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  1. Interesting, thanks! I'm personally glad that Brandon is sticking to keeping Jasnah asexual, because I am one myself, and found it really exciting when I read that second script. I just skimmed over it though, so that's why I didn't see anything about Taln my first time through.
  2. Do musical artists count? Stormlight by Twenty Øne Piløts: The story would be an analogy about mental health. The Singers would represent people who felt like they have been enslaved by depression. Roshar would be all one big kingdom, ruled by Tarvangian. The citizens of Roshar would use Stormlight as currency because it flows like neon. The government would be a cult. The fate of the world had rested in our 4 characters Kaladin, Shallan, Dalinar, and Adolin, each deciding they are brave enough to start a resistance. Adolin would represent Josh Dun, the band drummer. They would run an operation in which bridge four pulled people out of the kingdom and try to take them out to a small island they can be at peace. The leaders of the different countries would instead become Taravangian's loyal highprinces, ruling different regions. Dalinar would be trying to take the throne from Elhokar, but struggles. Kaladin would occasionally burst into rap when he got really passionate. Syl would be named Jason, and be a Cheetah. Shallan would cover Adolin with yellow duct tape at their wedding. One of the spren would be Nedspren, the embodiment of creativity. Nedspren are both Shallan's worst enemy and her good friends. Anything else? **** If Stick wrote the Cosmere I am a stick. I am a stick.I am a stick.I am a stick.I am stick.I am a stick.I am a stick.I am a stick.I am a stick.I am a stick.I am a stick.I am a stick.I am a stick.I am a stick. Am I a stick? Stick I am. I am a stick. **** I need someone more creative than me to do if Hoid wrote the cosmere.
  3. I really love this one. If C. S. Lewis, the entire series would have more of a soft magic feel to it, and it would feel more mystical and less science-y (if that makes sense). Instead of spren I can imagine him turning them into fairies or pixies. In the end, a bunch of the broken, mentally ill characters and would turn to Hoid, who would show them the light. This would pursuaded them to help him stop an illness from spreading across the universe. But what do I know, I've only read the Chronicles of Narnia. Good books by the way.
  4. I looked it up and apparently Jasnah is Hetroromantic, so technically the idea of her being in a relationship isn't impossible.
  5. is she asexual or am I wrong? I thought I read something about it on the Arcanum.
  6. Awesome, thank you!
  7. For me Jasnah and literally anyone, since she's Asexual. Especially Amaram.
  8. Maybe people do talk about this one, but I really love the play Shallan retold in Oathbringer. Where there was the girl with the scarf, who would climb the wall despite all of her town calling her crazy. I don't know why, I just think it was really interesting story telling, and showed Shallan's struggle in a really creative way.
  9. Does the third Skyward Novella have a release date?
  10. What are reputation points and how do they work? How do you get them?
  11. Why is the curse in the skyward world "scud"? Where did Brandon get this idea?
  12. YKYASFWY start using Sanderson curses, subconsciously.
  13. Spensa: so your the new pilot? What's your call sign? Hoid: I have gone by many names, and will go by many more, as the days pass by us like- Spensa: So Loony then?
  14. I would have liked Valkyrie but that is already taken I think. Maybe Draco. That sounds cool, but then people will assume I'm a Harry Potter fangirl.