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  1. *Gives everybody a kitten with a bow on its head as a gift.*
  2. So, I see your location is Eridanus II. That means you are at the birthplace of the legendary John-117, fellow Halo person.

  3. Thankfully, that has never happened to me. Our dog has gotten close a few times, but he always comes back. The person below me has driven a tractor before.
  4. *Sniff.* Beautiful, simply beautiful. Gravity falls is very magical, and you've only made it better.
  5. Gets "One is the loneliest number that you'll ever do..." Inserts the color blue.
  6. Granted. It appears in your stomach, so you never get to taste it. I wish for the ability to inhale metal with no ill side effects.
  7. The air was filled with the screams of millions.
  8. Kiss Sylphrena, Marry Wyndle, Kill Design. Jewels, Wikim Davar, Sazed.
  9. Hey, I heard you got married last week? Congratulations! Where was the ceremony? Four hundred and sixty-seven would be the correct answer, if not for the fuzzy rodents everywhere.
  10. Sequence poked their head in through a window. "Psst. What's going on? This sounds interesting."
  11. "May the Goat be with you." -Han Solo
  12. Ooh, tough one... Sazed maybe? Not sure how the art one would contribute, but it's worth a shot I guess.
  13. Gets a Shard exclusive life achievement. Inserts a fresh, Idaho-grown russet potato.
  14. Oh god, the news channels are going crazy! Justin Beiber has been voted "The Best Musician of all Time!™" *Sad music plays*