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  1. So we know that Radiants are overwhelmed by the screams of the deadeye spren when touching a dead shardblade, and according to RoW Fused experience the same or something similar that makes it difficult for most of them to use dead shards. What I'm curious about is, do you think this is because they're both surgebinders, or is it simply a matter of being invested? Heralds, I expect, would also hear the screams, but what about other invested entities? Would a metalborn hear the screams? A Returned? What about someone who is not Returned but in possession of a lot of Breath? Elantrians? Would a Forger be invested enough to her the screams? What are your thoughts?
  2. I was giving thought to the logistical difficulties involved in space travel/worldhopping, and one thing that came to mind is that that Rosharans might be adversely affected by something as simple as a lack of highstorms on long voyages. Here we have a planet where everything's evolved in a fairly investiture-rich environment, which we see reflected in things like gemhearts and how plants grow better when given highstorm water. So what happens when we remove native Rosharans from this environment for long periods of time? Well, I'm guessing that at least for rookie spacers/worldhoppers, they'd begin feeling slightly ill and lethargic from the lack of Light after enough time, even if their actual health isn't in serious danger. I can imagine this being called something like "stormless sickness" or "a case of the dims" or something like that. I don't think this is a hugely important detail, and I've got no clue if I'm actually onto something or not, but it's fun to think about how the little biological quirks of the various Cosmere peoples would affect their lives outside their native worlds.
  3. I've begun writing a crossover wherein Ranma Saotome of Ranma 1/2 fame gets dropped—via a Magic Item of the Week in his universe—into the middle of a highstorm on the Shattered Plains. It's still early in the story, so there's not a ton of divergence yet, but hopefully you find it enjoyable.
  4. Well, we see Vasher and Vivenna use complex commands like "grab things," "protect me," "become as my legs and give them strength," and "fight for me as if you were me." So I think that a proper visualization of a command similar to "move as if you were my arm" would turn it into, essentially, a flesh-and-blood prosthetic. I don't think it'd restore sensation in the arm though, unless putting Breath in the limb somehow allowed its spiritual aspect to grow back into your Spiritweb, either instantly or over time.
  5. I had a thought, what if your limb (or theoretically someone else's, but let's stick to a single hypothetical test subject for now) were deadened by a shardblade, and you used Breath to awaken it? You'd need the right command and Intent, obviously, but I imagine that since human bodies are some of the most efficient things to awaken, and a deadened limb is basically part of a corpse that's still Physically alive, it would be very receptive to awakening.
  6. I'm heavily on-board with the StormFaker (specifically Ishar being the impersonator) theory. I hadn't quite put it all together while listening to the prologue, but it makes sense of a lot of things that had stuck out as odd to me in a very logical way. I also want to comment on two of the points brought up against it, the WoBs that Gavilar was on the path to being a Bondsmith for a while and the he was receiving visions from the Stormfather. Looking at the visions WoB, Brandon says that they're the same visions, but technically comes just short of saying that the Stormfather himself was the one sending them (though that would be the logical conclusion to reach with what we knew at the time). As for the Bondsmith WoB, if Ishar was trying to find a way to replace himself with Gavilar in the Oathpact, then I would certainly say Gavilar was on the path to being a Bondsmith... just a Bondsmith Herald, not a Bondsmith Radiant. Also, hype for further evidence of "Chanarach was Shallan's mom, went to Braize when Shallan killed her, and broke almost instantly as opposed to Taln breaking" theory, since according to the people who have done the math the timelines fit together almost perfectly.
  7. Don't forget that, despite being a broadly intelligent and curious person, Sigzil's worldsinger training is in cultures, and also that what Rosharan magic has in raw power, Scadrian magic has in diversity of abilities. I can totally buy him being able to recognize and read Scadrian writing but failing to clock on to a specific sub-type of one of its magics, especially if it's being applied in a very unorthodox way.
