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  1. I had totally forgotten to mention Rioting and Soothing! ^v^ The most excellent examples of em, I think. Glad it actually is a thing and I'm just not confused because of its subtlety heh.
  2. Just short post that I wanted to make about how I see/think Intent comes into play with the Metallic Arts.The most clear one that's on the Coppermind, I think, is really cool how you have to have some amount of Intent to want to get better or how Compounding works. But I felt like this didn't show much in the way of Intent being put in a really active way. So, how I see it is that (and I'm pretty sure it's a common interpretation) Intent is required to burn, flare, tap, and store. Since we see stuff like Kelsier teaching Vin that she has to intend to reach in and use that well of power she has inside when she first figures it. And plus, we never actually see any mechanical action that causes Allomancy and Feruchemy to work. It's just "I'm gonna use this" then it works (given they have metals to use, obviously.) Then we also see Wax needing only the mental intention to "make a steel bubble" and not "push on this." I'm sure there's a bunch of other examples. Anyway, short post over! ^v^ I just wanted to throw this out here since though I hear people agree sometimes, I don't hear it talked about or mentioned. (AFAIK, at least, so I'd love to hear some WoB or something I might not have seen!)
  3. Holy crap, I never noticed that hahaha Hoed Mantra - check. Short lapse of consciousness - check. And the general idea of something new/changing in Elantris changing AonDor and with the oddity that is deadeyes, Really good call there!
  4. Sanderson and the fandom's poggin now
  5. *monchcronmch*
  6. Thank you! And wow, good question haha I wanted to tell you yout question sparked a hell of a conversation with a friend of mine And my answer would probably depend on the book and what cast, I think heh. For Stormlight ngl it might be Venli. For Mistborn, it might be Spook. And Kenton in White Sand wasn't as pog imo lol But for the sake of seeing your number go up, I'mma say Moash (Because fr, I really like Moash as a character but yes screw Moash)
  7. Thanks! And yess, I would :3
  8. Thanks!!
  9. Thanks! I'm glad!
  10. Hey-howdy! Name's Psi, a relatively new member of the reading and fantasy community and a fan of Sanderson's works since the start of the year. I have been about on the 17th Shard Discord for a little while now and am just that one guy that posts fan art and things sometimes. Artist and lover of the cosmere is the short of it, I guess heh I came into the fantasy community for real and got hooked when I read Mistborn (yep, I'm one of those new people) and got hyper-focused on Sanderson's works. From there, I bumped around into reading more stuff! I've read all of the cosmere at this point and discussing it via forum sounds like good fun. And as a random tidbit, my favorite part of the cosmere is either Mistborn Era 2 or Stormlight Archive! Anyways! Glad to finally come around to hopping into the forum and a pleasure to meet y'all! :3 [Attached is a little bit of Zahel fan art hehe]