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  1. My hair is so long I have to put it in an insane braid and it still almost reaches my knees. The Person Below Me is very knowledgeable in the ways of Halo Forging.
  2. The other narrators stared at them.
  3. If you opened a restaurant, what would you name it? No. Well, maybe...
  4. Ask me an extremely personal question. Fine, fine, I'll light your house on fire.
  5. "Officers, I can assure you that I did it on purpose." When someone lights your pet on fire.
  6. Sequence realized their name mistake and reset time. The narrators began showing @Ookla the unintelligible with gifts and praise, forever ignorant of Sequence's mistake.
  7. "Could you face away from the camera?... Oh yes that's much better." When you break your friend's grandma.
  8. Was no different than before. Except for one thing concerning the peach rain... Once the other narrators witnessed that the universe was not a goldfish, they began to praise Truthless, showing them with gifts.
  9. :0 I ate cream cheese and pretzels. The person below me does not like the number eight for a very serious reason.
  10. This fact just makes me sad. I don't want to be 50 years old when the Cosmere is finished. But, it's good information. I applaud you for this awesome feat.
  11. Yes. I will not elaborate. The person below me has green hair.
  12. So... Kelsier? Did someone already say that...?
  13. *Hands waiver for the destruction of all Cosmere.* "Sign it and the dime is yours." Finger algae.
  14. But there was no proof as of yet. The other narrators were skeptical.