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  1. I think the correct answer is somewhere between these.
  2. Little nit-pick, but I want to point out that Rayse is the one who keeps trying to make Odium be seen as the god of Passion. The one glimpse we get of the Shard itself near the end of ROW, it looks like this: Rage, vindictiveness and destruction. The pure, isolated hatred of a god. This detail aside, I agree with you, and I think Rayse's characterization of Odium as Passion was used to manipulate the people of Roshar, both singers and humans.
  3. Sounds like a question about koloss-blooded people to me. As for the rest, here are my impressions: Firstly, I think there's a Physical component to the genetics of the Metallic Arts. If there's an actual set of chromosomes that is associated with the Spiritual component that gives Allomancy/Feruchemy, then just splicing the spiritual "gene" may not be enough to pass on the ability to children. Secondly, and possibly alternatively, spiking may not actually merge the stolen soul piece into the spiritweb. It would be like holding Breaths: it changes you in significant ways, but the Breath/spike is not actually a part of you. This is actually evidenced, to me, by the fact that you can safely pull out a spike (your mileage may vary on that) to swap powers.
  4. Without further information on how Kelsier acquired his new body, I assume that he exists independently from the body itself (as he was transformed into a shadow without a physical body, unlike a Returned, for example). Thus, I assume that killing him in regular means (i.e. no anti-Investiture, gemstone raysium dagger, Nightblood, etc.) will simply separate the shadow from the body and he will survive in the cognitive realm.
  5. And now every line by Fuzz makes twice as much sense. Twice as much sense isn't much sense at all, sadly, but it's something.
  6. I think it could be all of those things. We know telepathy through Connection is a thing (Shardblades, and I also think there's a WOB on that). Maybe the Hemalurgic effect of trellium involves the kind of Connection that permits telepathy - it's probably the same mechanism that lets Harmony speak to the spiked, which may be the same mechanism that lets him control the intensely spiked.
  7. It was a joke. I'm thrilled for a new Hemalurgy table.
  8. I was thinking of the process they use in airships. They seem to somehow consume ettmetal in place of steel for flying, so I imagine you may be able to rig it to fill spikes with the Investiture from ettmetal.
  9. Your ideas are interesting, but hear me out: duplicating spikes. Instead of using ettmetal to boost a single spike, use it to charge extra spikes using the first one as a blueprint. Multiple spikings for the price of one death - and that's assuming they haven't figured out how to do hemalurgy without killing yet, which IIRC is possible.
  10. There can never be a complete Hemalurgy table. It would be a mile wide. I'd really like a more detailed table, though. Ooh. That's an even more interesting idea than my idea of spiking a metalmind.
  11. She can't, actually. That said, the ability to use Stormlight and Lifelight would not necessarily imply the ability to use Towerlight. She might be able to produce it without being able to use it.
  12. I'm stoked for more info on the Metallic Arts in general. TLM will be an exciting book.
  13. Grab a silver chain, attach it to the Blade on one end, say "Coil when pulled" (the exact command may be different) and stick a stupidly large number of Breaths into the chain to Awaken it. This should create a tether that will resist Shardblades and will bring the Blade back to you when tugged. A bracelet on the other end of the chain would be nice to prevent the user from dropping the chain itself. Combine that with a shorter chain, and you don't need to actually awaken it - have a compounder fill it instead*, for example. That should be safer, in fact. I've chosen silver because it is not a viable allomantic metal and thus we should not have... issues... like happened with Nightblood. It's not a perfect choice, though, as silver is relevant in other magic systems (e.g. Threnody), but I'm not certain that organic material, however Invested, would be capable of blocking a Shardblade. If it could, then a simple rope should do the job. This doesn't solve the issue of losing the power when you drop the Blade, though. Perhaps an unsealed duraluminmind can be made such that it automatically Connects its user to the Blade, rather than Connecting them to the land. EDIT: *Obviously, a compounder can't fill a silver chain. Use a different metal, like steel, if you're not going to Awaken it.
  14. That's a fair point.
  15. There's a theory that I dismissed as silly in the past. Hemalurgy is not a planet-bound magic system. You can spike anyone anywhere, as long as you know what you're doing. Furthermore, allomancy doesn't use gems on Roshar, and Awakening still requires Breath. Naturally, a hemalurgic spike would have to be made of metal. That's how the magic works. ... or is it? I find myself wondering now whether it would be possible (I don't think it would be a requirement) to use Rosharan gemstones as hemalurgic spikes. A polestone is able to adopt a charge of Investiture - they can be charged by Stormlight and Taldain's sunlight, potentially the Dor as well. It doesn't seem like much of a stretch to use a polestone as a hemalurgic spike. To steal what, I have no idea. EDIT: I forgot to mention organic spikes. Previously living matter - bones, wood, cloth - can be Invested using Breath. Can you use a bone as a spike? In this case I think it would require a hack of the magic system, e.g. you would need to use an Awakened bone, or at least one containing Breath, as I don't think ordinary non-metallic objects are capable of spontaneously adopting a charge of Investiture.
  16. Anyone can use hemalurgy.
  17. The actual WOB is that there is some of Ruin's Investiture in Nightblood, not that hemalurgy was involved. That does not mean hemalurgy - in fact, there's little reason to think spikes contain Ruin's Investiture to begin with. That's kind of the point: Ruin does not give you Investiture like Preservation does; you have to steal it from other people. That should work. Invested objects resist Shardblades. Shardblades are very Invested, however; I'm not sure how many Breaths' worth of Investiture would be needed to stop one.
