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  1. Whoa. Being gone for five days and now I have to read 47 status up dates. You guys are the best.

    Well. I am 3 days late but who care. HAPPY PRIDE MONTH guys. It is nice to have supportive friends here and in person. My family is so homophobic and that makes it so that I can't tell them that I am pan and all that jazz. Also just thought that you guys should know, I really don't care what pronouns that you use for me. 

    School ended a week ago. Unfortunately so did my seasonal depression and PTSD. I have anxiety and when I can't stay in the loop with my friends (I am almost 16 and my parents still wont get me a phone) it gets worse. You guys do help a lot and it is great to talk with you. 

    I will be on here even less then I was during the school year and just want you guys to know that you are all great and supportive people. 

    So that is all that is up with me.

  2. Academia Tenebrosa, the all holy Guild, to which I now belong always and forever, I do now, always, and forever swear fealty to thee, until my story ends, either in this Reality or in the Reality I craft. Academia Tenebrosa, Semper Et Aeternus. I swear, for as long as I am a part of this Guild, to craft a story worth reading, to craft a story worth crafting, regardless of time required, regardless of materials required, and regardless of assistance required. Might as well join the group.
  3. I don't have time to read all of this. So sorry if it was already asked. What is your favorite song and band?
  4. Their beautiful. I love them. The vibes are amazing. I just have to say that I love all of you. You are an amazing support group and just generally amazing people that are easy to talk to.
  5. Is nobody else listening to villain music playlist? If you are, sunsetdreams on YouTube does some pretty good ones. Or am I just the weird kid who does that to get into the villain mindset for writing?
  6. Rereading Shadow Queen by C. J. Redwine. Highly recommended if you like fairytale-ish retellings.
  7. I am playing Kingdom of Amalur Re-reckoning but no buddy seems to know what game that is.
  8. Unfortunately, I am not watching anything. To busy with school work. Do you guys have any recommendations?
  9. Sulks off to a dark corner with a Brandon Sanderson book. "Fine. You win this time."
  10. "What?! I wasn't doing anything"
  11. Demon quietly attempts to leave the clinic.
  12. It will be better in the long run @Szeth's Facepalm. I have had to keep it from people and it is not fun. And the people like that are not the easiest to be around. I am so glad that I found this thread. I only get to talk about my sexuality with very few friends. And my parents hate the LGBTQ+ Community. I am bisexual.
  13. I am panicking. Why am I panicking? That sign does the reverse.
  14. Why?! Why would someone do that to pizza?