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  1. In Sixth of the Dusk, we learn that: Trappers becoming of age choose an island and spend their life trapping on that island The purpose of a trapper is to breed Aviars and give them talents (Assumption here) Aviar's get talents from the worm parasites from the fruits given by Patji's Finger (tree) Patji's Finger grows on Patji (According to coppermind) Then how do trappers on the other islands get talents for their aviars if they don't have the fruits from Patji's Finger
  2. Interlude 5, The Way of Kings. Szeth is in a gambling den, he needs to assassinate some minor crime lord, upon arriving at the crime scene he sees someone with his oathstone. The person has his old master dead, and gives him a list of Monarchs. We later learn that his new master is Taravangian. But I don't think this is the person holding his oathstone in I-5. He says "we" as part of a group, and refers to the new "master" as someone else. He also then leaves by soulcasting the wall. So this has to be someone with a soulcaster. I couldn't find who that was but I assume it's a member of The Diagram. \
  3. I also want to know how Neturo-Son-Vallano died or how Ishar got his Honorblade back
  4. I also hope we get to see a lot about Szeth's father. Why did he choose Szeth-son-son-Vallano and not Szeth-son-Neturo? I think being named Truthless has to do with that
  5. We learn that Moash was a singer name. How is this possible? As far as I can tell the first Parshendi contact was just a few years before Gavilar's assassination, way after Moash was born. So the only way for a Parshendi way to make it's way to Moash's name is either it was kept around for 4500 years or it's pure coincidence. What do you think?
  6. Couldn't agree less. How long did us Earth humans took to realise that locking up crazy people was not the best course of action? More than 500 years, I don't see why it would take less on Roshar.
  7. We learn that in RoW, there is a possibility that Hoid lost his Investiture. While I've seen it debated whether he got tricked by Odium or not (or the other way around), I don't think this matters. Mistborn Era 2 is after Stormlight 1-5 (Chronology here), and Hoid shows up, which means he's alright. Am I the only one who noticed this? To be fair, Hoid's cameos were brief so maybe he isn't totally fine, but he was able to get out of Roshar. Edit: should have posted this in cosmere discussion
  8. Sorry I'm new to these forums. To clarify my previous message addressed to @Aspiring Writer : how does one end up skipping Lift's interlude? Did you start the interlude and say "storm this" and just go on to the next interlude in WoR (skipped only this interlude) or do you just not read interludes at all (skipping ALL interludes, going from part to part while never reading interludes in all books).
  9. I think Shen/Rlain has improved so much from book 1. He's pretty epic in RoW
  10. Just out of curiosity... How did you skip her WoR chapter? Did you skip all interludes or just that one?
  11. Cool! Do you have a GitHub/GitLab with the project so far?
  12. If you use Telegram or Whatsapp you might like to send GIFs. Problem: There's not enough Cosmere GIFs. The only GIFs you can find on Telegram in large quantities is Kelsier dabbing in Fortnite. Telegram uses a service called Tenor and Whatsapp uses a service called Giphy to pull their GIFs from. These services will send Gifs to Telegram/Whatsapp based on the keyword relevance and the popularity of the GIFs. I believe that both service do not show Gifs unless they have been viewed a decent amount of times. I'm a Telegram user (Tenor GIFs) but the solution should be analogous to Whatsapp (Giphy). 1. I found about 2 dozen gifs online which I would like to appear on Telegram. 2. I uploaded them to Tenor (Cosmere spoilers) : I have tagged all these GIFs with cosmere and mistborn or stormlight plus any other relevant tags. New Problem : The gifs do not show up when searching cosmere/stormlight/mistborn. This is likely because they have not reached a viewership threshold to be pulled from the API. This means that the next step of the plan : 3. Start using the GIFs from the link I provided by just copy pasting the gif's link for now (doesn't matter if you paste it on Telegram, Discord or whatsapp, as long as it's used it is good for the algorithm). Hopefully these GIFs will begin to appear normally in Tenor search results. 4. Repeat this experiment but for Giphy Gifs. If you have any Gifs, feel free to upload them to the services Tenor/Giphy and share them here, I will try to use them to promote their appearance on Telegram and Whatsapp.
  13. Thank you! I think that the first sentence of the Lerasium wiki page should be cited with this quote, or this quote should be added to the page.
  14. There's lots of references on the coppermind wiki about Lerasium, but I can't find any related to the books. If someone had only read the books and had not participated in any signing or readings of WoB and had not seen the Hemalurgy table, would they know the name for preservation's metal?