium is if he saw one of the shards, based on the information we currently have. And the only shard Dalinar has a direct connection to is Honor. But as far as I know, Odium killed Tanavast by himself, without help from the other shards. I suppose he could be referring to his underlings in the "we", but that doesn't feel right. People in positions of power tend to speak of their accomplishments as their own; when people underneath them contribute, it's all a part of their own power. But when equals accomplish such a task, then people tend to think of it as "we"
  2. Completely agree with all three points. It's very difficult to directly compare hard magic systems and soft ones because soft systems have far fewer rules. It's why I prefer medium and hard systems, since it's much harder to just have someone pull of a miracle for the story. The writer has to build toward it, like with the ideals. Doesn't surprise me that some Sith can do crazy stuff like that. Although, I did some research, and apparently it is possible to temporarily or permanently cut off a force users connection to the Force without direct physical contact, which I bet a fully realized BondSmith could do. I don't think there's any way to predict who'd win a fight like that, except that whoever struck first would probably win. And definitely, it's the self healing that tips the scales in the Radiants' favor. Without that, and/or Shardplate, an archer/ambusher could drop a Radiant with a well aimed shot to the head. Difficult, as Kaladin proved, but much easier than stopping someone who can recover from almost any conventional wound.
  3. Exactly. Dalinar's fight with Ishar proved that a BondSmith is capable of truly incredible things. Even Odium (the old one) was worried about what might happen if Dalinar learned to use the full extent of his powers. Saying Luke/Vader/Yoda/Palpatine are unbeatable against most radiants is unreasonable. If surge binding is capable of nuclear power, as RoW hints at, then most likely BondSmiths are capable of it. I'm not as knowledgeable about Star Wars as some, but very few force users, if any, could be capable of stopping that level of power. As for who would win with BondSmiths against the most powerful forces users such as Luke/Vader/Yoda/Palpatine, that's harder to say. We don't know the upper limits of a BondSmith's power, but if Odium fears Dalinar's potential, that says a lot. On the other hand, being able to pull entire space ships with the force says a lot about the upper class level of force users, and supposedly some high end Jedi could do more. Who knows would would win that fight. My opinion earlier is more about the average force user against the average radiant, in which I lean toward the radiants.
  4. I'm not sure about the first one, but if I recall, one of the coded messages they found in Uritheru suggested that the singers were still continuing to fight. It's possible that this was only in reference to the false desolation, but it could also mean the Singers were righting that entire time.
  5. It's kind of hard to say for me. I don't think it would be as clear cut as some people think. Yes, shardplate would presumably block a lightsaber, and the radiant's healing would make them very difficult to stop. I think their automatic recovery is what makes the especially formidable, more than anything else. But on the other hand, what some force users like Yoda and Vader can move with the Force is ridiculous. I lean toward radiants being the winners, especially since BondSmiths could probably just steal their connection to the Force and instantly win. Other surge binding like soulcasting would be useful, but not a guaranteed victory. I think a force connection would count as being highly invested, resisting soul casting. And Jedi have their own abilities, are are warriors trained their whole lives, which not all radiants are. But the radiants' endurance seem like they'd be able to overcome Jedi, more times than not.
  6. Honestly, I have too many to keep track of. But here are three of mine. Kaladin; "If I kill a man, I'm going to do it in the sunlight, and I'm going to do it only because there is no other way." Shallan; "I'm sure you were quite brave,"..."Though, probably not as brave as the poor men who have to clean your armor." Pattern; "No mating!"
  7. I always assumed that, since it was a dead-eye blade, the effect just wasn’t as strong. After Kaladin speaks the third ideal, his eyes turn pale blue instantly after he summons Syl as a blade. The same way that dead blades and plate aren’t as powerful or versatile as living radiant blades and plate, the eye changing effect is lessened.
  8. It’s not conclusive, but I think the blade is described as having vines on it. That sounds like a cultivation spren. I’d think that would mean green eyes.