  8. We know incredibly, incredibly little about the Aether of Wind, only that it was an early prototype of Syl's character alluded to in an (unpublished) project that Brandon did a little bit of work on called Climb the Sky back in the early 2000s. Big props to @Pagerunner for having done the legwork to find and compile what we do know. That said, I really like your theory, especially since someone else has now gotten a "kinda" confirmation on the same theory I had up there, that the Essences and Aethers follow the same patterns. I've been puzzling over for a while now how the fluidization would work, since you'd need some sort of Investiture at play to avoid the planet from running out of pressurized air, and having wind-aligned spores that produce pressurized gas sounds like a very tidy answer to that question.
  9. That makes sense. Though I do gotta say, I don't envy people in 'gap generations.' All of the knowledge that your family had you for the purpose of producing powerful heirs, and none of the benefits of being a demigod yourself.
  10. I've seen a lot of magic systems over the years which rely on direct inheritability, with strong magic users being prone to producing children with strong magic, and weak magic users passing only weak magic on to their children, if any. The most common logical end result I see of this, at least in societies that value magical power, is magic slowly becoming concentrated into exlusive bloodlines as strong mages try to have children with other strong mages. That got me thinking about the potential opposite; a system where magic is hereditary (so you still need to be descended from someone with magic to use it), but your own magical power tends to 'wash out' that of your children. A strong mage will always have children with weak magic, the combined power of two sufficiently strong mages might snuff out the spark of magic in their descendants entirely, and two people with nigh-nonexistent magic might have a child with unrivaled power. What do you think the social effects of such a system would be like, where mages are actively disincentivized from having children with other mages (particularly powerful ones) if they want them to be powerful? Edit: For the sake of streamlining things, let's also say that a mage + a pure non-mage would produce mage children with about half the strength of the mage parent. That way 1) the setting presents a reliable way to produce extremes of magic by 'breeding low' over several generations and then 'breeding high,' and 2) you don't just have powerful mages having children exclusively with non-mages to get around destructive interference.
  11. I'll happily concede to the plausibility of your other points, but I do want to clarify something. I actually don't see any particular reason for Feruchemists and Awakeners to develop other abilities on Roshar, because their abilities don't use bonds as a foundation, which is what I think is the important thing here. Seons and aviar, on the other hand, do work through forming bonds, just like spren do. Of course, as you pointed out the fact that aviar are biological rather than Type 1 entities could be a limiting factor, I just wanted to clarify that I'm proposing bond magic specifically has extra effects on Roshar, not just any kind of invested art.
  12. Well, one of them anyway. I doubt we'll make it through the finale of the first Stormlight cycle without big character moments going off all over the place, but I think Lift's going to be especially significant. My reasoning is as follows: First and foremost, for me, is the fact that she's the only character who has a boon from Cultivation that we haven't yet seen come to a climax. We've seen the end result of her meddling with Dalinar in Oathbringer with him resisting Odium, and her plans for Taravangian when he killed Rayse and took up Odium in Rhythm of War, so it makes sense to me that we'll get a hat trick and see the big payoff of what she's done with Lift in this next book. Secondly, Szeth is going to be the big viewpoint/flashback character for book 5, and him and lift already have the foundation for a rapport on account of working together at the Battle of Thaylen Field. Szeth's fought Kal and talked with Navani, sure, but the only other radiant I can think of who he's got a stronger connection to than Lift is Dalinar, because he pledged himself specifically to his service. Thirdly, Lift currently has one of the more diverse powersets on Roshar. She's an Edgedancer. She's got a boon and a curse from the Old Magic. And as of RoW, she's bonded a chicken aviar. That last one might be doubly significant, since Brandon's said that a seon bond on Roshar would act like a Nahel bond, just not grant the same powers. This raises the possibility that not only will she get the abilities conferred by that species of aviar, but also more surgebinding or surgebinding-like abilities.
  13. Glad I wasn't the only one who thought 'aethers,' especially when looking at the number 12 and the verdant spores acting a little like pulp essence in soulcasting. With that in mind, I'm bringing back my theory that the twelve aethers will line up with the Ten Essences + Light + Dark. Thank you for linking that video @Mazman, I was able to understand well enough from the description in the story what was going on, but the video really helped me visualize it. I do wonder where the air from the vents is coming from now, though. Either there's investiture at play, or it'd be doomed to run out eventually.
