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  1. It's certainly possible, though they'd have to undergo significant terraforming in order to get it to be habitable. One thing that does support your theory is that somewhere in Skyward (I don't recall where) Spensa mentions that Detritus is smaller than Earth, which would make sense if it's a moon. That said, my pet theory is that something happened in Evershore that involved teleportation on a massive scale that resulted in all of Detritus being relocated near another planet.
  2. This was fun! I definitely got hard carried by mat, but I still enjoyed myself despite not being a very good team leader Good game!
  3. I saw that drought had appeared in the 'recently browsing' section and I was hoping to get something more from them (reads, defense, etc) before they got exed. I also wanted a relatively close vote so that way we could look for associatives if an elim flipped. With regards to Az, I found it odd that they voted TUO for not answering the question about night actions, despite TUO's opening post that cycle very clearly having some sort of night action. --- There's another underlying assumption here; that e!Mat doesn't want to bus. I'm not sure about Mat's meta, but I think eliminating all of Tani, Xino, you, and Az is a bit of a stretch. Fair enough, I suppose. Though I think Tani should still be included in here, just not as an option for a team with me. Including Tani would still result in a three person team, assuming Az is still village - Elan, Xino, me/Tani. In which case, I'd feel better exing Xino because they have yet to claim and can still be Sja. I'm assuming this was today? I backread myself and the only thing I could find that even remotely matched what you were saying was in regards to Tani. Which is fair, but I was tired and figured sheeping someone early on in the cycle probably wouldn't matter too much. I would much rather see Xino or Elan voted out over myself as they haven't even claimed.
  4. It has to be the second one. I'm a nightspren - I no actioned c1, targeted araris c2 (saw illwei), and targeted TUO c3 (saw no one) Oh hmm It could be a nightspren, then since they watch players - in that case, it would be illwei since I don't have a pm
  5. This is incorrect - and before you ask, no, this isn't a lg80 gambit I'm guessing drought meant a PM with a moelach claim, since they watch a player to see who targeted them I like your thought progression though Edit: did a bit of rereading and I like the case on Tani. As of right now the biggest concern I have is the lack of resistance on such a push - you'd expect elims to try to keep their partner alive, especially if they're close to majority like we think they are. But that's not really much of a defense in itself and I'd at least like to know Tani's claim.
  6. Let me know if I'm getting this right TUO is chemorash fake claiming moelach Az is moelach who saw tuo and tani And tani is...?
  7. The good news is that we now know araris's checks are accurate So Kaskmir is 100% stormspren and elan is 100% not sja (though either may be converted)
  8. @The Unknown Order what did you see?
  9. Uh Actually TUO is a moelach claim and the highest vote is az with 2 (you have 3)
  10. @Droughtbringer if you're here you have 4 minutes to self prez or convince us I'm pry sure you get killed if not
  11. Me: uh oh if we start low activity crusades then I'm gonna get killed sooner or later Also me: hey I'd be fine with killing all these low activity people --- Though in all honesty I'd prefer for chantara to get a chance to get a pinch hitter in - we can kill them later if they show the same level of unengagement as chantara Az's vote on TUO doesn't make much sense I'm fine with drought but I want another option in addition
  12. Don't worry- if anything it made me feel better now that I know people who have been in the whole game are just as lost as I am. I generally agree - I think an elim team would prioritize protecting Sja, since that's their strongest role. That said, I think the C1 convert could be in there - obviously Sja wouldn't risk her life to save her convert, but she would at least try to get someone else out. If we assume the convert is under threat, Sja would probably be one of the more opportunistic votes from people who themselves weren't under threat. If we assume the convert and Sja weren't in trouble, then the end of cycle voters were probably vil because elims wouldn't care about which one got voted out.
  13. I thought there was something about all 9 unmade being in the game if >9 people sign up
  14. Well yes But ere's the thing - I'm terrible at conversion games (well, technically I've never played any, but being honest I'm pretty sure inexperience is equivalent being terrible) Add that to the fact that I haven't even been around for most of the game means that I'm going to be pretty bad at conversion theorizing, since it's rough noticing inconsistencies in play if you havent been around them pre conversion But Im better at looking for pairings in a more conventional SE game with a fixed team of elims. So I'll do what I'm more experienced at (looking for e-e pairings), while you guys can look for inconsistencies and the like Edit: Basically I'm bad at conversion games and want to make up for it somehow