  18. Dalinar glues Kadash to the floor with Adhesion in Oathbringer.
  19. I don't want authoritative answers, I want wild mass guessing. Who are the other siblings? Stormfather? Nightwatcher? Ba-Ado-Mishram? All of the above? None of the above? Just happens to be their name? One of the Heralds?
  20. I can confirm that the Brazilian versions of Mistborn leave the word atium unchanged. As you say, however, this doesn't say much beyond the translators deciding not to mess with the made-up word. Spren can manifest as crystal to create fabrials, as we know from ROW. There's also the tenuous theory that soulstone from Emperor's Soul is solid Investiture. Regarding the theory itself, it's interesting but I don't think it's the case. I think it's more likely that the naming pattern is a coincidence and Adonalsium was a lot like a Shard as we know them today.
  21. Also, someone asked Brandon on a livestream about rain, and he said that it's in the book. There is rain, and we will know what happens when it rains.
  22. This isn't going to be a full-fledged theory, but rather some thoughts that I've been having for a while. I was looking up some details on Feruchemy for tabletop gaming purposes (I could find no conclusive answer as to whether it has to be snapped like Allomancy), and I stumbled upon this WOB that gave me an implication and reminded me of an idea I had. Here's the WOB: The Implication The parts that got my attention were these: "Piercing someone's body with Invested metal can have weird effects all through the Cosmere" "ripping off a piece of a person's soul using an un-Invested spike to Invest it and create one is different" "For instance if you've got a spike that's Invested and you stick it into a Kandra on Scadrial it will still work as an Invested Hemalurgic spike" The implication is that any Invested spike can be used for Hemalurgic purposes, including such things as metalminds, Lashed metals, Forged metals or otherwise Invested metals that are inserted in the body. Can anybody point me to a WOB that categorically denies that you can use a metalmind as a spike? The Idea My other idea is far-fetched, though I'm not entirely certain whether it's more or less crazy than what I implied above. Here's my thought process: objects have minds. They have a Cognitive aspect, and they're aware. They know what they are, they remember what they were, and they can be Connected to people, places, other objects, and more. Objects must have a spiritweb, though it may be rudimentary. Hemalurgy works by altering a spiritweb. If you rip off a piece of a person's spiritweb and staple it to someone else, the latter person becomes a little more like the former person in some way, though the process may twist them into something unnatural. What if you took a piece of a person's spiritweb and stapled it into someTHING else? Say I steal a Coinshot's alomantic ability, take the bloody spike from his chest and stab it into a bracelet? Can I transfer the allomantic ability to the bracelet? Can I take the density of steel and splice it into a human's bones? Can I steal a person's strength and splice it into a Feruchemist's pewtermind? Can I steal a memory from a Feruchemist's coppermind and staple it into a person's mind (and would that memory decay over time)?
  23. My impression has been that they can't burn metals that are completely invalid (e.g. silver), only impure metals, which Mistings should also be able to burn. That is correct.
  24. I believe that as we progress into the future of the Cosmere, Scadrian usage of magic will become more and more tied to mechanical magics like medallions and ettmetal machines. From what glimpses we've seen of the future, it appears that Scadrians will eventually merge the Metallic Arts with their electronics, and I will go so far as to suggest that in Era 4 that will be the only form in which we'll see Allomancy being used. Being genetic, Allomancy and Feruchemy become weaker over time. This is not as pronounced in Feruchemy due to the nature of the magic system (you take as much as you give), but it's quite noticeable in Allomancy. Elend is noted by Vin to be incredibly powerful, due to his undiluted Allomancy; any Allomancer from Era 1 would be similarly strong in comparison if brought to Era 2. Unless the magic is fundamentally changed or the Shard starts providing lerasium every now and then to refresh the sDNA pool, Allomancy will wilt into parlor tricks given enough time. Enter mechanical magic. The specifics of the allomantic machines are not yet clear, but I'd wager you can make a machine that is more powerful than a human - SoScad airships come to mind. I suspect that primer cube technology can also be extrapolated to provide a means for amplifying one's own powers, allowing the weaker Allomancers of the space age to use their powers productively. These are my predictions: In Era 4, Allomancers as we know them now will be legends Mistings will still exist, but they will not be able to do much without the equivalent of allomantic fabrials We will see more technology that manipulates Investiture Any thoughts or criticisms?
  25. I may be pointing out the obvious here, but this is something I see brought up every now and then and wanted to discuss. There is a WoB that confirms that it is possible to use Feruchemy to support Allomancy; like Compounding, but in the opposite direction. I believe we have seen a form of this in the books already. When Wax pushes with increased weight, his metalminds are drained, consuming his Feruchemical reserves to power his Allomancy. When he drains the metalminds to become extremely heavy and then pushes, the reserves are gone in an instant, like burning duralumin on his metalminds. Why should that happen? An ironmind simply makes you heavier, which should make your steelpushes stronger as a side effect, but when Wax does that, it drains the metalminds. To me, this is an indication that what is actually happening is that Wax is converting between forms of Investiture, taking power from his metalminds and plugging it into his Allomancy, just like a Compounder takes power from their Allomancy and plugs it into their metalminds. I wonder what other Twinborn combinations could do something like this. F-Duralumin could boost emotional Allomancy, and maybe F-Chromium could enhance internal temporal metals by accessing more Fortune.