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  1. it's fun weh
  2. I mean I think his contributions to the game were good for clarification, he wasn't bad but I got an extremely strongly persistent feeling his read on me wasn't genuine coupled with just, a strong holding onto it which I was like that can only come from a wolf but bleh
  3. I'm not interested in doing it even if that is the case I didn't even want to push anyone before like I said with why I was just talking to illwei but his reasons to wolf read me were legitimately the worst and that was pointed out as obviously the fact he continued on without care so I thought there's about no chance he's town apparently that wasn't a wolf so I don't know how to find wolves this game so I go oh well
  4. I suppose he just decided he wanted to go out of his way to kill me for no reason well, I'm just going to assume town has lost and move on
  5. I'm gonna call this person town
  6. Gonna point out I pretty much invalidated every point Archer had to vote me and offered him an opportunity to vote another one of his wolf reads with me There was no reconsideration. Only outright refusal. My directing attention to him was met by him with a poor attempt at misdirection, "why aren't you voting squirrel," a just fully wrong conception even by his own admission in prior posts by calling squirrel likely just town for his play today I don't believe any of it is genuine
  7. And by the way, the actual direct prompting of me to explain why Archer was a wolf, was because once I told illwei why he is in PM's she didn't respond. I think she just didn't know how, which doubtfully comes from town there, and led me to believe I was correct enough I should probably push for my view of the game at that time to be accepted. I didn't particularly care prior to that point because I want confident in anything
  8. I would have still believed you may have been town too I don't really care if I die, but I don't know the vote count so if I do there's practically no excuse to not killing Archer the next day. If he's a wolf it means illwei and TJ are both almost always wolves He is refusing to accept that I'm town despite that fact pushing him into a corner because the alternative is killing his partner TJ. He makes multiple excuses to avoid that direction which hold up to, well, not even a couple seconds of scrutiny. TJ and illweis interactions are far from not w/w The vote onto who ever died the previous day phase, as well as the incentive to try and kill me specifically in the way they are, was also likely catalyzed by me just being correct on TJ yawn
  9. you know it doesn't count as distancing if your vote doesn't even last an hour
  10. If you're town then the most likely person I'm voting otherwise today is TJ
  11. I said he was lying earlier That was probably excessive He was misconstruing what actually happened, at least slightly Such as by leaving out that I did not want his location and he told me it anyways But misconstruing doesn't make someone a wolf by itself, and he's since changed his mind You yourself have already provided arguments why wolf Squirrel wouldn't do what he is; why would he do this just to get me killed? I also town read Squirrel outside of this I gave reasons your posts this day are wolfy I have more (your basing a lot of your game on a premise of "wolves saving illwei" while saving illwei. I think wolves accurately describe their actions/intent but prescribe these things to villagers decently often, as with TMI you know what's going on in a game and feel the need to shift the blame of true on goings/continue to use the true perspective even if a villager wouldn't, etc) reasons to believe your positioning in these actions is wolfy And other such things EDIT: also re: "sorry you don't like our game" it's nothing about this site, I just find role madness boring and I always underestimate how much it puts me off
  12. Probably relevant to mention I edited the above vote with reasons
  13. Archer EDIT: kinda bored might bury archer itt I didn't wanna talk about the game more cause it's annoying but I was messaging illwei, decided to tell her all the reasons archers vote on me was bad, but then I read archers post where he's like "well I saved illwei" and it reminds me they're decently likely to be wolves together if archer is so I didn't want to just have my reasons contained in messages with illwei First of all, Archers idea that I need an explanation of how Squirrel got role blocked or why is ridiculous There's a reason I refuse to answer questions like that and it's because it's impossible to know There is conjecture, but that's all. I have no interest in giving vaugities on how it could happen, necessarily easily dismissable by the uncertainty of them due to my perspective The only important thing is *if* there's wolf motive in my actions themselves I didn't ask Squirrel for his location Squirrel offered it, and I told him I have no need of it, but I'll tell him mine My role doesn't rely on locations I then accurately gave him my location Why am I telling squirrel my location just to RB him? Of what use is that? Not only an I offering myself up to be cop checked-the opposite of wolf motivated-I don't even know at the time who the cop is I could assume it's him, yes, but I'm literally, if a wolf, freely putting myself into this wifom, with no gain, with the best case scenario being... That I role block the cop and get scum read for it? It's ridiculous I advocated for a TJ vote yesterday, it doesn't matter that I was the only one on him I still clearly had the intention to get him killed, especially when I was town reading and gave reasons for town reading the primary wagons I solved as much as TJ but Archer says TJ is solving so he doesn't want to vote him In general Archer is doing everything he can to worm his way out of excuses to not vote me So I'm going to call him a wolf And vote him And that's that
  14. I'm glad that archer is apparently voting the person who's every town read he agrees with and every wolf read he agrees with because apparently I reacted too strongly to someone literally lying about messages? peak ww zz
  15. A member of the mafia