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    a hopeless romantic teenager who wishes for a real relationship
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    Utah, unfortunately.
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    Pretending I am not a hopeless romantic that will never get a girlfriend
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    Being a rebel to my parents expectations.
  1. Happy birthday, Graves! where are you?

  2. Happy birthday Gravesie!

  3. Where've you been, my friend? It's been a minute.

  4. Question I have been meaning to ask for forever??

    What's a shardbuddy??

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    2. Labyrinth


      I do like Wiz’, don’t worry 

    3. Being of Cacophony

      Being of Cacophony

      wow. being called Being is weird :P their explanations are good, but... there's just something about surprise adopting, ya know?

    4. Hollow Graves

      Hollow Graves

      surprise adopting is fun.

      I have been on the receiving end from some of my senior friends doing it in the middle of art class.

  5. Guys!!!!!

    Conan Gray dropped a new song yesterday. It is so good. I have been listening to it in repeat for like an hour. Its called Never Ending Song.

    The music video was just awesome too.

  6. How do you guys post art on here? I have no idea but I want to share my art with you guys.

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    2. Edema Rue

      Edema Rue

      Ooh I bet it's awesome, I'm excited to see!

    3. Morningtide


      Awesome! That sounds really cool!

    4. Being of Cacophony

      Being of Cacophony

      I don't post art :D

  7. Nope TPBM is in college or high school
  8. veto your veto and I veto the revoking of power. And I am considering myself winning.
  9. I am always confused when I get on here. I have no idea what is going on right now 1673
  10. I am reading Gideon the Ninth. It is so good. I am only like 9% the way through the book though. @Szeth's Facepalm thanks for recommending it.
  11. It depends on which Star Trek we are talking about. Why?
  12. I have already read it. For school unfortunately. I think I would have liked it better if it was for school. I was meaning Red White and Royal Blue fore the recommending sorry. I dont always talk super clearly.