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  1. He decided to convert all forks and spoons into sporks.
  2. Honestly Kimmalyn, or maybe FM because I’m curious about the Deep Caverns.
  3. It was what any…sane… spork would do.
  4. So he killed fate and ascended into sporkhood.
  5. He stuck a spork into the potion and brewed 30,000 batches.
  6. Turkey and mozzarella sandwich : P What’s your favorite kind of chips?
  7. While Bob quietly plotted, a young spoon Spoony decided to become a spork.
  8. Jimothy fought valiantly, but the assassin prevailed
  9. Since propaganda wouldn’t work, Bob simply had Jimothy assassinated.
  10. Yes, a cinnamon roll What did you have for lunch?
  11. Bob reluctantly agreed. The plan started with a careful propaganda campaign against Jimothy, CEO of Bean Enterprises.
  12. Bob demanded a 2 year plan at the soonest. He was not a patient being.
  13. That’s the proper way of thing indeed. “There’s only one cuss word:Taxes.”-Ron Swanson