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  1. Hey everyone, I apologize for being so inactive. I’ve had some RL stuff come up. it’s taking all my energy and I just can’t keep up with this game. I’ve asked for a pinch-hitter to step in for me.
  2. Did you just write the beginning of this post to sounds like it was quoted??????? Something weird is going on here. Elkanah
  3. I agree with Elk. I'm not quite sure how to feel about Illwei yet, but I'm not ready to lynch anyone else either. I'm not really suspicious of anyone yet (besides just the general paranoia). Then again I still have some time before rollover, so maybe I'll change my mind. Right now I'm leaning more towards letting the fates decide who goes. How many roles have enough charges to survive a lynch or attack (i.e. stormspren), do we know? I can look it up.
  4. Sorry things have been absolutely crazy in my life and I've just been too exhausted to even read the thread. I keep opening it and then closing it after reading just a couple posts. XD I'm caught up now with the thread, more or less. I may have skimmed some for time's sake, so forgive me if I miss something. Illwei is active as ever, but I'm not getting an absurd amount of elim vibes from her. Kas, that was an interesting move you made having everyone vote for you. On one hand, maybe we should do it again and just be sure of who you are, on the other, you may have proved your point and been the right call for C1. I'm interested in this Tani is Sja hot take, but I want to go back and read again the reasoning for it. These seem to be the top votes this cycle. Does anyone have a VC? Still deciding who to vote for....-.-
  5. The question now becomes is it a 3 person elim team or a 4? We can pretty much guarantee who the 3 person team would be, but if it’s a 4-person team I’m stumped on who the 4th is. Thoughts on 3vs4?
  6. Okay, confession time. I’m the soother. I RB Illwei last night. I’ve suspected Illwei from the beginning, and I’ll say it now again. Illwei is an elim and I’d bet that Connie is as well. Illwei EDIT: wrote this up hours ago and apparently forgot to post it. And just now saw Mat’s post. To prove I’m soother I’ll tell you I RB Squirrel N2 (again sorry) and Esooa N3.
  7. Ah Right….. that busts that theory.
  8. Okay, before I address Matrim’s accusation, I would like to point something out. I notice that every time someone is exed. Many people say “oh no everyone who voted for them is village, I’m sure” well, I’d like to propose that everyone is village. I have no idea, but like all of you I’m reading most everyone village. So, either we have the most talented set of elims known to man, or we have no elims. @Matrim's Dice justify your vote please.
  9. I voted Dalinar because it was super uncool of them to just give out someone else’s location like that. I mean, did I overreact? Yeah… probably.
  10. Not really, only because I’m still unsure about all of them. And I’d rather vote for someone I really suspect. XD I mean, I’m not offended, it just might get confusing.
  11. (OOC: Okay, busy couple days, but I’m back and caught up. I’ve only been able to check in every once in a while.) to sum up the discussion over the last couple days: Squirrel is losing their mind because someone role blocked them. They suspect Esooa. Esooa defended themselves, and everyone suspected them. Then, Archer got involved, now everyone suspects Archer. But on the sidelines we have Devo and TJ who are hanging on the fringes and just making comments here and there. Dalinar just came out with location information on both himself and Esooa. Which quite frankly confused everyone, they then peaced out. Now Archer is claiming to be the coinshot in hopes of some self-preservation. Dalinar
  12. What would you like explanation on?
  13. First, I’m sorry this isn’t coming earlier, my kitchen ceiling started leaking last night and I’ve been dealing with that all morning. Everything is alright, we caught it fast enough, but still waiting for a plumber and dealing with the landlord hasn’t been the most analysis-conducive of days. I’ve been able to lurk about just enough to stay up on conversation. Second, I'm seeing a lot being said, but not a lot being actually said today. I'm not noticing a lot of evidence for the votes being cast, especially the early votes, somewhat forgivable in that it's D2. In all reality, there just isn't a lot of context to go on besides gut feelings to make claims. So, here's my attempt to read this in the most concrete way possible. That all said, it may be in poor form (I have no idea), but I'm placing my vote on Illwei. PS. If I missed anyone, I apologize, it's a long list to try to organize and give reasons for.
