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  1. Wow, we've all been doing it wrong! The wild! What is a common quality in snails and slugs?
  2. Everyone nodded. "If this ends up being super easy, I̷̛̱̥͆'̸̘̤̿͝l̷̬̱̈́͗l̵̫͇̍ ̵̣̈́ḅ̷̺͐ë̷͚́ ̴̪͒m̵̡̏ḁ̵͋d̶̝̜̋."
  3. Haikus are complicated ... I steal the sandwich ... I am then cursed by a witch
  4. "Once Platypus' team is ready, we'll go find that murder-y person. I'm sure we can steal some kind of gadget from Nowhere or Impossible or something that can help us find her." "Oh, it's you. You're an adventurer, right? Wanna help us kill an avatar-thing that's too ambitious for her own good and is currently competing to be Nameless' heir?"
  5. ... Did... d-did you just p-ping Chaos...? For no reason?
  6. Wait, that's how this game is played??? I always thought you just kind of edited it in your head and responded with something weird!
  7. (Colledge) Decide that you want to pursue an entirely different career. When you are about to land your spaceship on the moon.
  8. I really like any type of pine. Aspen is cool too. How are you today?
  9. "Well, there was a whole bunch of people led by that Platypus Narrator who were going to kill her too, but there's no sign of them. As for where, I have no clue. Do your new glowy powers include being amazing at hunting people?"
  10. Best magic trick ever. 30/32
  11. No, I did not. Money doesn't grow on trees, y'know! The person below me thinks chlorophyll is pretty cool.
  12. Sentient. Are you okay?
  13. "You're no fun." Everyone huffed. They had been looking forward to vaporizing people with root.
  14. "Woah, you killed him!" Everyone exclaimed. "I want to be able to kill people like that! Give me some of that root."
  15. Hey what's up, just got back from fixing that old steam locomotive- And why would they have done that? That's not how I raised them!