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  1. No idea what that is! TPBM speaks another language besides their native language, well enough to hold an understandable conversation with someone
  2. Nah, I like my old, beaten and torn shoes the best. I don’t like getting new ones. TPBM scrolls through the Shard during class. Like I am right now.
  3. I like the simplistic wholesomeness of it. Makes me wish I wasn’t in history class right now. 9/10
  4. Saaphir stepped backwards out of range of the strike, nearly dropping his sword as his opponent sprang off it. He eyed his opponent, seeing how skilled he was.
  5. Coppermind do be cool tho. Love them both! Especially the top one because it looks like me. Just a … more handsome version.
  6. Saaphir ducked underneath his opponent’s wild swing, slashing for the legs at knee level. Have to keep him occupied. Saaphir thought.
  7. Saaphir joined The fray, lunging in from the side with his sword. The newcomer was focused on Ji.
  8. @Szeth_Pancakes
  9. Saaphir lunged forward, pulling out the tranquilizer dart with one smooth motion and jabbing it into the side of Ne’ik’s neck.

    1. #1 Taln Fan

      #1 Taln Fan

      Thanks! I got several books for my birthday , and a freakin shardblade! It looks so awesome, I’ve been playing with it way too much lol.


  11. Yooo!! It's your birthday. Happy day!!

  12. Yep. A year and a half later here I am, now one of the big editors on the coppermind, while my friend that introduced me to Stormlight hasnt’ even read any of the other cosmere yet. TPBM is hungry
  13. For my time zone, its my birthday in an hour and 15 minutes, so it might be the 24th over there xD Anyway, have another lil birb Gonna be a bit of a break between now and the next piece of art, I’m working on a kind of complex drawing project… you’ll see