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  1. Least favourite character? Moash (ofc) and Straff I guess. Sadeas too. My favourite moments are, “But the skies and winds are mine. I claim them, as I now claim your life.” And, “You cannot have my pain.” Hero of Ages is probably my favourite ending from a cosmere book too, followed by Oathbringer.
  2. Hey! Hmm that’s a hard one. It’ll probably be one from Stormlight, maybe WoK Thanks!! Glad you guys liked it :). As for my favourite characters, they would probably be Kaladin, Kelsier and Hoid. My favourite magic system is probably Allomancy. Not a big fan of Sylladin tbh. As for which Shard I’ll choose, it’ll take probably me Invention too
  3. @Aon Tia All the credit is yours! And I’ll keep not taking the cookie in mind xD
  4. Hey!! Guess who it is :)

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      Ooh already done that I see. Lemme go and visit it. 

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      Isn’t much lol

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      Is enough! I never even made one !! 

  5. mistborn

    Stunning! I absolutely adore the art style.
  6. Finished Rhythm of War last night and decided to finally make an account here! I’ve read Stormlight, Mistborn Era 1 (including Secret History) and Warbreaker. Looking forward to interacting with the awesome community here!