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  1. I agree with you in this regard. Rayse does not seem to want to waste his power to create something, since his only purpose is to basically destroy and rule. The Rosharan System could very well be created by Adonalsium, and humans could live there during his Era (Pre Shattering), or maybe they moved there through Shadesmar from Yolen, though how they did this is not something I can think of, since the Perpendicularities appeared after the Shattering.
  2. I stand corrected, so big T really bamboozled Hoid. But he realizes soon afterwards, so... We call it even? @Letryx13?
  3. It is a really terrifying possibility, considering how well Taravangian fits Odium. But for me, Hoid is a being that has lived thousands of years, outsmarted every Shard in the Cosmere, was in every place at the right time to take what he wanted, and if it is Sanderson's idea to make him the main "enemy", then him being outsmarted by a 60 ~ 70 year old man (I won't mention if Taravangian still has Cultivation's Boon, since we don't know if he lost it or kept it) who just Ascended, doesn't really make sense to me.
  4. This doesn't really stand anymore, since the end of RoW, Hoid knows (or is somewhat suspicious) that Rayse is no longer Odium. It seems to me that Hoid wants something of Odium (if he's intending to gain Voidbinding), and that's why he confronted him at the end of RoW, possibly manipulating or deceiving Taravangian for some reason. Not every affliction is permanent, this was proven in Elantris, when Raoden fixed the Chasm line. Perhaps Hoid thinks or knows there's a way to heal the damage done by wielding the Dawnshard, possibly removing his "pacifism". I don't think he wants to be a conqueror, he has shown sorrow in his conversation with Dalinar, regarding that he would let the world be destroyed if it meant him gaining what he needs, even if it brought a great deal of grief to him. But I do believe he will become the main antagonist of the SA, even if his actions seem "just" to him.
  5. Thanks, I jus reread it. If Hoid truly intends to put Adonalsium back together, does he plan to do so with the power of each world (i.e. the type of refined Investure provided by each of the Shards) or is he getting all the powers to go in an all out war with the Shards? Also does he plan to become Adonalsium himself or does he want to create a new one? From all we've read of him, he could very well give the power to create a new one, what do you guys think?
  6. I have to reread that, do you remember the chapter?
  7. Question is, where is Nightblood now? Taravangian pulled it into the Spiritual Realm when he used it to kill Rayse. Does Taravangian have it? Or maybe it's lost between Realms. Also, will Nightblood be useful anymore? We know it's Command is to Destroy Evil and that it went "dull" after consuming a part of the Investure of Rayse, but even if it is a special Awakened Object, will there be a limit to the amount of "Evil Destroyed" (i.e. absorbing Investure)?
  8. Their story will come up in the future (the novella called Nightblood), but by their appearance and attitude, we know that Zahel is Vasher and that Azure is Vivenna, she is not hunting Vasher though. I don't know exactly who she is hunting, but we'll probably get an answer for that. Have you read all the Stormlight Archive?
  9. If Cultivation's gift to Taravangian is still active, giving Taravangian Passions (which align him with Odium much better than it did with Rayse) and superior intelligence, who and how could kill Taravangian?
  10. Not only the Spren, but some particular humans as well, such as Dalinar and Kaladin (which I strongly believe carry Splinters of Honor in them)
  11. The 4th outcome sounds outright impossible, considering that the inhabitants of Sel should reforge the Splinters of Devotion and Dominion (which I don't believe it's possible, since the AonDor is the combined Investure of both Shards by my understanding, correct me if I'm wrong). Regardless I don't think there's a way to contain Odium; perhaps (and this seems so unlikely) if someone was to take the power and then let go of it in a place where it cannot be found, kinda like Kelsier did with Preservation when he gave the power go to Vin. This can go very wrong for 2 reasons: 1. The one who takes the power might be enticed with it and doesn't want to let go. 2. Is there a possible way to hide Odium? We know of a Shard who is hiding from him (or perhaps the coming conflict in the Cosmere), maybe he/she found a way to make his presence null or unnoticeable to the other Shards. Other than that, I can't think of any other way to deal with Odium, no Shard could fight him (except maybe Valor, of which we know nothing, or Sazed, if Odium comes to the Scadrian system and goes in an outright war against Scadrial, in which case Sazed would be forced to maintain the balance).