  14. I'm listening to WoK again, and having gotten to the bit right after Shallan's theft of the fake soulcaster, I can't help but be struck by how lucky Jasnah is that she didn't soulcast around Shallan afterwards and how funny it would be, as a reader, if she had. She hadn't been especially shy about casual soulcasting up to that point, we find out about her using it just because she ran out of ink or needed a paperweight, so it really was pure luck that she didn't do something similar after the swap. And imagine you're Shallan when this happens. You spent all this time psyching yourself up to steal your boss' magic artifact, you're agonizing over what you've done, and then your boss just. Casually uses the broken artifact you swapped for her working one. I don't think she'd have any chance of making the Radiant connection, because nobody's seen a Radiant since forever, but she'd certainly be perplexed. Maybe perplexed enough to say something, if she wasn't careful. Or she might just be relieved and assume Jasnah has some way to make a broken soulcaster work without knowing it's broken. And with that in mind she'd hightail it back to Jah Keved, aaaaaaand things would probably end terribly for her and her brothers since Jasnah never actually had a soulcaster.
  15. Alright so I've been browsing various book five theories and fitting things together in my head, and I've got a theory about how this is all going to go down. One recurring theme that we've seen, throughout the series but especially in RoW, is this idea that "Honor is not dead so long as he lives on in the hearts of men." Wit also talks about how the contest between Dalinar and Odium will be about the hearts of the people. And while I know this isn't speaking about hearts literally, I can't help but be reminded about deadeyes coming back a little bit alive by syncing up with the heartbeats of those who hold their blades. According to WoB, the Resonance of the Windrunners is "strength of squires." They're better at forming Connections with people that let them share their power. And we've been seeing Dalinar learn to sense and tinker with Connections, and he's hoping to learn how to better use this skill from Ishar. So what if that squire Connection Kaladin has gets taken, and then strentched out to a whole bunch of people? On one level, I can imagine this simply being the Windrunners. The Radiants closest to both Honor and to Kaladin himself. But imagine if Kaladin winds up connected to everyone. Not even just humans, but singers (after all, Kaladin has shown himself to be pretty empathetic when it comes to the singers, and there's been a lot of hints at reconciliation between them and Honor) and maybe even the spren. A thousand thousand people of Honor, each drawing in a little Stormlight, their hearts beating together and each bringing Honor a little closer back to life, all with Kaladin at the focal point. And then he swears the fifth ideal, gets his final big burst of stormlight, and ascends. There are a few different factors I can think of that can maybe get us to this point. The first is that Dalinar winds up being the one responsible. Kaladin's not the only big viewpoint protagonist, so it makes sense he'd get help on this one, and this is the sort of thing Dalinar has been readying himself for. Secondly, it could be that Kaladin faces down with Moash (or someone else does, but Kal makes the most narrative sense I think) and wins Jezrien's honorblade, letting him double up his Windrunner powers and therefore his Resonance. Third, he could wind up with Ishar's honorblade, making him both a Windrunner and an unchained Bondsmith, letting him set things up himself. The biggest hurdle I can think of with that one is that Kal doesn't really have any Bondsmith training and I find it unlikely we'll see Dalinar relegated to just a mentor role. Of course, it could quite easily be a combination of some or all of these possibilities. I think this would be a satisfying way to finish out Kaladin's character arc while also giving a way for all the peoples of Roshar to prove their Honor. Of course, I don't think it'll solve all the problems, seeing as we've still got all the back half books to be filled. In fact, I can picture this being something that averts a victory by Odium, with him doing some serious damage before Honor!Kaladin ascends and is able to put him in a stalemate. One last tangential possibility that still follows the same formula is that we wind up with this network of the hearts of the people of Roshar, still centered on Kaladin, but it's Syl who winds up ascending, since she's made of Honor anyway. Of course, by that point Kal would have a Nahel bond with a Shard-Spren, and the difference between that and actually ascending is probably mostly pedantic.