  9. A lot of people have had a similar theory; that humans being more expressive of their emotions makes them easier to feed off of. It was the theory I subscribed to, until I had this idea. Either one seems seems like a good explanation to me. But as far as I knew, I was the first one to come up with this idea about singer souls being stronger (say that three times fast) and so I wanted people’s thoughts on it.
  10. That is a good point, but there are a couple of problems. For one thing, he says the spren wouldn't like it, so you wouldn't see it very often. Which means it's possible, but not common. Syl said that Parshendi can not become surgebinders, meaning that as far as she knew, it was impossible, not unlikely. Secondly, Brandon appears to be referring to higher spren, since the questioner asks about having two shardblades. Admittedly, Syl once seemed possessive of Kaladin when some glory spren appeared around his head in Oathbringer. But on the other hand, radiants form bonds with the shardplate spren, which are lesser spren, as part of the fourth ideal, so it doesn't seem out of the question. And the radiant spren don't always like the lesser spren of shardplate. Pattern even calls the creation spren that gather around Shallan useless things in WoR. Well, my point is to explain why the spren don't like bonding singers. And while radiants like Shallan might be the exception, it's still a possibility, so that alone shouldn't exclude Singer children.
  11. Saying "Shall we?" does sounds very much like an invitation to begin the duel, after which Ruthar says "Fine.", a clear acceptance. I agree there is some nuance there since after that Wit said he wanted to use a champion, but still. Dalinar himself admits nothing illegal is going on during all of this. I think Elhokar mentions to Dalinar that if Adolin pulls out of that duel he forfeits all the Shards he wagered, so it does seem like the only options are to fight or forfeit. There's no official winner of that contest, but Dalinar does give a mark of respect indicating he considers Aratin the victor. Technically, you can. The duel with Adolin and Kaladin in the arena was inspired by a duel Sadeus had. In that duel, Sadeus paused the fighting several times to up the stakes in order to create a bigger spectacle to earn the right of challenge from Gavilar. Though to be fair, you have a point. Wit did say he accepted the trial by combat, then asked Ruthar, "Shall we?", and only after Ruthar accepted did he say he wanted to use a champion. That does seem like the sort of thing you'd need to say before inviting the start of the duel. He probably only said it to make sure the duel happened then and there, but without knowing Alethi laws regarding duels (which I'd bet aren't clear) there's no real way to say for sure. I don't think it provoked him further. Ruthar paused when Dalinar spoke. I think it's more that the conversation just gave him a chance to vent a lot of grievances he felt. He probably should have said that he wanted to call a champion before inviting Ruthar to begin, but I agree. I don't think that would be enough to invalidate the duel.
  12. I suppose that's a possibility. We know that some types of spren were imagined by someone other than humans. Maybe even someone other than singers, now wouldn't that be a good twist. That seems unlikely. Pattern bonded Shallan, despite her already having bonded Design. Pattern even says in Oathbringer that if Shallan kills him, the Cryptics will send another to bond her. And if Design was willing to bond Shallan so young, they'd probably bond young singers too, who don't require taking a form to think. And Timber bonded both Eshonai and Venli, who were both Regals, and Rlain with Tumi.
  13. That's another possibility. One of the Listener's songs touches on that, something about being too close to "their realm". I think they kind of tie together. Being too close to Shadesmar is probably also part of their connection to the spiritual realm, strengthening their souls. Or maybe their connection is what brings them too close to Shadesmar.
  14. That's kind of what I'm talking about. Part of my point on this is to explain how and why humans are able to provide more benefits to the spren than singers. Perhaps the singers could have formed Nahael bonds, but that seems unlikely, if Syl is correct in telling Dalinar that a BondSmith discovered the Nahael bond.
  15. Kaladin was complaining about how the light eyes in kholinar were throwing parties despite being under siege. Scar and Drehy pointed out how dark eyed people did similar things, even while fighting was going on. They weren’t saying “not all light eyes”, they were pointing out that the groups weren’t so different.