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  1. Happy birthday Vennie!

  2. I just finished re-reading Reaper, by Will Wight, in preparation for the new book comin out tonight. TPBM got at least 7 hours of sleep last night
  3. I'm currently GMing a campaign playing it with some friends, it's quite fun! We changed up the dice mechanics a bit to make them simpler and more like D&D, but we follow the rulebook for the most part. I definitely recommend it.
  4. Nope, never had one TPBM got at least 7 hours of sleep last night
  5. Christmas, though Thanksgiving would be second
  6. Peach juice. Is. Amazing. Literally the best juice, hands down
  7. @Ixthos if you scroll down, he's told the story here:
  8. 1. Who is your favorite non-cosmere character? 2. How would you rank the Cytoverse books from best to worst? 3. How many 3-year olds do you think you could take in a fight at once?
  9. Similar to that one, what's your least favorite part about being an admin?
  10. Game of Thrones and Mistborn maybe? That's a good one How has your taste in books changed over the past few years, if they have at all?
  11. Several times, yes. xD TPBM likes fishsticks
  12. Yep, though unfortunately I’m also a night owl xD TPBM had a good day yesterday
  13. Sorry, should be able to start around beginning of May, but don't really have time right now. I'm super busy this month, with school essays and some issues in my friend group.