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  1. I need to reread Elantris. Or is this from WoBs? Anywho, if the chanting is as versatile as Aons, it can probably create subtler twists, but they'll likely grant weaker abilities.
  2. The trouble with theorizing about Dakhor magic is that we know next to nothing about it. How are the bones carved? Do they cut their arms open and carve into them, or do they do something external that causes the bones to deform into shape? Unless we learn what the process is, I'm not sure whether it's possible to determine whether they can be made subtle or not.
  3. Yeah, you can just cover them up.
  4. ... Guys, I think I know what happens in Stormlight 5.
  5. I wonder if you could Connect yourself to a relative time. Say, "last week". Not January 7th, but last week, whenever that happens to be today.
  6. Isn't that what Miles does? His metalminds are stabbed into his body, and he's a compounder. It would be trivial to burn a little bit of Invested gold every now and then when it's literally attached to you 24/7.
  7. I'm having trouble understanding how that interaction could have worked. Preservation can keep things from being destroyed, while Ruin can destroy things that already exist. How do they, together, create new things?
  8. That raises more questions for me, actually. If they weren't bound by their intents, either of them could create on their own using the power of Adonalsium. I understand that they made a bargain to work together. What I don't understand is how they performed the creation. How do forces of destroying and preserving combine to create?
  9. The word "Elantris" bugs me because I'm not sure if I misunderstood the rules for pronouncing Aonic words, if "Elantris" is an exception or if the name of the book is pronounced differently from the name of the city. Here's my issue: Brandon pronounces it EH-LAHN-TREES. However, by my understanding of Aonic, it should be pronounced EE-LAYN-TRIES. What am I missing?
  10. Thanks.
  11. Not a specific magic system, but rather mechanical magic systems in general; stuff like fabrials, ettmetal machines and unsealed metalminds. It relates to two concepts that I really like: magic that anybody can use and magical technology. I like imagining that if I were to somehow enter a fantasy world, I would be able to use the magic in that world, and I also really like both the function and aesthetics of machines and gadgets that run on magic.
  12. That is actually a pretty good point - and I'm rethinking my idea of pulse reflection, anyhow. Pulling metals feel like they're pulling you in rather than coming towards you, which I don't think would be possible if it were a reflected pulse.
  13. Which is likely Allomancy-based, as the Ones Above have been implied to be future Scadrians.
  14. Having said what I said, I like @cometaryorbit's suggestion that allomantic detection is related to Nalthian life sense, especially given this Coppermind entry that I just checked: (emphasis mine)
  15. It feels just like a regular metal. Why should there be a difference, though? Whether pulsed out or reflected, it's a pulse coming at you.
  16. Whenever the topic of atium mistings is brought up I see someone talk about how atium mistings only exist in Hero of Ages because Preservation changed the rules Allomancy/Snapping to make it possible so his plan would work. Why? Where is that stated? Did I miss that detail in the books, or is it from a WoB or Annotations? Besides being a god metal (which to me is not a good enough justification) I see no reason why there shouldn't be atium mistings.
  17. I did check Coppermind before posting the question, but they have no citation, so I'm left with the question of just where that idea comes from.
  18. The WoB I linked says that you can do it (I should have quoted it, but I was on the phone and it didn't cross my mind): One thing I want to note is that the WoB I'm quoting is from 2021 according to Arcanum, while yours is from 2015; he had time to decide. We can only be sure if we get to see in a story, anyhow.
  19. Could we and the Scadrians be looking at this in reverse? Copper is a pulling metal and bronze is a pushing metal. Could a Seeker actually be sending out pulses and listening for the reflections, while a Smoker absorbs or muffles those pulses, preventing the Seeker from listening? Investiture resists Investiture. Allomancers burning metals are Invested. If you send out a pulse and it hits someone burning a metal, it's like a sound hitting a wall, and depending on the metal being burned, that "sound" reflects differently.
  20. You might not need raysium for that. Brandon has said that you can steal Breath with nicrosil spikes, though he hasn't elaborated on how that's done. Relevant WoB:
  21. You might be onto something here: look at the Shattered Plains. I also believe that anti-Investiture is used by Shards to splinter other Shards, which is related to the notion of using anti-Tones to harm enemies.
  22. This isn't going to be a full-fledged theory, but rather some thoughts that I've been having for a while. I was looking up some details on Feruchemy for tabletop gaming purposes (I could find no conclusive answer as to whether it has to be snapped like Allomancy), and I stumbled upon this WOB that gave me an implication and reminded me of an idea I had. Here's the WOB: The Implication The parts that got my attention were these: "Piercing someone's body with Invested metal can have weird effects all through the Cosmere" "ripping off a piece of a person's soul using an un-Invested spike to Invest it and create one is different" "For instance if you've got a spike that's Invested and you stick it into a Kandra on Scadrial it will still work as an Invested Hemalurgic spike" The implication is that any Invested spike can be used for Hemalurgic purposes, including such things as metalminds, Lashed metals, Forged metals or otherwise Invested metals that are inserted in the body. Can anybody point me to a WOB that categorically denies that you can use a metalmind as a spike? The Idea My other idea is far-fetched, though I'm not entirely certain whether it's more or less crazy than what I implied above. Here's my thought process: objects have minds. They have a Cognitive aspect, and they're aware. They know what they are, they remember what they were, and they can be Connected to people, places, other objects, and more. Objects must have a spiritweb, though it may be rudimentary. Hemalurgy works by altering a spiritweb. If you rip off a piece of a person's spiritweb and staple it to someone else, the latter person becomes a little more like the former person in some way, though the process may twist them into something unnatural. What if you took a piece of a person's spiritweb and stapled it into someTHING else? Say I steal a Coinshot's alomantic ability, take the bloody spike from his chest and stab it into a bracelet? Can I transfer the allomantic ability to the bracelet? Can I take the density of steel and splice it into a human's bones? Can I steal a person's strength and splice it into a Feruchemist's pewtermind? Can I steal a memory from a Feruchemist's coppermind and staple it into a person's mind (and would that memory decay over time)?
  23. I know. What I mean is that to steal allomantic bronze, you need a bronze spike. That means piercing the victim with a piece of bronze, then placing that same piece of bronze into the receiver's body. If the earring is coated in silver and the coating was intact at the time of the stealing, the bronze would not have touched Vin's sister's blood (or her body at all), meaning you do not need direct contact between the spike and the person to perform Hemalurgy. How this information might be useful, I am not sure right now, but it stuck out to me when I was rereading recently.
  24. Vin's earring is an especially interesting case, as the spike is made of bronze, but the earring itself is gilded (?) with silver, so it may be that the spike itself never touched blood, or a person's flesh, in the first place. The spike is stated to have lost some of the silver coating "years ago" (before or after it was used on her sister?), though.
  25. That's a really good point. Hemalurgy can be used (as a term) in a broader way than just stapling spiritwebs together; I may have been distracted by my own limited thinking in my original post. This makes me think of Miles Hundredlives. His goldminds were piercings, stabbed into his body so he could be compounding all the time. Could this have allowed Trell to influence his mind, even though they weren't "proper" Hemalurgic spikes (that we know, anyway)? But that's a conversation for another thread, I think.