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  1. Doesn’t one of the honorspren say that the bond Kaladin and Syl share is wrong and Kaladin replies that they have not been intimate.
  2. What about a train like service, but instead of being propelled by an engine there are coinshots and lurchers at intervals on the track. That would be quite a jerky ride.
  3. His fake stomach is a perpendicularity and he stores it in the cognitive realm
  4. Delivering packages will be done by coinshots for an extra fee.
  5. Stick holy war
  6. I agree, she sounded much like a calmer Spensa. I found to be an enjoyable read. The slugs were nice.
  7. I am reading the knife of dreams
  8. This makes me stick because I still perceive myself as the greatest object of all time: the stick
  9. Stormlight has the singers, although they are not at the level with the Kendra.
  10. I got this randomly Kaladin: Adolin and I are having a baby. Shallan: That's gre- Kaladin, slamming adoption papers on the table: It's you, sign here.
  11. Trell Trell is Dalinar