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  1. Thanks for the tips! I will put them to good use!
  2. Thank you! Great points! I'm looking forward to getting more involved in the community. The Cosmere is crazy and I'm hoping to talk about these crazy things with people who are crazy about it! Any tips for a new person on the forum?
  3. I had to balance out least favorite from properly hated. Sure I hate Moash but in the way that you love a villain.
  4. Thanks for saying Hi!
  5. There are so many good characters, but any chapter with Wayne or The Lopen is a winner to me. I feel like if I had to choose my least favorite character, it would be the onscreen Lord Ruler. The offscreen Lord Ruler really did some crazy stuff, and I loved his whole lore, but the onscreen Lord Ruler, a full feruchemist/Mistborn who is a sliver who held the power with untold knowledge, just kinda went poof lol. The onscreen Lord Ruler is kinda a putz. You made me say it lmao!
  6. I will have to think about this. Let me get back to you on that haha least favorite character is a tough one.
  7. I really enjoy fantasy, but science fiction really is close to my heart. I honestly feel Brandon Sanderson's Cosmere really fits both categories and is probably how I fell in love with the Cosmere. Some other authors I enjoy are Dennis E. Taylor, Andy Weir, and Craig Alanson. One of my favorite authors is Dennis E. Taylor, who wrote the Bobiverse Series. I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves sci-fi and also a good laugh.
  8. Hello everyone! New here after my long journey of exploring the Cosmere! I started reading at the beginning of the pandemic, and what an excellent way to spend the time! My introduction was with The Emperor's Soul, then really getting into it with Mistborn and beyond! Looking forward to my time here!