  14. So, this is my first forum game, but I played werewolf and mafia in-person plenty of times, which is why SE was recommended to me. But really it's just logic and rhetoric. If you think about it, we don't have any information D1, it's all panic and little to no evidence for who is on what side. It's not until we get through the first night, we get enough of a sample of everyone to start really seeing the little things in their writing that make us lean one way or another, all depending on interpretation. I know this sounds like I'm using a new player card, and I know that probably none of this will convince anyone either way. Tara stammers "I just moved here."
  15. To be fair, on D1 most votes are arbitrary. What little is known is based on gut feelings and reactions. I was actually debating between two people, but I felt Illwei was more likely to be an elim. Tbh I don't feel as strongly that Illwei is an elim. But I'll come around with another reads list later. I want to reread through the game so far and reassess before I dig in my heels on some of these reads.
  16. Yes, I agree my reads list was probably unusual. It was just a brief summation of my observations and thoughts. Definitely not the clearest (my thoughts rarely are). Perhaps, I will have to be more decisive in the future for clarity's sake.
  17. Here's where I'm at: The Unknown Order (Scorched) Seems to be very determined to not be exed. Constant vigilance seems to be the name of the game and warding off any suspicion with great speed. Dalinar Kholin (Avanchel "Van") their RP seemed a bit suspicious to me. I'm interested to see where this is going. It will be clear soon I think which way they lean. Elkanah (Leek) seems unlikely an elim at the moment, but I'm cautious of trusting them. Frozen Mint (Em) doesn't seem to be a threat... yet. I'm watching. For now I say village. |TJ| (Hollaback Atcha) seems a bit sus to me because of their being distracted at every turn in their post, but that vaccine is quite the drug, so I'm giving them some leeway here. Esooa (Nameless) clearly was trying to come off as something they weren't to divert suspicion, but I'm considering the possibility that there is more here than meets the eye. Illwei (Ill Way) is agressively defending themselves and deflecting whenever possible. They are also staying very distant from Esooa in thread, even though we all know they've been chatting (at least initially), leading me to believe that they may be in cahoots. I think this is where I'm laying my vote today. Anyone I didn't list I don't have a read on at all yet.
  18. Tara heard the commotion ahead. She pressed herself against the wall and peeked into the alleyway where she saw Arenta climbing down into a pit. She could hear conversation and she wondered who had fallen into Arenta's trap this time. Tara had heard Arenta had gotten a bit paranoid. She heard the "THUNK" and decided she was done here. If she wasn't here, she hadn't seen it. If she hadn't seen it, it hadn't happened. Right? Either way, she couldn't be a witness, not today. It smelt like trouble and she wanted no part of it. Tara reshouldered her bag and sped past the intersection, but as she did, she glanced down the alleyway once more, and saw at the other end someone who looked like one of the newer skaa to the area. But no, it couldn't be.... could it?
  19. I guess I wasn’t clear in my question. I was thinking in terms of actions. If we don’t know where we can possibly aim for how can we know if we’re even aiming for a location being used in the game?
  20. So….. are we supposed to just make them up? I can do that.
  21. Hello! I'm Chantara. I haven't read a lot of Sanderson, but I love what I have read. I've read Way of Kings, but it took me 2 years (thanks to school), and Warbreaker. I'm here to play games and hopefully get some writing inspiration as I am an author on the side. It's nothing of Sanderson-level writing, but I make myself laugh. and since I have to live with me, I guess that's for the best.
  22. Try Orson Scott Card’s stuff. If I remember correctly he has a series or two that were fantasy. I listened to one semi recently, but I don’t remember what it was called and I no longer have access to it. Sorry I can’t be more helpful.
  23. I’m working through The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern. I’m almost halfway through it and it’s fantastic!! I’m also reading Skyward by our guy Brandon Sanderson