  12. I don't think she's on her 4th Ideal yet. When Kaladin reached his 4th Ideal, Windspren crossed between Realms to Connect to him, forming his Plate. So far we haven't seen Shallan doing it (either that or every Order gets their Plate on a different manner). But if this is true, then when Radiant is finally absorbed, she will probably get her Plate, maybe even achieve her 5th Ideal.
  13. Remember that when a Spren forges a Nahel Bond with his/her Radiant, they're taking a part of them and giving something in return (this is stated by Syl to Kaladin). Loosing his Connection to Syl is utterly painful, for it rips a part of the Radiant soul (by my understanding, and from what happened to Teft when Moash killed Phendorana). Combine this with the fact that Kaladin had a lot of issues, plus the loss of his friends and his brother to Amaram, then it's no wonder that he cannot accomplish even the basics of spear fighting. I can talk from experience and the loss of someone can make you fail at even the most simple of tasks.
  14. Welcome to the Shard, jendo! Which book is your favourite?
  15. None of the other Windrunners resisted the protections of the Sibling (Teft was the only one due to Lift providing him Lifelight). Sanderson confirmed that Kaladin is immune to the Thrill.
  16. Didn't know it was a spoiler, sorry regardless. Also that, Dalinar has often heard a voice in his mind, prodding him to Unite. The voice inside his head is similar to when T-Odium Ascended, the Shard Odium spoke to him, telling him to take the power. Why would he die or lose? T-Odium will most likely go for a tie from my perspective, freeing himself from Roshar. The only ones who could ever bring harm to him would be: 1. Someone wielding Nightblood against him (highly unlikely, since he knows how dangerous Nightblood is, he'll probably take measures to keep it hidden) 2. Cultivation (again, this seems unlikely, since Cultivation needs Taravangian for her plans) or any other Shard (maybe Valor? But I have no information on her) 3. Hoid (he actually planned for Taravangian to go for a tie, hence it could mean that he wants Taravangian to be free, at least that's what I'm inclined to believe) Honor's Splinters would also explain the oddities around Ishar (his ability to summon Honor's Perpendicularity) and Kaladin (him being immune to the Thrill, resisting the Sibling Inverted protections and the SA calling him "Child of Tanavast")
  17. Warlight doesn't have to be created by a new shard, after all we know that Navani and the Sibling can create Towerlight (I don't recall this particular part, can you tell me where you found it?) I'll have to go along with this. There's a lot we don't know about Bondsmithing, but being able to steal a Shard from a vessel? It's just too much power, and if Honor was able to create them, then it almost sounds dumb how he was defeated by Odium. And I don't even think T-Odium would be as carefree as Rayse (since he ignored the threat opposed by Nightblood). And the Dishardic Ascension was a necessity and a burden Sazed had to take, for Scadrial was about to be destroyed. Dalinar does not need to claim any of the Shards.
  18. Welcome to the Shard, Psi! Love the Zahel/Vasher art, really shows his grumpiness!
  19. I made the quiz twice and on one occation I got Dustbringers, and the Windrunners (I had Windrunners on 2nd place when I got Dustbringers). I would love to see the Dustbringers in action.
  20. This is an unpopular opinion (and I'll probably get punished by it), but it's not Shallan. For me it's Moash. I'll gladly take a cookie
  21. Hello people of the 17th Shard! I've read so far all the Mistborn novellas, Warbreaker, Elantris and Stormlight Archive (with RoW being my favourite so far). I'm kinda late for the introduction but I didn't want to skip formalities. Got a thing for war games and RPGs, really big fun of D&D. I like theorizing and hearing other theories and critics from others with regards to what is to be expected of the Cosmere. Thanks again for welcoming me to the community!
  22. Yeah, the Shardblades, really cool weapons, though I won't spoil anything for you. If you're a fast reader, you'll get through Elantris and Warbreaker in no time (necessary to understand some events in SA).
  23. What other books have you read? Cause I would recommend you to make your way to Stormlight Archive (if I have to put it in a tier list, The Stormlight Archive gets the crown by far). If you love WoA, you're going to love The Hero of Ages (I know I did)
  24. Ha! Airsick lowlander.
  25. Welcome to the Shard, Sequence! Hope we can get along !