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  1. I know he will be there on the 18th if that helps
  2. That’s a very good point. I don’t see how much Shai could grow as a character. I feel like if we left it at “the emperors soul” I would feel completely fulfilled. But I do feel like Brandon could come up with something. It’s not really that I want to see Shai again, it’s mostly that I want more forgery. I do think a book about Gaotona would be amazing. Following him as he tries to pass off Ashravan as the real deal and also having to navigate his emotions surrounding it all would be fascinating.
  3. I have two characters that I immediately thought of. Dalinar- I didn’t love him in TWoK. Initially, I just felt like he was a subplot. It wasn’t until later into the books that he really came together in terms of plot. He felt kind of pretentious to me at first. He just seemed like some lighteyes with a stick up his ass. But now he is one of my favorite characters. His arc was so impactful to the story and I absolutely love him. Navani- when navani was first introduced I thought it was unnecessary. I also was weirded out by the fact that she involved with dalinar even though she had been married to Gavilar previously. Now I understand that was strictly a political marriage and not because they loved each other. It wasn’t until WoR that I really loved her. She had a huge impact on the story and really is a wonderful character.
  4. Hello!! I’d probably have to say Moash. But then again I can’t really say for sure.
  5. Sorry if this had already been asked but I was wondering if someone could explain the mechanics of investiture and how it connects the different magic systems. I have a very basic idea of it but not enough to make sense of half of what is said on here . also, what is a lerasium? (Idk if that’s spelled wrong or not) IM SORRY IM NEW HERE
  6. I feel like maybe… this is a trap… shard cookie? Is that you?
  7. If you want to go the technical route, it should be pronounced Kel-see-ay. But Brandon, being an American, meant for it to be pronounced Kel-seer. Get my drift?
  8. I will be going to fanx and I hope to see Brandon there. Does he do signings there or just panels? Are we allowed to bring books for him to sign? How does this work? I’m clueless.
  9. This contains Mistborn spoilers AND Stormlight AND Wax and Wayne spoilers!! Did any of you catch that Kelsier reference in RoW? I’m pretty sure he’s the leader of the ghost bloods now. Sometime in the book it mentions “lord of scars” or something. And to me that sounds like Kelsier. And it’s obvious he’s still around because of The Wax and Wayne trilogy. And we know that happens after stormlight. I don’t think that the Ghostbloods are a “good” organization. Idrk tho because we don’t know the full story yet. But basically, what I’m wondering is if you think Kelsier will be the antagonist in the upcoming stormlight books. TELL ME YOUR IDEAS NOW
  10. Wassup fellow nerds! I have been pulled here by my Brandon Sanderson hyper-fixation (I’m pretty sure that’s how everyone got here). I have been reading his works since I was in 5th grade. My first book of his was Mistborn: the final empire. I immediately fell in love with his work and continued to read them very enthusiastically. My thirst for knowledge cannot be quenched just by reading alone, so I’ve come here instead. I’m so excited to delve deeper into the Cosmere!