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  1. Yeah, it was Kaladin's plan to go to Kharbranth etc as you DougTheRug say. However, what was the plan for Lirin and Hesina? To stay there with no spheres, under Roshone's wrath? Lirin seemed smarter than that when he was considering how to get Roshone to allow them to keep the spheres until Kaladin can go off with them.
  2. I am re-reading TWoK and I just read the flashback where Kaladin decides to join Amaram's army to support Tien. Before that meeting, Hesina lays out that yes, they are spending spheres now, but they don't need to. She expected Roshone to think that Lirin is losing this fight and wanted to delay a few more months so Kaladin could take the rest of the spheres and go to Kharbranth and become a surgeon. When Kaladin asks them to come to Kharbranth with him, she says no. Now the question: If Roshone had not made the move, if Amaram would not have taken their sons, what did they plan to do once Kaladin had left? I expect Roshone would have been even more angry with them after that and it would have made their life a living hell, even more than it was already. What were they thinking they would do - a surgeon, his wife and their son who is not good at the chosen apprenticeship in a town where their landlord hates them? This doesn't seem wise. They couldn't think that Roshone would calm down after the spheres slipped through his fingers, could they?
  3. Thank you both for being so welcoming! So, there are two ways to say favorite and least favorite. The first is how well-developed they are. It is very difficult to choose, because Brandon Sanderson is remarkably good at it, so there are many well-developed characters and only a few for whom I would say there isn't enough character development for their role in the story. I would say, I consider Dalinar the best-developed character so far. There is most visible character evolution, there is most detailed reasoning for every step forward. Also, the "weight" of all of his actions is so compelling that I can't choose anyone else. For the least well developed in my opinion, I would go back to Elantris. I was considering several characters from there, but finally decided on Ahan. I think his background should have been much better developed to allow for the huge turn of story that he made happen. But if the question is who are my favorites to read about, I would say Navani - as I do really enjoy the fabrial science and can easily identify with her past as well as present in the context of the story. But it is really difficult to choose, as most characters are so enjoyable! My least favorite to read about so far is Sarene. Partly because her character seems to not match the actions she is taking and there are several habits/characteristics of hers that are so pronounced, but don't have any effect on the story at all (pacing, tapping her finger on cheek, being bad at drawing, being afraid of heights etc). It's just disturbing. I have to add that story-wise, I consider Elantris quite nice, it's just that, yeah, Brandon had not developed as a writer as far as he has now.
  4. Can I cheat on this question and answer fabrial science? I really love the way Brandon has made scientific use of magical concepts to come up with everyday life that is so different than ours because of the magical laws that they have, that are different than our natural laws. Arguably, Southern Scadrians have also done so, but as we know less about their science and the machines they have built. If I can't, I would say Allomancy. I love the systematic nature of it - if you do this then that happens. I know the same is true about other magic systems of Scadrial, but I guess Allomancy is more close to my heart just because it got explained earlier than others.
  5. Hello! I dived into Cosmere last year during my vacation... and I've been in it since then. Doing another re-read right now (at TWoK right now), active member on Reddits related to Cosmere and I have watched all episodes of 17th Shard on Youtube. I have also sent a few Who's That Cosmere Character puzzles, but, alas, they have not been used on the show so far. Other than that I am 41F, IT systems analyst in Estonia.